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Thank you so much  Chriti Moise  for nominating me for the Shine on award

These are rules to follow for this award :

1.) Show appreciation of the blogger who nominated you and link back to them in your post.
2.) Add the award logo to your blog.
3.) Share 7 things about yourself.
A few things about me you’ll find if you visit this blog or you can try here:)

4.) Nominate 5 – 10 or so bloggers you admire.

Seven things about me




Thank you Ajaytao for nominating me for the award

Seven thing about me




 Floating clouds join the fluttering veil 
Blissful weather allures calm mild gale 

Wrapped in fresh fragrance of dreams
wish to wake up lively from dreams

Engulfed in lovely shades of emotions 

Absorbed in new hopes new passion 

It’s captivating alluring inspiring gale 

Blissful weather allures calm mild gale 

You aren’t here this time with me love 

There’s no life no joy without you love 

Life is static weary and weird my love 

Life is a vast forest to be lost my love 

Got no letter no message from you 

Haven’t seen you, I endure the grief 

My eyes long to see you to get relief 

I’m hurt and upset like a caged bird 

Floating clouds join the fluttering veil 

Blissful weather allures calm mild gale 
گیت: آنچل سے ملے بادل ساتھی
شاعر: رئیس فروغ
انگریزی ترجمہ:تنویر روؤف صاحبہ 
گلوکارہ: مہناز
موسیقی: نیاز احمد(اغلباً)
پیش کش : شعیب منصور (اغلباً)
(شاید جناب تاجدار عادل موسیقی اور پیش کش کے بارے میں
زیادہ درست جانتے ہوں، تو میری مدد فرمائیں)
آنچل سے ملے بادل ساتھی
موسم تو کرے پاگل ساتھی
سپنوں کی نئی خوشبو میں بسی
چاہت کے نئے رنگوں میں رچی
ارمانوں کی
امیدوں کی
کلیاں ہیں بہت کومل ساتھی
موسم تو کرے پاگل ساتھی
تُو ساتھ نہیں ایسے میں سجن
چمکے نہ کوئی وعدے کی کرن
انجانا بھی
ان دیکھا بھی
جیون ہے بڑا جنگل ساتھی
خط کوئی تیرا آیا جو نہیں
آنکھوں نے تجھے دیکھا جو نہیں
دُکھ سہتی ہوں 
چُپ رہتی ہوں
پنچھی کی طرح گھائل ساتھی
آنچل سے ملے بادل ساتھ
موسم تو کرے پاگل ساتھی




Wished to bring you and flower face to face

Nervy Nightingale and I would talk face to face

It’s acceptable no interpreter was available to us

What could we ask the stranger to explain to us?

The sun and the moon are wanderers like me

They are also in search of their dear one, as me

Had they ever seen your long silky hair locks

They’d wished to remain entangled in thy locks

If my beloved isn’t coming then death may come

How long could I hold my heart for her to come?

Don’t ask me of the regressing world Aatish

Wished passion to drizzle like the rainstorm
ye aarzū thī tujhe gul ke rū-ba-rū karte
ham aur bulbul-e-betāb guftugū karte

payām-bar na mayassar huā to ḳhuub huā
zabān-e-ġhair se kyā sharh-e-ārzū karte

mirī tarah se mah-o-mahr bhī haiñ āvāra
kisī habīb kī ye bhī haiñ justujū karte

jo dekhte tirī zanjīr-e-zulf kā aalam
asiir hone kī āzād aarzū karte

vo jān-e-jāñ nahīñ aatā to maut hī aatī
dil-o-jigar ko kahāñ tak bhalā lahū karte

na pūchh ālam-e-bargashta-tāla.ī ‘ātish’
barastī aag jo bārāñ kī aarzū karte

Magnet and its effect on our human body?
It is an interesting piece of metal. All magnets have two sides. North Pole and the other side is South Pole. North Pole has traits of male and Blue is female. These opposite poles attract each other remain clung together.
All things in the universe is made up of molecules. Chinese people knew about magnet 2000 years ago but they dint use it until South Pole was found in 1909
It was discovered half a century ago that each molecule in our body contains magnet. Both these poles keep our metabolism balanced in position. We fall sick if this magnetic balance system is disorganized.
We observe and experience so many miracles of magnets in our daily life. All living things are sensitive to the Earth’s magnetic field——from bacteria to birds
How do we know that someone is watching us from across the street, even without turning to look?
How do we feel that some loved one far away from us is in trouble—without any communication?
Magnets are beyond our understanding a few years ago. Now we know that;
Siberian birds migrate from north to south in winter and then from south to north day and night for thousands of miles. It is only due to the
Direction of magnetic poles.
The groups of birds fly in the sky with a particular ‘V’ pattern. They have inbuilt magnetic forces.
Fishes have strong magnets in their heads. They also migrate long distances in search of suitable environment.
If you close your domesticated pigeon’s eyes and release it from hundred miles away from your home, it will reach your home before you do.
Cats do the same. No matter where ever and how far you leave them they come. It’s all due to magnetic force.
There countless examples. Just think and you will be surprised to remember so many yourself
Stay blessed and connected



