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Photos of few children martyred 14002_952685974756696_4036013773046547815_n

241E1D9500000578-2877360-A_school_photograph_reportedly_showing_five_of_the_teachers_circ-m-33_1418825265066Hifsa or Hafsa Khush.jpg.jpgMiss. Hifsa was burnt alive

The pictures circled are teachers who were murdered in Peshawar attack

“Cards of Condolences for Peshawar” Campaign:

576391_385640584863208_1481358319_n Azra Baig lives in SouthBrunswick  Twonship New Jersy. she sent these cards that her daughters made as condolence

Greetings of Peace. My two teenage daughters and I wanted to express our sympathies for the lives that were lost on December 16, 2014 in the Peshawar, Pakistan Massacre. With the support of friends and family we came up with the “Cards of Condolences for Peshawar” ~a letter writing and card making campaign for the victims the children, staff and families of the Army Public School who have been affected by this horrific tragedy. We would like to encourage the youth-of all ages, and adults to make cards and write letters for the victims to show that they are in our thoughts and prayers and that Love and Kindness will always prevail. Requesting that cards and letters be dropped off or sent to the following address: Taste of Punjab 4437 Rt. 27, Princeton, NJ 08540. Located in the Kingston Mall and open daily from 10am-9pm for drop off All items need to be received by Monday, January 5th so they can be mailed to a contact in Peshawar with a personal connection to the school officials.
We would like to send as many cards as possible so everyone’s help is needed. Please Like, Share, Repost, Tweet, Instagram and help spread the word for this campaign. Thank you. ‪#‎CardsofCondolencesforPeshawar
A special thank you to my sister Farah Naz-Ahmed BerentRabeeha KhanZubia Najiand Jawad Younus for your support.

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                                                    Allah is most kind and merciful 


Almighty Allah created man and his mind with its purpose set on achieving knowledge, the most important of which is that Allah alone is the Creator and all the rest are worshippers (slaves). By worshipping anything other than Allah, man becomes enslaved to Satan, who is himself a creature and becomes harnessed to his own bias qualities.

Prophet Idris was one of the prophets.

When Prophet Idris alaihessalam got heartbroken like all other prophets, due to non believers’ immoral activities, he left them and disappeared for almost twenty years. There was no rain for very long time. Allah punished them with drought.

When animals and people died of hunger and the life became miserable, the people asked for forgiveness.  Allah being most merciful, sent back Idris to his people

Prophet Idris then begged Allah to forgive and to bring an end to drought. Allah granted his demand and the drought ended. There were heavy rains again. The land became alive and fertile once more.

The Learned Prophet

Prophet Idris alaihessalam was given wisdom in various fields of knowledge and the ability to create things that can make the human’s life easier For example, alphabets and writing, mathematics, astronomy, philosophy and etc. He was the first man who learnt to write with pen. He was the first man to show people how to measure weights and balance.  He taught them about the movements of planets.

He was the first man to make weapons for hunting and defense. He also taught people to stitch clothes with needle and thread.

Consequently he brought about a remarkable change in the moral and social life of the people.

Some sayings of Hazrat Idris

  1. Do not feel jealous of the prosperity of others for what they have, as they will only enjoy it for a short while.
  2. He who has unlimited desires, is deprived of the wealth of contentment.
  3. One should be sincere in acts of devotion
  4. It is an act of serious sin to take false oaths.
  5. Patience is a key to victory
  6. He who controls his passions is fortunate. Only a good act will be a living petition before Allah on the Day of Judgment
  7. One who is desirous of attaining perfection in knowledge should have no concern with immoral acts.
  8. Happy is he who looks at his own deeds and appoints them as pleaders to his Allah
  9. None can show better gratitude for Allah’s favors than he who shares them with others.
  10. He who indulges in excess will not benefit from it.
  11. The real joy of life is to have wisdom
It is a final touch that every student needs! 
Keep in mind that every child is unique. Children differ remarkably from each other. Healthy personality development is possible by parenting that is sensitive to the individual needs of the child.
Avoid labeling your student, as you want him/her to develop his own individual personality without influenced by yours or anyone else’s. Do not label the child as emotional, bossy or tough and create confusion in his personality.
You are the person your student sees and imitates the most so set an example by being polite, courteous and well mannered.
Allow your student to be him and not a copy of you. You may want him/her to imitate your ways but it is more important to allow your student to develop his own individual personality. Many experts recommend reading to students and broadening their point of view. Support their interests and help them develop their personality. You can allow and still encourage new interests and hobbies. Instead of trying to change their personality give them support in directions that help their personalities grow.  
Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself and know that everything in this life has a purpose


Teachers are like rulers. They place orders and wish to see their orders obeyed fully completely and without any error. (They forget that err is to human—–:)

They have all rights reserved to punish students the way they like. They can order a student to keep standing for as long as they like, or stand facing the wall, kneeling down with hands up is one of the favorite punishments of teachers. Scales are made to check the thickness of the students’  hide (teachers think students have hide not skin :)) or to measure the level of pain student can bear, so to beat softly or   harshly, depending on the tolerance of the students or patience of a teacher’s own muscle.

