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Anger is the devil, and the devil has been created from the fire.

And fire is extinguished by water,therefore, when any of you feel angry,

you should perform your ablutions.

When anyone of you feel angry, you should sit down if you are standing.

And if your anger passes off with this,well and good.

If not, you should lie down

Hdith of Aby Dawud

Love like dew—–
Satisfies thirst of a petal’s rim
elevates colors in the sepal’s brim
hums, smiles glitters at dawn
boondocks feel divine drawn,
When in love
Love as dew!
Love like clouds
Showers over the heartland
garden’s tiny spot swings n beam
flora flings on ever barren land;
love enlivens the hearts who
are like lifeless grave’s frame
Love like clouds
Love like fire
When gleam in the dull hearts
hearts enliven!
Heat of love has strange secret
the more it be ablaze,
life’s essence enlivens;
Gather n scatter on the shore of hearts,
love like surf,
love like turf
love like fire
love a dream
Descending in eyes like the moon
stars of desires shimmer like
state of restless heart can’t be identified
On the tree of love, dream birds descend
the branches wake up;
When weary stars chat to the world
the candles light in the forlorn eyes
love burns like water lamps
love like a dream
love like pangs
Exist like mark of bygone seasons
exists like the grown isolation;
When wicks flicker on the eaves
winds of hopelessness heaves
When no tap no rap is felt in the lane
when sense of someone is in vain
chest shatters with heartache
it caresses, like a well-wisher
hovers in the space for long
like the dust
love like pangs

محبت اوس کی صورت

پیاسی پنکھڑی کے ہونٹ کو سیراب کرتی ہے

گلوں کی آستینوں میں انوکھے رنگ بھرتی ہے

سحر کے جھٹپٹے میں گنگناتی، مسکراتی جگمگاتی ہے

محبت کے دنوں میں دشت بھی محسوس ہوتا ہے

کسی فردوس کی صورت

محبت اوس کی صورت

محبت ابر کی صورت

دلوں کی سر زمیں پہ گھر کے آتی ہے اور برستی ہے

چمن کا ذرہ زرہ جھومتا ہے مسکراتا ہے

ازل کی بے نمو مٹی میں سبزہ سر اُٹھاتا ہے

محبت اُن کو بھی آباد اور شاداب کرتی ہے

جو دل ہیں قبر کی صورت

محبت ابر کی صورت

محبت آگ کی صورت

بجھے سینوں میں جلتی ہے تودل بیدار ہوتے ہیں

محبت کی تپش میں کچھ عجب اسرار ہوتے ہیں

کہ جتنا یہ بھڑکتی ہے عروسِ جاں مہکتی ہے

دلوں کے ساحلوں پہ جمع ہوتی اور بکھرتی ہے

محبت جھاگ کی صورت

محبت آگ کی صورت

محبت خواب کی صورت

نگاہوں میں اُترتی ہے کسی مہتاب کی صورت

ستارے آرزو کے اس طرح سے جگمگاتے ہیں

کہ پہچانی نہیں جاتی دلِ بے تاب کی صورت

محبت کے شجر پرخواب کے پنچھی اُترتے ہیں

تو شاخیں جاگ اُٹھتی ہیں

تھکے ہارے ستارے جب زمیں سے بات کرتے ہیں

تو کب کی منتظر آنکھوں میں شمعیں جاگ اُٹھتی ہیں

محبت ان میں جلتی ہے چراغِ آب کی صورت

محبت خواب کی صورت

محبت درد کی صورت


The event I’m going to share now is true-life occurrence.

Mani was an eleven years old boy. He lived adjacent to our home in North Nazimabad Karachi with his parents and siblings. The family was highly educated and civilized. Both husband wife were scholars and taught in reputed educational institutes. Children were also well mannered. I’m writing all this to ensure readers that there is no doubt in anything I will write now.

It was some part at Mr. Riaz’s home (Mani’s father) they fixed a tent in the lane for the guests. Guests were sitting enjoying music. Ladies and girls flattered and pampered walked here and there boasting and receiving comments like usual practice about their fashion, styles dress etc.

A small fire was built on one side away from the guests to warm water for washing dishes. Water was boiling in a container. Mr. Riaz was busy giving instructions. Mani was standing there with his father.

Everything was in order. All of a sudden the water container toppled. Mani got badly burnt with water and flames. Nobody knows how did it all happen? Mr. Riaz tried to lend a hand to Mani he also got his hands burn to some extent in saving Mani. Both were taken to hospital immediately.

