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Thank you so much  Chriti Moise  for nominating me for the Shine on award

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Seven things about me





Thank you Ajaytao for nominating me for the award

Seven thing about me



1-aap kī maḳhmūr āñkhoñ kī qasam

merī mai-ḳhvārī abhī tak raaz hai

I swear upon thy eyes, so intoxicated

Am being a drunkard is yet secreted

2- chhup ga.e vo saaz-e-hastī chheḌ kar

ab to bas āvāz hī āvāz hai


After playing with life’s rhythm, she vanished

There’s now only sound that’s left


3- dafn kar saktā huuñ siine meñ tumhāre raaz ko

aur tum chāho to afsāna banā saktā huuñ main


I can veil thy secret if you wish it to be

I can make it public if thou wish it to be


4-tire māthe pe ye āñchal to bahut hī ḳhuub hai lekin

tū is āñchal se ik parcham banā letī to achchhā thā


The veil on thy forehead looks very striking

If you made flag; it would look more striking


5- tumhīñ to ho jise kahtī hai nāḳhudā duniyā

bachā sako to bachā lo ki Dūbtā huuñ main


You are the one prominent as a boatsman

Save me if you can, as I’m drowning man


6- vaqt kī sa.ī-e-musalsal kārgar hotī ga.ī

zindagī lahza-ba-lahza muḳhtasar hotī ga.ī


Time ceaselessly achieved its non-stop effort

Life became shorter by every passing minute


7- yā to kisī ko jur.at-e-dīdār hī na ho

yā phir mirī nigāh se dekhā kare koī


Either no one dares to have a glance at her

Or, one ought to have my vision to see her


8- ye aanā koī aanā hai ki bas rasman chale aa.e

ye milnā ḳhaak milnā hai ki dil se dil nahīñ miltā


This ceremonial arrival is no coming at all

Such reunion’s void if no heart beats at all


9- ye mere ishq kī majbūriyāñ ma.aaz-allāh

tumhārā raaz tumhīñ se chhupā rahā huuñ maiñ


God forbid my helplessness in matters of love

Covering you up! Secret of thy affair of love


Rain in India

Remembering you in rainy season

Is my all time habit of rainy season!

Thinking to change habit in this rainy season

But downpour won’t stop by changing habits

To remember you, to miss you in rainy season

Is akin to breathing life

Breathing is verve and a sign of life

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Elegy written on Hakim Said’s assassination
By Jaun Elia
Whose caravan have you plunged in?
What you’ve done untimely omission?
You turned sweet songs to lamentation
You’ve slain the righteous person’s life
Made everybody forlorn to accept life
How to say, you made so many weep
You made hearts sad and eyes weep
O, heavens! What you’ve lost today
The radiant catalyst of acumen today
What an awful heartbreaking this news is,
How unbelievable fly-by-night this news is
A soul’s dwelling is so frail and easily ruined
Both the existence and life are easily ruined
Is it all conception and imaginary system?
Is creation of this world all, a replica system?
How the flourishing blossoms all withered
How the affluent homes are so badly ruined
The ones who lent a hand to ones in need
Are as a result upset and in gloom instead
Everyone’s hope and expectation pass away
The healer, the mentor, the father pass away
If healers and reformer cruelly taken away
Where patients and followers take the way
The doctor surrendered his life before death
Life! Thou are unreliable and unpredictable
Demise also must be saddened and regretted
For the one who bestowed verve to life instead
Jaun Elia

مرگِ ناگہاں
حکیم سعید کی شہادت پر لکھی گئی جون ایلیا کی نظم
کس کا لوٹا ہے کارواں تو نے
کیا کیا مرگِ ناگہاں تو نے
وقت کے دلپسند نغموں کو
کردیا نالہ و فغاں تو نے
چھین کر ایک جانِ شیریں کو
تلخ کردی ہے داستاں تو نے
کیا بتاؤں میں کتنی آنکھوں کو
کر دیا آج خوں فشاں تو نے
آفتابِ جہانِ حکمت کو
اے فلک! کھو دیا تو نے
یہ خبر’ اف یہ حشر خیز صدا
اس خبر کا یقیں نہیں آتا
قصرِ انفاس اتنا بے بنیاد
خانہِ مرگ و زندگی برباد
کیا تخیل ہے یہ نظامِ جہاں؟
کیا تمسخر ہے عالمِ ایجاد؟
کیسے شاداب پھول کمہلائے
کیسا آباد گھر ہوا برباد
کیسے لوگ اور ان پہ یہ آفت
کیسے دل اور ان پہ یہ افتاد
جو تھے امداد کرنے والوں میں
آہ! اب وہ ہیں قابلِ امداد
سوگواروں کی زیست کا مقصد
یاد’ بس یاد اور کیسی یاد
دلِ برباد’ عمر بھر آہیں
لبِ فریاد’ عمر بھر فریاد
آج ہر دل کی آس ٹوٹ گئی
خود مسیحا کی نبض چھوٹ گئی
خود مسیحا اَجل سے ہار گیا
زندگی تیرا اعتبار گیا!!
موت بھی ہاتھ مَل رہی ہوگی
ایسی کچھ زندگی گزار گیا!


