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Seven things about me




Thank you Ajaytao for nominating me for the award

Seven thing about me



 Poetry needs heart’s intense passion to nurture,

Just as flora breathes life through mud and water

Good news!

984079_10152058044911932_7788921968725543523_nToday is my birthdayCake-83
While coming down from the heavens I saw so picturesque and mesmerizing meadows, mountains, prairies, grasslands, glaciers, waterfalls, rivers, valleys, flora and fauna  humming birds, forests, animals, network of gold, silver and copper adorned with gems and diamonds. I asked the angels which land is this we are passing through that is so beautiful so rich having all beautiful seasons. The angels said—–it is the pious land of Pakistan- you are here and belong to this land. This is the land of brains, beauty and gallantry. I felt so proud—may Almighty bless this land and its peaceloving hospitable people amen


Don’t make  statue out of sand dear artiste

Wait a moment; let me get  stone for you

I will make a mound of stones before you

But, which color of stone would you prefer

Red stone; the heartless world calls it heart?

Just a stone Or an eye ball of sapphire blue

That has ages of sadden bolt from the blue

Would thou require a stone with verve?

That endures truth that befalls on verve

The stone that’s known as white marble

Deception reflects in that white marble

There’s a stone of justice present too; but

That’s in the custody of the rich and riches

The values that reign now is but all stones

The principles that reign now is but stones

Poetry, prose, music, arts all are now stones

My revelation, thy wisdom all is just stones

Every fine art is sign of nothing but stones

My words is muted, thy hands are stones

Don’t make a statue out of sand dear artiste


Feet are entangled all through pathways

We are living also in township however

Like gone astray wind in barren deserts

 We followed the approach of the trees

Never taken granted for, life’s luxuries

How innocent are our acquaintances

Consider me among the intellectuals

The Sea-shores seemed floating, but

Shores merged with the flow into rivers

That’s my world, my home I made Farough

Among variety of weird worlds around


No concern of death or existence now

Since someone has invaded my heart;

Woe may be of few days or few nights

All pains in life are as long as life exists

No being is protected on earth today

Every being fears life in danger today

What is the change in ambiance today?

Entire world is worried of change today

I’ve been a nomad all through my life

Been enduring the gloominess of life

She met me near the time of my death

Thus no fear of death and no hope in life



There was a moment once on earth

 The life was clamped in trap of death

Being helpless; it pleaded to save!

But emblazing fire of hatred, treachery

You danced and celebrated your victory

That era was indulged in grave swamp

 A star then twinkled swiftly in the sky

He was Jesus who illumined the sky!

To eliminate betrayal and treachery

To purify the conceited smug spirits

He implanted the seeds of affection

 That hearts and souls flourished with

Jubilation, peace, love and harmony;

The human brutes; but adorned the Christ

With crown of thorns and crucified body

Hence the earth trembled at this cruelty

The planets too pulsated  in the skies

The thunder storm disrupted setting

In that gloomy sinister night it was

Christ’s blood that lighted the lamps

Everywhere Christ pious blood dribbled

There only life witnessed his divine piety

Flowers blossomed and spring bloomed

Jesus carrying his crucifix is steadfast

Following his footsteps the disciples

Enlighten life with peace and harmony



You’ve been descended on me like revelation

Revealed like spell of rain on deserted land

Like sun rays banish the darkness of night

Like the breeze gleefully hurling in jungle

Like on desert parched with searing thirst

Like clouds absorbed in love glide in sight

Like a soft gentle hand caresses my eyes

Like a cool gentle wind in glorious daylight

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