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There’ll be us; you, me and the clouds

Whole jungle be in bop with clouds

Why Night’s union so dark and shaded

Must be her eye mascara; dark shaded

What has made ambiance so fragrant?

Must be her veil, so light and poignant

Beware! Lovers of the blissful love lane

Love path is full of hitch and ditch lane

Worthless to have meeting with Farooq

He’s nothing more than a mad and nutty



hum tum honge badal hoga
raqas meiN sara jungle hoga

va’sal ki sha’b aur itni kali
uu’n aankhooN meiN kajal hoga

kis nay kia mehmaiz hawa ko?
shaied uu’n ka aa’nchal hoga

paiyar ki rah pay chal’nay walo
rasta sara dal’dal hoga

kia milna farooq say logo
hoga koi paghal hoga




 For having pitiful and distressed  soiled face

You’re the only reason for their soiled face

Don’t cry so copiously, don’t get oneself suffer

The more you brood over the more you suffer

Tell me everything how was your life journey

Mine was full of chaos and shadowy journey

We’re village dwellers, unaware of city sense

We do not disguise our faces akin to city sense

The sound must be of a dry withered leaf Bedil

The rattle can’t be of her footsteps in thy patio




ye jo chehroñ pe liye gard-e-alam aate haiñ

ye tumhāre hī pashemān-e-karam aate haiñ

itnā khul kar bhī na ro jism kī bastī ko bachā

bārisheñ kam huuñ to sailāb bhī kam aate haiñ

tū sunā terī masāfat kī kahānī kyā hai

mere raste meñ to har gaam pe ḳham aate haiñ

ḳhol chehroñ pe chaḌhāne nahīñ aate ham ko

gaañv ke log haiñ ham shahr meñ kam aate haiñ

vo to ‘bedil’ koī sūkhā huā pattā hogā

tere āñgan meñ kahāñ un ke qadam aate haiñ


The Seasons come and the seasons go

But the Season of memories never goes

It has undying settled deep in my heart

I remember I read it somewhere in a book

When you see new faces reflect in old faces

Old memories move with new full of life faces

I believe you are also one of those lost faces

Memory of fine old days, rising as new face

It‘s closer to me now; fading memories!

You know the fine days we spent together

It makes me sad to think of departing you

So keep myself engaged just to forget you

I write poetry and lyrics to keep occupied

I restrain to read, write and lost in books

Thy recollections sting me more in loneliness

And thy remembrance liven up in loneliness

Fragrance of beautiful memories relish me

The fragrance engulfs the ambiance and me

And I continue my life’s journey swiftly ——–


یاد کہانی
موسم آتے جاتے ہیں
مگر یاد کا موسم نہیں گزرتا
عین دِل کے اوپر کہیں ٹھہر جاتا ہے
میں نے کسی کتاب میں پڑھا تھا
جب پُرانی شکلیں نئی شکلوں میں نظر آنے لگیں
تو پرانی یادیں نئے جیون کے ساتھ سفر کرنے لگتی ہیں
مجھے لگتا ہے شاید تم بھی
ایسی ہی کسی یاد کا چہرہ ہوا
سانولی یاد کا
جو میرے قریب آگیا ہے
کہ پرانی یادیں مٹنے لگی ہیں
تم سے جدائی کا موسم مجھے اُداس کرنے لگا ہے
تمہیں معلوم ہے
تمہارے ساتھ بیتے دِن بھلانے کے لیے
میں خود کو مصروف رکھنے کی کوشش کرتی ہوں
نظمیں لکھتی ہوں، شعر کہتی ہوں اور
کتابوں میں اپنا آپ گم کر لیتی ہوں
مگر دل پر ایسی تنہائی گزرتی ہے کہ
یاد کی اگر بتیاں آپ ہی آپ
سُلگ اٹھتی ہیں
جن کی خوشبو میرے چاروں اور پھیل جاتی ہے
دُور دُور تک
اور میں نہ چاہتے ہوئے بھی
اِس دھیمی سی خوشبو کے ساتھ
سفر کرنے لگتی ہوں !!
نجمہ منصور




Allah gives food to one and all in hunger

He endorse our sins hidden under cover

He restores and mends the wrecked woes

Allah heals wounds and makes future glow

He pours rainwater on the unfruitful land

To grow flora and fauna to flourish the land

When our immodesty and faults offend Him

Forgets and forgives us when we plea Him

Allah loves, showers His blessings upon us

Does Allah ever admonish His favors of us?

When Allah’s blessings are rewarded to us

Ramzan brought delight and blessings for us





Doesn’t reveal! What’s she and who she is?

Style the maiden walks around! who she is

She has a complexion of sprouting blossom

Having thick black hair like clouds in motion

She’s like a soul mate when meets up alone

But she turns her back when with her friend





Whatever is in the universe, all belongs to Allah

Whatever’s in skies and worlds belongs to Allah

All that’s in oceans, mountains and high peaks

All that’s open, all that’s veiled and metaphors

All that’s in illusion and delusion or metaphors

Whatever is existent or fantasy belongs to Allah

All that’s in virtues and values, beliefs and stories

All that’s in silence and in peacefulness of deserts

All that’s in the air, in the epochs; belongs to Allah

Whatever revealed whatever is hidden is, Allah

For us Allah’s love is worship and blessings of Allah

Ramzan enriched blessings and rewards of Allah





Shepherd returns home with his flock at nightfall

Thou a bird, thy heart a cage; get in, its nightfall

When someone carrying  in arms  lay me in bed

People believe, the sun is downhill, it’s nightfall

 Evening wrapped  all vim and vigor, and milieu

 Life’s hustle bustle fading, go home it’s nightfall

In  red golden turban, lord gets down his horse

In  black blanket a jogi gets out like it’s nightfall

Evening   shadows override the prisons walls

A gentle heart  in iron cage again, its nightfall

 Whom did the trees adorned their boughs for?

She wandered from one jungle to another jungle

 Alas! No one came, it was  depressing nightfall


Bashir Badr Poetry

Charwaha bhedon ko le kar ghar ghar aaya raat hui,
tu panchhi dil tera pinjra, pinjre mein ja raat hui.

Koi humen haathon pe utha kar bistar mein rakh deta hai,
duniya waale ye kahte hain sooraj dooba raat hui.

Shehar, makaan, dukaanon waale sab parde kirnon ne lapete,
khatm hua sab khel tamasha ja ab ghar ja raat hui.

Soorkh sunehra saafa bandhe shahzada ghode se utra,
kaale ghar se kambal odhe jogi nikla raat hui.

Shaam ke saaye zindaan ki deewaren oonchi karne lage,
phool sa dil lohe ke panje mein phir aaya raat hui.

Kis ki khatir dhoop ke gajre in shaakhon ne pahne the,
jungle jungle roye meera koi na aaya raat hui. !!

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