No one can do anything or raise voice against teachers. The presidents, judges, butchers, mechanics, doctors, engineers have all been through it when they were students. That’s the reason why justice is delayed and  culprits are sentenced to death, butchers make fine mince, and doctors do surgeries lovingly. They all have their treacherous teachers in mind when performing their jobs 🙂 with due apology to teachers lol

Teachers  deduct or give marks while checking exam papers according to their moods. They may give marks for not attempting the question even or can deduct marks for poor handwriting. They are the kings of all students in their jurisdiction.

The most interesting thing is that teachers like to be loved and respected like faithful bondsman.

But if wishes of students ever came true, then such cruel teachers would have all die.

It is said that teachers are preachers like prophets. They teach, preach and brush up students’ character and take out the latent abilities. So I want to be a teacher like my own teachers (I hope they read this line—otherwise you know my future will be a dark one—-:)) Teaching is the profession I like most.

I want to make them good human beings, good citizens to make their country grow in all fields.

To instill the values and virtues in students’ minds is my utmost aspiration

If you can’t be a king—be a teacher as Mughal King Shahjahan asked his son to provide him a wooden rod and some students when he was imprisoned by his won son. THE SON SAID TO HIMSELF THAT KINGSHIP IS STILL THERE 🙂



Hatim Ism (may Allah be pleased with him) himself is a famous religious scholar, was a favorite student of Hazrat Shafeeq Khilji (may Allah be pleased with him)

Once Hazrat Shafeeq asked Hatim, that how long he has stayed with him? The answer was 33 years.

“What did you learn from me in those years Hatim?”

“I learnt eight lessons.”
”Just eight Hatim, You have wasted my time and yours too”

Hatim humbly replied,” how can I lie to you, when I learnt only eight problems?”

“Alright, now explain those to me” said Shafeeq Khilji

1. “I observed that every person loves his wife, children, valuables, family, relations etc, but when he dies no one accompanies him. Hence I decided to love and act upon good deeds so when I die they accompany me.”

“I am pleased with you. Carry on.”

  1. Hatim continued, “ I read in Quran that,” Surah An-Nazi’at (Those Who Yearn)

But as for he who feared the position of his Lord and prevented the soul from [unlawful] inclination. Then indeed, Paradise will be [his] refuge.

Hence I surrendered myself to obey orders set by Almighty to cherish in hereafter.


  1. I observed that every one loves and takes care of anything he possesses, may it be life property or valuables.

But I learnt that everything that exists is mortal and has to diminish or die one day except that Almighty has. In Surah Nahal it is said,

“Whatever is with you, will be exhausted, and whatever with Allah (of good deeds) will remain. And those who are patient, We (Allah) will certainly pay them a reward in proportion to the best of what they used to do.” 

Since then I donated in charity what ever precious thing I had or anything that attracted me most, to get reward in hereafter and to please almighty.


  1. I observed that people try to feel pride in status wealth or position to impress others who are in weaker position.

But in Surah Al-Hujuraat I read that;

“Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted.”

Thus I became more God fearing humble and humane.


  1. What I studied there was that people tried to ridicule others, do bad-mouthing, and look down upon others just out of jealousy. They are impatient and impertinent. But Quran teaches in Surah Az-Zukhruf (The Gold Adornments) is it they who would portion out the Mercy of your Lord? It is We Who portion out between them their livelihood in this world, and We raised some of them above others in ranks, so that some may employ others in their work. But the Mercy (Paradise) of your Lord (O Muhammad S.A.W.W) is better than the (wealth of this world) which they amass.”

Since then I have left to envy others or desire for anything. I strongly believe that almighty is most kind and would give my share. It matters not who has more or less.


  1. I learnt that almost every person has negative approach towards others. Surly and jealous of each other. When I thought seriously and studied Quran I learnt that Allah says in Quran in Surah FATIR; “Surely, Shaitan (Satan) is an enemy to you, so take (treat) him as an enemy. He only invites his Hizb (followers) that they may become the dwellers of the blazing Fire.”

