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Thank you so much  Chriti Moise  for nominating me for the Shine on award

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A few things about me you’ll find if you visit this blog or you can try here:)

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Seven things about me




Thank you Ajaytao for nominating me for the award

Seven thing about me



Am not scared of the thorns but, of flowers

The words that pinch my heart; I’m scared of

Ego isn’t my dilemma, I cherish one and all

All dear ones having duplicity; I’m scared of

I don’t like sleeping any more infact now

Daunting dreams that are weird; I’m scared of

I’m concerned for others; I lend a hand to them

Relations if deceptive and sham; I’m scared of

I’m a believer of Allah; He’s who I’m scared of

Those  who are not scared of Him; I’m scared of


Whatever is coupled with thy name?

Gale, moon, stars, sun, fragrance

Love enlivens with your existence

May it be drizzle, autumn or spring!

تمہارے نام سے منسوب ہو جو
تمہارے نام سے ہے عشق قائم
خزاں’برسات’ ہو یا فصل گل ہو
انور زاہدی


Love is akin to a bird

When dwells in any heart

It never leaves the heart

Inhabits of lasting delight

Breathes life in the heart


Enchaining that times of yore period 

Waiting here at your time’s threshold

You won’t be at peace for a moment

Come see my pitiful heart’s sentiment

Your wants have brought you to me

You should meet me; meet solely me

I wish to adorn my being one day ever

Viewing my being in your eyes’ mirror

Leave some charisma before you depart

Or people seek for thy merit; when depart

Overwhelming viewers seated spellbound

The moment I finished chanting my poetry


Seems as lived in  eyes’ lagoon

I blossomed like a lily in lagoon

Can’t deem beautiful ambiance

Seems as wide awake in dream

My snappy glances at her seem

Like am learning to see to deem

She’s the one who has ambiance

I’m deprived soul in the heavens

 Meeting her is peculiar meeting

Seems like embraced fragrance

Do love him the way I adore you

If ever find a one similar to me

I now accept as factual, that Sahar

As I’m detached from my own self


Let’s go and enlighten her
the bond we had before
Meeting again after parting
All differences overlooking
Sociable bond is still there
Let’s be together once more 



Lets love in such a good way that

It’s neither thy feat nor my defeat

You have my will and I enjoy love

Let’s grow and glow with our love

All my anxieties and gloominess

Die when you shed a warm look

My gloom fades away with you

My doom brighten up with you 

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