grumpy old man.jpg.653x0_q80_crop-smart

His eyes opened broadly like two big doors in a storm, and became still to see the old man standing erect like a tree outside the last home of the lane. With trembling legs and uneven breaths he walked to the old man saying; “I thought you had—–”

“See I’m alive and healthy, standing in front of you. How can I pass away when you are there” He laughed cheerfully. “I was living a happy life abroad for last 30 years but Karamat kept calling me. Now I’ve come back and will live here” having said that, the newcomer old man took his hands in his. The old man felt all his energy passes on to the newcomer’s body. His hands became lifeless. His eye balls moved uselessly and uneven breaths made him more like a puppet. A blow of weakness misbalanced him hence he held the railing of the gate. The son of the new comer supported him and asked him if he was okay. “Can you drop me home?” “Of course, why not uncle” the young man then supporting him helped him to sit on the front seat of his car and safely dropped him home. His family was shocked to see him. He who was on his heels and toes all the time was unable to stand on his feet. He couldn’t even walk to his room so was carried on a chair. The past 12 years of his old, bored colorless frigid life over shadowed him once again. He lay on his bed staring at the ceiling. It looked he had seen the last scene. That very day he breathed his last before dusk————

The end


Only a month before when the house was repainted he strictly refused that he won’t allow an inch of his room to be disturbed. But now he got his room painted in pastel pink with and hung          slightly dark pink curtains on the doors and window with beautiful flower vase on the table. As per his wish daily fresh flowers were put in the vase. Before this new situation he wouldn’t let his bed sheet change for a week or so but now his bed sheet was changed on everyday basis. Not only had this but he liked air freshener spray every day. Besides this he ordered two grafted mango plants from Multan to be planted in centre of the patio so when they grow they would spread broadly. The old man was 82 years old. He cleaned the rusty and dusty bookshelf and replaced the old worn and torn books with new ones. His grandson helped him do it.

He was so aware of his surrounding that he had drenched and saved the last drop of honey from the small bees’ honey comb for self use.

He had fallen madly in love with lively life. People were amazed to see his love for such organized and systematic life that he never followed earlier in his youth. None could find the clue for his entirely changed way of living. He talked to everyone in same monotonous tone in the past but now he changed his voice and tone according to time, situation and the person he talked to. His family who rarely paid attention to what he said now is all ears to what he said. He often told his sons that; ‘Now from one end to other no old man lives” When someone asked his age, he would reply, “I’m sixteen only” when they looked at him in doubt and surprise he would then say smiling; “The rest is my experience”

The next day he got out of his home at dawn with the rising sun. Capturing the fresh cool breeze and ambiance of spring came on the road. The dreamy night embracing the lively morning was leave-taking calmly. The picturesque scenario was captivating.  Butterflies fluttered on the boughs like flowers and seasonal flowers blooming spread scent in the atmosphere. Color and beauty of natural beauty was charismatic.  He was heading towards the park on the other side of the lane where he used to go and exercised. He was enjoying singing his childhood rhyme,

Hot cross buns
Hot cross buns,
One a penny,
Two a penny,
Hot cross buns.

His eyes opened broadly like two big doors in a storm, and became still to see the old man standing erect like a tree outside the last home of the lane. With trembling legs and uneven breaths he walked to the old man saying; “I thought you had—–”

to be contd


He found various short time activities. He would rise early morning and wearing his track suit and joggers walked for a mile. Then coming back home had a glass of milk with two spoonfuls of honey, a big apple, two bread slices with margarine and half cup of tea. He would not only drink three mouthfuls of tea and sometimes a little cheese. From 11 to I pm he watched mystery movie or crime story on television.  After that at I pm he had plain chicken soup and fifteen to twenty minutes nap. Then had his lunch that consisted of veggies, fish and fresh salad. After few days he would order pizza and enjoyed it with his grandson.

He added new activity of reading a spying and detective story book after lunch before taking a nap.  He delightfully sipped Jasmine tea with its captivating aroma in the air in the evening under the shady margosa tree. The old man then got up from there with the departing twilight then lighting the lights outside entered the house.

He cared for everything in his life except for old age. His gleaming smiling face was like a lover who feels anxiously delighted to wait for his set date. He would stop by and talked to unknown people and spent much time picking soft fragrant jasmine flowers. One day he stopping a cart-hawker, halfhearted bought crushed ice lollypop. He tossed down the juicy syrups spread on it with tooth less mouth. The synthetic colored juices spilled on his face and all over his clothes making him and his clothes multihued. So before the nightfall the frosty anger infected his throat badly and he was confined to sip hot herbal tea only.  He knew that herbal tea is so affective that all other viruses get killed. Hence three days and twelve times herbal tea relieved his sore throat. He avoided the icy lollypop but started creamy ice-cream.

One night loud noises and thumping banging sounds of fighting came from his room. Everyone in the family got worried. When they went in the room he was watching an action movie.

One evening he saw the hockey stick of his youth time that his grandson kept it in the store as family’s traditional item. The old man was excited to see it so he brought it out to play again. Being old and aged he couldn’t run so he walked. All the family members watched him in awe like the audience watches the penalty stroke holding their breath and then cheers elatedly when the ball enters the net. He changed his movements and styles so swiftly that everyone was amazed and awhile later the stick gave in used up.

to  be contd

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