Since then I consider Satan my most evil enemy. I do what Allah has guided us to do through Quran


7. I saw public running in search of bread and butter. They use fair and unfair means to get it. They surpass, deceive, mislead, and depriving others to get maximum for themselves. This unfairness made me get guidance from Quran. It is clearly written in Quran in Surah HUD; “    And no (moving) living creature is there on earth but its provision is due from Allah. And He knows its dwelling place and its deposit (in the uterus, grave, etc.). All is in a Clear Book (Al-Lauh

 Al-Mahfuz – the Book of Decrees with Allah)


8.I observed that people rely and depend on worldly things like wealth, healthy stout body, status, family or valuables though they all are mortal and will sooner or later get washed out , so I took guidance from Quran where is it clearly written in Surah Talaaq;

And He will provide him from (sources) he never could imagine. And whosoever puts his trust in Allah, then He will suffice him. Verily, Allah will accomplish his purpose. Indeed Allah has set a measure for all things.” Thus I blindly trust almighty Allah that I will be provided what ever I need.

Hazrat Shafeeq (may Allah be pleased with him) was very satisfied to hear all this and acknowledged that all these are the teachings mentioned in all four holy books. These are for one and all till the day of judgment.


A teacher is very important to educate and teach children about the difference between good and bad, so to to lead an upright life.

Messengers of Allah did the same.The messengers Allah sent were all honest, kind and God-fearing.

When killing, abusing, cheating, robbery and other evil deeds spread in any particular area, Allah chose the best person among them to guide people to follow the right path.

Each messenger passed on the message of Allah. The message was to believe in one Allah and to live a simple honest life.

The messengers practiced themselves what they preached. Their followers followed them exactly and pleased Almighty Allah. But every messenger had to face many problems. It is not easy to change bad habits in short time. People who were used to cheat and do bad things did not agree to change their old habits. So when any messenger of Allah asked them to believe in one Allah. They did not follow. They worshiped idols. Some worshiped the sun the moon the snake etc. So the messengers were sometimes rebuked and ill-treated.

The devil always misguides people. The devil makes people do harmful things. It enjoys when people fight or kill each other.

So Allah sent His messengers in every era to guide people of that particular time.

to be continued———-

one of the best way of testing honey if its pure or immure is that put  some drops of honey on the floor anywhere in the house. IF ants eat it then its not PURE HONEY. because if  ants loved honey then there would have been no honey in the world as ants can climb trees and there would never be any beehives or honey 🙂 I tried this test and found that honey was pure 🙂

I also tried honey with burning matchstick. that was true too.

Pure honey also crystallized if kept in a fridge for long.

Honey is very easy to digest and has countless benefits for good physical and mental health





“Moth: I gave you my life.

Flame: I allowed you to kiss me.”

― Hazrat Inayat Khan

Hamdard enriched us with healthy, positive and progressing events and incidents. I have written Hamdard only and not Hamdard Public School because Hamdard is not limited to a school for primary students but its Madinat-ul-Hikmah (city of knowledge).

The two great Brothers Hakim Muhammad Said and Hakim Abdul Majeed spent their lives with impervious and industrious effort for promotion of health and education.

Hamdard Public School was a day dream of Hakim Said and Mrs. Sadia Rashid. Both of them saw a child running in HPS uniform while they were sitting and praying in front of Ka’aba. Both of them shared what they saw. That was the moment Hakim Sahib decided to set up Hamdard Public School.  This is how Allah granted us a chance to be associated with Hamdard —– the true and real dream that was realized!

The first badge of children may remember that there was no light and no water in the beginning. It was the passion and charisma of Hakim sahib’s persona that every one bore all hardships of electricity, water, broken road and security problems that prevailed that time in the city, very happily.

Today’s review is in memory of very devoted and loyal staff and students who passed away but left unforgettable marks in hearts and glorious footprints for the others to follow.

The ex-administrator Dr. Qazalbash was an institution in himself. He was greatly respected and loved by students for his expertise in English language and literature uniformly.

Miss. Samina Jafri was unrivaled in Urdu literature and sharp wit, died in childbirth.

Miss. Ghazala another gem of Urdu literature. She was a gold medalist too. She led a very disturbed and full of agony life led to heavens.

Miss. Noshaba the humane teacher of social studies also left us depressed.

Miss. Tarana a beautiful young teacher who proved her worth as English language teacher died of hepatitis C.

Mr. Abdus Samad a great human being and a very learned seasoned teacher passed away of acute gout and arthritis. He excelled both in Urdu and English.

Mrs. Raffat Sami’s daughter in law died in road accident. She was teacher for primary classes.

Mumtaz the young student of class five of Hamdard Village School died a tragic death by drowning in a poodle which had electric current due to heavy rains.

Ijteba the brilliant student of Hamdard departed to highway to heaven at such young age in accident too.

The loss of these precious lives is so big along with Hakim Said’s martyrdom can never be filled. We wish all of them the best of best place in heavens. Amen !

Sabiha Qaiser

I was absorbed thinking about some topic to write on when all of a sudden the telephone bell disrupted me.

 My old friend Sabiha was on the phone. It was a pleasant surprise to hear her. Both of us being occupied with our chores hadn’t  met for quite long so we set time to meet at her home on Saturday evening.

As decided i went to her home. I rang the door bell. And within no time Sabiha opened the door. She was also eagerly waiting for me.

