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My wishes come as prayer on lips of mine

O Allah! May my life alight as candles shine?

May worlds’ gloom vanish through my being?

May every place glow with my radiant being

May my homeland get esteem through me!

Like the flowers flourish garden with glee

May my life be similar to a moth O Lord!

May I also love insight knowledge, O Lord!

May I be supportive to the poor in need!

To love and care the old and help in need

O Lord! Protect me from immoral deeds

Guide me to follow the way of good deeds


lab pe aatii hai duaa banake tamannaa merii
zindagii shammaa kii surat ho Khudaayaa merii

duur duniyaa kaa mere dam a.Ndheraa no jaaye
har jagah mere chamakane se ujaalaa ho jaaye

ho mere dam se yuu.N hii mere watan kii ziinat
jis tarah phuul se hotii hai chaman kii ziinat

zindagii ho merii parawaane kii surat yaa rab
ilm kii shammaa se ho mujhako mohabbat yaa rab

ho meraa kaam Gariibo.n kii himaayat karanaa
dard-ma.ndo.n se zaiifo.n se mohabbat karanaa

mere allaah buraaii se bachaanaa mujhako
nek jo raah ho us raah pe chalaanaa mujhako


Wish to cross all barriers in love’s madness

Wish to have control in love’s foolishness

Where I’ve drowned deep in ocean of love

I wish to ascend with same passion of love

She’s not happy with me, so I’m cheerless too

Even then wish to have a converse with her too

Our love heaven is been impassioned for long

Wishing to bond love’s delight to belong

To her style, self-respect and pride of love

Wish to bow down in admiration of love

With death comes blissful message of life

Wish to die such a delightful death in life

May the creation go on lively supremely?

Then would like to breathe a sigh briefly

Constantly commit slip-ups and sins Shakil

Wish to be salved after immoral deeds

SHAKEEL Badayuni

junūñ se guzarne ko jī chāhtā hai

hañsī zabt karne ko jī chāhtā hai

jahāñ ishq meñ Duub kar rah ga.e haiñ

vahīñ phir ubharne ko jī chāhtā hai

vo ham se ḳhafā haiñ ham un se ḳhafā haiñ

magar baat karne ko jī chāhtā hai

hai muddat se be-rañg naqsh-e-mohabbat

koī rañg bharne ko jī chāhtā hai

ba-īñ ḳhud-sarī vo ġhurūr-e-mohabbat

unheñ sajda karne ko jī chāhtā hai

qazā muzhda-e-zindagī le ke aa.e

kuchh is tarah marne ko jī chāhtā hai

nizām-e-do-ālam kī ho ḳhair yā-rab

phir ik aah karne ko jī chāhtā hai

gunāh-e-mukarrar ‘shakīl’ allāh allāh

bigaḌ kar sañvarne ko jī chāhtā hai

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