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My husband was transferred to Faisalabad in 19 77. There was no residential facility for the families. So my husband arranged for me and our four minor children in a retired brigadier’s huge country house. It had uncountable rooms. The bungalow was surrounded by crops fields, fruit gardens and stable. There was a mosque and houses for the workforce and big storage for wheat and rice. We enjoyed fresh milk, veggies and seasonal fruits. Hence it was a small village. The walls of the bungalow were made of mud. Each wall was one yard thick. In the past mostly the houses of even rich were made of mud as mud walls keep the home warm in winter and cool in summer.  Water channels, wells tube well, hand pumps not only added beauty to the ambiance but very useful for irrigation. The water is warm in winter and ice cold in summer when taken out from the wells or through hand pumps. I loved the simple and pure life there. Having all resources and natural beauty we also had reptiles like big snakes, lizards etc and many other wriggling insects and various kinds of species birds of and animals.  I was frightened of snakes, bats and scorpions as   my children were very small. So I was told that Hafiz Mushtaq Hussein Shah was a spiritual healer and very pious man. People from far and wide came to him with their health problems or snake bites and so on and so forth

Having lived in cities all through my life I was very anxious to meet him. He was born blind. So I used to see him every day adding something to new to my knowledge. Though he was blind but he walked so fast and smartly that if any one looked at him from distance, he wouldn’t believe that hafiz sahib was blind. He had very sharp memory. I tried to check his memory one day. I told him so and read out a    page from a magazine. I asked him to repeat what he has retained. To my amazement he repeated each and every word as it was written in the magazine. I would have never believed if I was not witness myself. He lived all his life in that village where he had no educated company of friends or who read out books to him. Neither had he known brail system. The only television was in the whole area was at my home. I had allowed children in that area to watch Bionic Woman and other programs in the evening in my living room.

Hafiz sahib used to tell me stories of prophets their miracles and also about what is right and what is wrong. One day we were sitting under a mulberry tree.  As usual he was teaching me with his wise thoughts when I heard buzzing of the honey bees. I looked up and saw bees flying out of the honey comb. I got scared of being bitten. So I told him softly to get up and leave. He didn’t pay attention or ignored to what I told him. So I again warned him of the bees and their poisonous sting. Then he smiled and very softly recited something that I couldn’t follow. Surprisingly the bees flew away without hurting us. I asked him but he just smiled.

Before coming to Karachi we went to Peshawar to see our relatives and friends. One week later when we got back. I and my husband went to see hafiz sahib. He was very kind and dearly loved us. I asked him if he missed us and he said; “Yes, I dreamt of you too” I laughed being stupid and said again; Hafiz sahib you can’t see and has never seen me, how could you dream of me?”

He said I saw you from my inner sight. He was honestly amazing so were all his family members. So were his parents, uncle and wife. They all loved us and so did we

We came to Karachi though he was not in favor of us to move to Karachi. He told my husband many times that Karachi will not suit him but as most of our relatives were in Karachi so we moved here.

Hafiz sahib was right. My husband couldn’t properly settle in Karachi and finally passed away

After 15 years when I was somewhat settled I went to Faisalabad where my sister in law was.

I didn’t inform hafiz sahib about my going there. I went with my nephew, daughter and my son to hafiz sahib’s house unannounced. Reaching there I saw him sitting on wooden bed. After greeting I asked him “Hafiz sahib tell me who am I?” without a blink of an eye said; “Who else except for my daughter Tanveer” my nephew felt electric current running in his spine. After 15 long years and blind too he didn’t take a second to recognize me. I stayed three days at his home. His wife and everyone there told me that never a day passed that he didn’t discuss you or talked about you. He was my mentor, my soul purifier and like my father.  After few years again I went to Faisalabad but I had intuition that I will not see him. And when I went to his home a white tomb waited for me to pray for his soul. His wife said that he remembered me a lot. I am so honored and lucky to be loved by such a pious figure. May his soul rest in peace

images (1)16076326-smiling-mother-feeding-her-daughter-piece-of-carrot

My uncle was on a flight from Paris to New York in 1997. When he took his seat in the aircraft a French lady with her three or four year old daughter came and sat on the seat next to his. As there are only three seats, the mother sat on one, the daughter next to my uncle’s.

After a while an airhostess served food. The French lady taking the tray from the air hostess began feeding her daughter and at the same time partaking from it herself.  She put a morsel in her daughter’s mouth and after she had eaten it, the lady said, ‘Say thank you,’ she then put another spoonful of rice and made her say, ‘thank you’ again. According to my uncle the lady made her daughter say the word ‘Thank you’ thirty six 36 times during the course of the meal.

He observed this with amazement that this habit of showing gratitude would surely become part of her daughter’s character and she will be thankful to everyone for the rest of her life.