Sabiha greeted me with same warm smile like always.

The environment she has created in her home is very comfortable and pleasant. One feels at ease and at home in her simple but artistically set home. She’s not only a good cook is a very amiable host too. Home made munchies with fruit were set on the table to enjoy our friendly heart-to-heart talk.

 She is serving as an Administrator in a school run by a reputed NGO.

 I told her about my freelance writing.

Sabiha was surprised when I told her that I would take her interview. She tried to avoid it as she is very serene and never likes to be in glare of publicity. Her point of view was that she is not a famous lady or belongs to any political party, has influential status or media persona. She asked me

“Who would be interested to read?”

But I insisted to unveil her life story just to encourage other hundreds of ladies like herself who may possibly follow her footsteps and live with bliss, self-confidence and opulence.

Elite class has means and sources and does not face the bitterness of life as common people do, so they need to be encouraged. Her talk can be a landmark for one or many. Every one is born with a purpose set by Almighty so Sabiha may provide a path to follow or inspire some to boost up their moral.

Sabiha modestly agreed to unveil her struggles and turmoil, which she carried like yoke on her shoulders after her husband’s demise till date.

I requested her to answer my questions in line with the sequence.

Tanveer: when and where were you born Sabiha?

Sabiha: with a smile and taking a sip of coffee she replied that she is Virgo and was born in Karachi on 19th September.

Tanveer: will you please enlighten us about your educational credentials?

Sabiha: I did B.Sc from Govt P.E.C.H College

Tanveer: I remember you got married somewhere in early 80’s

Sabiha: you are right Tanveer I got married just after two days of Valentine’s Day i.e. on 16th February 1981

Tanveer: what are your sons Babar, Umair and Sair doing now?

Sabiha: All three sons masha Allah graduated from LUMS. Two of them are married. I have one grand daughter too.

Tanveer: you were a very submissive type of a girl. How did your husband’s death influence you?

Sabiha” My husband’s death taught me that I had strength I was unaware of. With widowhood came the surfacing of an inner self.  I have learned, though it took a few years, that pain is a natural part of living. We grow by losing n leaving and letting go.

Tanveer: I am impressed with your practical approach towards life. Would you share how your husband died?

Unfortunately he got heart attack on 8th May and breathed his last on 9thMay 1993.

Tanveer:  how will you put it in your words now

Sabiha: In every new experience happy or sad there is need to let go of what WAS until we do that, we can’t appreciate what’s IS.

Tanveer: Bravo! I never knew my dear friend that you have become so matured a lady now. (I was, moved and astonished by her courage to face life so daringly.)

Sabiha: The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.

They must be felt with the heart.

Tanveer: I recollect you worked as teacher in a school too

Sabiha: Yes I served Hamdard for 11 years. I worked in two shifts in Hamdard to make my ends meet for all 3 sons were studying.  I worked in Hamdard village school in evening shift along with morning shift.

Tanveer: how was your experience inVillageSchool?

Sabiha:    Tanveer I observed poverty very closely there and felt the agony of appetite, poverty and poor health.

 Being sailing in the same boat I could only alleviate poor students with my kind words and care. I gained their love, trust and heart felt gratification that I treasure a lot.

Tanveer: would you mind if I ask you something personal Sabiha?

Sabiha: smilingly she said, in a hot, dry season, a tiny drop of kindness makes the world healthier and more hopeful. Tanveer dear your company is a pleasure for me so you can ask me anything!

Tanveer: was your salary enough to execute your requirements?

Sabiha: To be honest no. I believe in dignity of labor and have no reservations in saying that I gave coaching in the evening, sew and designed dresses and bed sheets and exhibit them for sale. I got what I did in return for good mind, good finds.

Tanveer: Did you face any problem with authorized departments?

Sabiha: would you believe me Tanveer that departments like KDA, PTCL, KESC, POLICE all helped and solved my troubles with kindness and respect even so they have no high-quality repute. But where there is a will there is a way.   I trust Allah so I over came all hindrances.

Tanveer: you are right Sabiha; God helps those who help them selves.

Tanveer: any message for readers?

Sabiha: My message for one n all is to please give time to yourself along with people around you. Enjoy life, as it is beautiful gift of God.

You never repay who help you in your trip through life, but you can pass on the payment. It will give you inner peace.

” Nothing is ever lost what I learned I put to use somewhere else”

Tanveer: Why did you not remarry nor do you miss partner?

Sabiha: I did not remarry for stepfather is crueler. He lacks endurance. He fails to tolerate forgive any shortcomings of other man’s children. Hence I sacrificed for my children’s’ betterment.

How ever one needs a companion to share pains and gains.

Tanveer: Thank you Sabiha for your time and enriching me with your positive and consistent efforts to enjoy the colors of life. God BLESS YOU.

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