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As the Weather’s now changing

Such as spinning wheel’s moving

Autumn leaves all over scattering

As if on our heads sky’s juddering

Let’s all to the skies go sauntering

Blue sky is hence looks fascinating

Why the nights are that wakeful

Whose love keeping me wakeful?

Yellow blossoms are nowhere seen

Time’s habitually changes unseen

The heart rhythms in its chamber

As if someone’s silently saunter

The moon has landed on earth tonight
The entire ambiance’s lighted up tonight

How many lovers have we been with Qais
How many drifted in desert and who cited



Poet: Anwer Zahidi
Translator: Tanveer Rauf

We’ve been resentful all through life
Just like a tree in blazing sunlight
Just as tea steaming on stove-top
Just like sludge knoll in a desert –

Tanveer Rauf's photo.


The raindrops sizzle when it’s raining

The warmness of thy love is so sizzling

13307472_10209923639114056_6621276520168526701_n (1)


Desert is no less than a garden in love’s madness
Ashes of my mortal will spread out in wilderness




Let’s fall in love once again!

Let’s fall again in love once again

Where you left me in winter last time

Let’s go to the same place again

Holding hands let’s recall promises we made

Let’s feel the essence of love again

Let’s fall in love once again

You loved fragrance; I have brought

All scented blossom of spring for you

You loved rain: I have clouds with rainfall

You loved to chant feelings in starry night

I have brought stars from the galaxy to hear you

Let’s feel the essence of love once again

May be you come back to me as the seasons

The spring swabs the blemishes of autumn

That’s the normal hush-hush of life

A new sun rises with hopes and expectations

Let’s feel the essence of love once again

Let’s fall in love once again——-


Spring’s in the air; step out enjoy lovely thrill,

The fragrance, flowers and the glittery breeze

Mosam e gul hay zara gher se nikal ker dekho

Baagh roshan hawaon mei deye jultay hein

Anwar Zahidi


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