Moral; we should teach our children these good habits from childhood to be grateful for anything they are blessed with


Photos of few children martyred 14002_952685974756696_4036013773046547815_n

241E1D9500000578-2877360-A_school_photograph_reportedly_showing_five_of_the_teachers_circ-m-33_1418825265066Hifsa or Hafsa Khush.jpg.jpgMiss. Hifsa was burnt alive

The pictures circled are teachers who were murdered in Peshawar attack

“Cards of Condolences for Peshawar” Campaign:

576391_385640584863208_1481358319_n Azra Baig lives in SouthBrunswick  Twonship New Jersy. she sent these cards that her daughters made as condolence

Greetings of Peace. My two teenage daughters and I wanted to express our sympathies for the lives that were lost on December 16, 2014 in the Peshawar, Pakistan Massacre. With the support of friends and family we came up with the “Cards of Condolences for Peshawar” ~a letter writing and card making campaign for the victims the children, staff and families of the Army Public School who have been affected by this horrific tragedy. We would like to encourage the youth-of all ages, and adults to make cards and write letters for the victims to show that they are in our thoughts and prayers and that Love and Kindness will always prevail. Requesting that cards and letters be dropped off or sent to the following address: Taste of Punjab 4437 Rt. 27, Princeton, NJ 08540. Located in the Kingston Mall and open daily from 10am-9pm for drop off All items need to be received by Monday, January 5th so they can be mailed to a contact in Peshawar with a personal connection to the school officials.
We would like to send as many cards as possible so everyone’s help is needed. Please Like, Share, Repost, Tweet, Instagram and help spread the word for this campaign. Thank you. ‪#‎CardsofCondolencesforPeshawar
A special thank you to my sister Farah Naz-Ahmed BerentRabeeha KhanZubia Najiand Jawad Younus for your support.

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The true story touched my heart so deeply that I felt like sharing

A young Californian mother made the ultimate sacrifice for her newborn daughter when she refused lifesaving treatment for cancer.

Ashley Bridges was 10 months pregnant when she learned of her diagnosis. Doctors suggested her to start chemotherapy treatment immediately. It needed her baby to be terminated.

But Ashley refused to kill her healthy baby just because she was sick.

During her third trimester at eighth month Bridges was told that delaying treatment had allowed the cancer to spread.

“That’s basically when they told me that it was terminal.”  She said.

Bridges was told that needed to deliver Paisley immediately so she could start treatment.

Even with multiple rounds of chemotherapy, she was given less than a year to live.

“I felt like I tried so hard to keep Paisley safe and do the minimum (treatment) to keep her healthy. The thought that I’m not going to see her grow up is really hard” a tearful Bridges said.

The 24 years Bridges has one 6 year old son. His exact words were, “If you pass away, I want to come with you” she recalled.

Her family and friends take care of Paisley during day and her fiancé who is in the military takes the night shift. None of them has second guessed her decision.  “She’s a real _life superhero to be honest” said Jessica, Bridge’s sister. Bridges too has no regrets. “May be I’m not supposed to be here and Paisley is” Bridges said of Paisley

Its mother’s unconditional love for her baby

Taken from Yahoo news




                                                     Sweeter than a kiss— Tears turning to bliss

It was wintry November day of 1999. All family members were very tense. Every one exchanged looks of doubt and fear with each other. Hearts prayed dearly. Restless I was. No one knew what to do. Sadia my daughter was in labor room from morning. She had lost her twins (healthy sons) just before and after their delivery along with three miscarriages. Every time it was a son. This was fourth time. So all of us were dumbfounded.

Every time the nurses brought a baby out of the labor room, we rushed in hope and fear to see. But hours went by and we waited and waited. My limbs were frozen of nervousness  and anxiety. I was worried more about my daughter. The daughter who is very long-suffering, serene and uncomplaining was in a state of uneasiness and anxiety in labor room.

I very ardently prayed that Allah can take my life away but give my daughter a healthy normal baby. Just then a nurse came out of the room driving a baby in a covered trolley. My younger daughter ran following her to the nursery. It was our baby boy J alive, healthy and normal——–God granted our wish, being most kind and beneficent!

My daughter was fine too by the grace of Allah. It was her second operation. now she is mother of one son and one pretty daughter. A complete family ! All praise is to Almighty Allah

When she was shifted to her room we all were smiles and tears at the same time with gratitude and joy.

He’s now 14 years old. Hammad is a very modest well mannered boy. May he live healthy successful life amen

Sweeter than a kiss——–tears running to bliss


I know I know my worthy readers that  proverb is ignorance is blissJ but, there is more loveliness in innocence than ignorance especially when beloved and close to heart small grand children are talked about.