Don’t ask of agony I went by waiting

Don’t ask of passion I went waiting

Don’t ask of glory of blossoming spring

Don’t ask of restive sore heart beating

Don’t ask of nightingale’s sad singing

Don’t ask of spring’s tetchy ending

Strangers been entertained lavishly

Don’t ask me of depressing feeling

Given anguish in return of my love

Don’t ask of her being so upsetting

Again I desired for wine drinking

Don’t ask of jolly spring fascinating

I’m much queried of bed’s firmness

Don’t ask of stylish body’s assuring

I’ve no awareness of union adoring

Don’t ask of union bliss and alluring



Came at last to lay my body in grave

Didn’t let go minute to lay me in grave

My Lord overlooked and rundown me

My life’s labor didn’t give time to me

Mourners fretful of my throaty voice

Despair to miss her changed my voice

I yearn self to depart from this daylight

O! Fateful; don’t be elated of daylight

Never was charmed of love’s trance Hafiz

Stayed under stress of sham love’s ecstasy



Aa Hi Gaya Wo Mujhko Lahad Men Utarne
Ghaflat Zara Na Ki Mere Ghaflat-Shiar Ne

Mujhko Bhula Diya Mere Parwardigar Ne
Fursat Ka Waqt Hi Na Diya Karobar Ne

Nauhagaron Ko Bhi Hai Gala Baithne Ki Fikr
Chola Badal Liya Hai Shab-E-Intizar Ne

Jata Hun Aap Apni Ajal Ko Pukarne
O Be-Nasib Din Ke Tasawwur Se Khush Na Ho

Dekha Na Karobar-E-Mohabbat Kabhi Hafiz
Ab Tak Asir-E-Dam-E-Fareb-E-Hayat Hun


 Shedding tears day and night is fresh memory

 That time of passionate love is fresh memory

Feeling nearby to you and spick and span with

Your blushing and biting finger’s fresh memory

My dragging your veiling wrap all of a sudden

Then hiding thy face with thy veil is fresh mind

Seeing you and no-one else, I formally talked

 Opened my heart to you; is yet fresh in mind

Glancing at me with searching eyes repeatedly

Got heated after babying you, is fresh in mind

 Coming bare footed in sizzling summer day

On the rooftop to call me, is fresh in memory

Chupky chupky raat din Aansu bahana yaad he

Hum ko ab tak aashki ka wo zamana yaad he

Tujh Se kuch milty hi wo bebaak ho jana mera

Or tera danto me wo ungli dabana yaad he

Khanch leta wo mera Pardy Ka kona dafatan

Or dupaty se tera wo muh chupana yaad he

Tujh ko tanha jab kabhi paana to az rah lihaz

Hale dill baton hi baton me jatana yaad he

Dekhna mujh ko jo bar guzrashta to so so naaz se

Jab mna lena to phir khud roth jaana yaad he

Dopehr ki dhop me mujh ko bulanay k liye

Wo tera kothy pe naangy paaon aana yaad he

Hasrat Mohani




My dear blogging friend Dear Kitty awarded has very graciously awarded this Sunshine Blogger Award to. I’m genuinely grateful to her.

Thank you so much Dear Kitty for this kind gesture! This is a new award for me.

The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to those who are inspiring and bring sunshine into the lives of their readers and fellow bloggers.

For all the nominees for this award, here are the rules, if you choose to accept: please write a post to share the award, answering the following set of questions and nominate any number of bloggers you feel deserve the award.

Here are Cosmic Explorer’s questions, and my answers. For my nominees, the questions are the same.

  1. What is your idea on true love?

To be faithful and sincere to the person one loves.

  1. What is easier? To love or to be loved?

To be loved is easier than to love. Our attitude and etiquette with determination can charm any heart

  1. Do you believe that we only have one life or do you believe in reincarnation?

One life only in this mortal world and infinity in hereafter

  1. What do you think is the meaning of life?

We were born to care, share both relief and grief with and of others regardless of prejudice

  1. Are you the same person you were five years ago?

Basically, yes, except for the age, appearance and experience. However some things are better for me than five years ago.

  1. How do you know you are not dreaming right now?

I must be awake as I’m reading and writing just now so is not dreaming J

  1. What is the best dream you had that you want to come true?

I don’t remember any such dream that I would want it to come true

  1. If you could time travel, where would you go? To the future or to the past?

I would like to go back to my past as it was more peaceful, beautiful and cherished. I don’t foresee any good in future so why to go and face more tensions and chaos

  1. If you could be any super hero or any famous person dead or alive for a day, who would you choose?

I would like to be the Prophet of peace and love i.e. Muhammad (p.b.u.h)

  1. If you could choose to change something about this world, what would it be?

To stop hatred and negativity and wars

My nominees are:

  1. http://dearkitty1.wordpress.com/
  2. http://witlessdatingafterfifty.wordpress.com/
  3. http://lumar1298.wordpress.com/
  4. http://aquileana.wordpress.com/
  5. http://darkpink.wordpress.com/
  6. http://myblogcomweb.wordpress.com/
  7. http://bernard25.wordpress.com/
  8. http://femmeetinfos.wordpress.com/
  9. http://sweetworkouts.wordpress.com/
  10. http://qolamii.wordpress.com/

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