I have precious and very beautiful on hand memos of my adorable children’s views and reviews on picky topics.

My youngest granddaughter Aliza was 3 days old when got home from hospital.  The words of wisdom started to pour out from their mouth very solemnly. The first question was very important. It was, if Aliza is a boy or girl.  They failed to identify her sex. So they got awfully confused.  Their conviction remained doubtful. They decided to turn to another very important issue. It was the age of Aliza.  

I was listening to them with thorough interest enjoying a lot.   Each one of them had different opinion of Aliza’s age.  Little Aliza lay sleeping peacefully least bothered of her age. When I saw them get irritated reaching to no conclusion said,” She’s 9 months old.” Hammad her eldest cousin happily said, “Wow!  She’s older than him.” He was 6 years then. All of them were very fond of the baby and wanted to take her to their home. But her elder sister and brother would not part away with Aliza at any cost. As a result they all started to fight. I interrupted them by asking. “Who will feed her and who will wash her?”  That was something not desirable by any one of them as they themselves needed that helpJ  so fortunately all backed outJ

Adina determinedly asked her mother to give birth to a baby especially during summer vacations.

Mind you readers, summer vacations was just after two monthsJ

One day while making breakfast my daughter in law looked for the loaf of bread every where in the kitchen, cabinets, dining table cupboards but it was no where to be found. So she asked every one.  Suddenly she caught a glimpse of the loaf on Taha’s tricycle. Taha had put the loaf on his cycle’s seat and sitting on the loaf was riding   his cycle. When asked why did he put it there. The answer was simple——-“it was soft and fun to sit on”J

Hasnain is an outstanding student of his class.  One day he came very happy n told his mother that he got excellent in all his sums. When my daughter saw his copy all sums was wrong n each sum was crossed out. On inquiring Hasnain simply said that X is for excellentJ

We run a school of our own. Due to shortage of water we decided to dig a well. We debated and discussed but could not decide where to dig. Risk was there for school children and also that water line may not get mixed with sanitary channel.  Ali was a small child. He listened to all our discussion.  Suddenly he came up with a brilliant idea. He suggested digging the well on the roof. He believed that school children will be safe and water will not get contaminated either. It was so difficult to control the outburst of laughter. But tried our best to stay composed and appreciated his full of wisdom advice.

One day I gathered all my adorable energizers and asked them about their future plans.  One of them wished to become a watchman. He loved to blow whistle and ride his cycle all night with a wooden staff in handJ

The other boy planned to drive a truck on the highway. Adina wished to go around the world and eat all delicious dishes n fruits available on earth. Adina just loves to eat anything but she can’t resist eating cake. From her very first birthday no matter whose birthday, she’s the first one to nudge her finger in the cake and lick the chocolate.

Aliza wants to marry her dad and become a heroin. When asked why become a heroin. She said when a heroin walks every one say—“-wow what a pretty girl”J  Aliza wishes her dad to reduce his size n age to her size n age so she takes him to her school with her.

Omer is my grandson in Canada. He has his pet tortoise. It is named Bhai Rehmat.  Hasnain is here in Karachi. Both of them are same age. Hasnain has two chicks. They both exchange their views on their pets on Skype.  Omer told Hasnain that his tortoise, Bhai Rehmat is sleeping for last two weeks. Hasnain being always in panic told his mother that Omer is been sleeping for two weeksJ When her mother corrected him then only Hasnain calmed down with relief.

As one of the bloggers Eric Alagan says that, written words never die so I would share my perception about my grandchildren with my readers.

Hammad has a pleasant personality with especial knack of computers. He is very caring honest and trouble-free natured boy. He’s always ready to help and compromise. He’s apple of his mother’s eye.

Anusha is very pretty girl with all her effeminate vanity,   intelligence and caring attitude. She loves to wear fashionable dresses with matching jewelry.  She’s a typical eastern belle.

Adina is a tom boy. She is fond of her brother very much. Talks and walks like boys wearing boys’ outfit mostly. She’s very smart and loving girl. She loves goat’s kids.

Hasnain is very innocent,  intelligent and outstanding student. He’s always in a hurry to run, laugh and do something. He is very God-fearing with a virtuous heart.

Taha is same like Hasnain.  He’s very active innocent and always in a hurry. He loves to eat fruits, eggs along with all junk and fast food. He is a good student as well.

Aliza is every one’s darling.  She’s very dainty pretty doll like girl. She adores her father more than anything in the world. She has very sharp memory and aptitude to grasp and retain.

I am so grateful to almighty Allah that HE has blessed me with such lovely grandchildren. They have very strong bond of friendship and cordial feelings among themselves. I wish each of them live a long healthy n happy life as a good human being and serve the world with sincerity n positive approach. Amen!    


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