Every one, every neighbor went to hospital almost every day to see Mani in Burns ward except I. I have a very bad habit. I can’t see anyone in pain so I run away. It took many days to heal the wounds. When just about an inch of wound was left to be cleaned and bandaged Mani cried. The nurse asked him: “Mani why do you cry now? It’s been almost a month. You never even sighed when cleaned or changed bandage. Why now? It’s very strange” Mani replied; “It never hurt me before so I didn’t cry. Since it hurts now so I do”

The nurse went to the doctor and told him everything. The doctor also was surprised at Mani’s comments. He called Mr. Riaz to discuss. Doctor thought something wrong with Mani’s brain. So Mani’s father, doctors and nurses all asked Mani. Then Mani said, “When the water container fell over, I sat on the wall (his house wall) and I watched myself burning. I didn’t feel any pain. So I didn’t feel pain while doctors changed my dressing etc. But today I felt pain so I cried.” This hearsay spread like fire in the jungle. Every neighbor was eyewitness that Mani never complained of his soreness.

When Mani was discharged from hospital and came home, I called him. He’s a very modest and good boy. I asked him again. He repeated the same; “Aunt Tanveer, believe me I was sitting on that wall (he pointed to that wall) I saw my father helping me. I saw he burnt his hands too trying to put off fire flames from my shirt. Nothing happened to me” Then he showed me a small wound on his hand which gave him pain. I was more surprised to see body had no burning marks except for that small one.

Time passed. We got busy in our life. They moved to some other place. We had no contact after that.

Its true. Allah can do anything


Why not throw faraway umbrellas of memoirs
Why not wash our heart’s inferno in downpour

Hearts’ inferno



“Moth: I gave you my life.

Flame: I allowed you to kiss me.”

― Hazrat Inayat Khan

Our Lord !
surely we have heard a preacher calling to the faith,
saying: Believe in your Lord, so we did believe;

Our Lord !
forgive us therefore our faults,
and cover our evil deeds and make us die with the righteous.
Our Lord !
grant us good in this world and good in the hereafter,
and save us from the chastisement of the fire.
Our Lord ! 
Accept From Us ;
Surely Thou Art The Hearing, The Knowing


Difficult are the——-

Difficult are the values of time

Fire fetched to extinguish fire

All yearn for, to talk wisdom,

No one ready to be attentive

I can die with a word of love

Why unearth arrow to shoot

My eyes keep on inquiring this era

How much more blood to shed tears?

Time was there, gone, gone, by gone

What we lost to get hold of one person

Man is not to be trustworthy now

Snakes deputed to guard assets now

                                           Of them only every fête is lively today,

    Tales, the city has to narrate them today

Day’s spent in long to realize dreams,

But, night falls to reveal new dreams

Way friends turn into strangers Sahar,

Resilience is required turning away so

Composed by Sahar Ansari

Translated by Tanveer Rauf

Never imagined being on fire in a flash,
Melting body and soul will be left behind

Misapprehending memories perhaps;
Am sauntering toward your channel

Only an unstable moment dwindled
Cautiously kept walking the entire life

Grasp image in tears thy reflection
Saw you whenever rubbing eyes —!

To save the mirror, someone
Crushed the reflection seen in it

Thou have been sidetracked too
Whilst stepping with me just afar

What have you been altered into Sahar?
Shaped into a symbol of compromises!

Composed by Sahar Ansari
Translated by Tanveer Rauf

Assha’bul Ukhdood

Before the advent of Islam, there was a good king Bakht Nasar who ruled a large kingdom in Yemen. He was also a believer. His kingdom was serene and peaceful. But, after his death, Dhu Nuwas took over his kingdom. Dhu Nuwas was evil and corrupted. Dhu Nuwas, the last Himyarite King of Yemen, by religion a Jew, who persecuted the Christians of Najran and is, said to have burnt them to death. He seems to have lived in the latter half of the sixth Christian century, in the generation immediately preceding the Prophet’s birth in 570 A.D. He established a new religion, which made him the God. Whenever the people rebelled or protested, he made his sorcerer demonstrate his ‘magic powers’. By his magical tricks the people got scared thus didn’t revolt against the king. The sorcerer felt that he was getting old and needed an apprentice. Therefore, the king held a competition to find the perfect student for the sorcerer. The winner was a poor boy about 15 years old. Every day, he went to the king’s palace to get training from the sorcerer. This continued for a very long time. One day, the boy took a different route to the palace. The boy heard a beautiful voice while he was passing by a cave. The boy was drawn to this lovely sound and went into the cave. The person who was reciting holy verses was a religious monk. The boy asked what he was reciting. The monk offered to teach him that Allah is the supreme power and all praise is to Allah.
The boy went to the monk’s cave to be taught truthful ethics in the morning, and to the palace afterwards to learn black magic from the sorcerer every day. One day, on his way to the palace, he saw a huge, sleeping beast blocking the road. Since he lived on a mountain, there was no way around it. There was also a large crowd looking for a way around it. They knew that he could somehow move the beast. So the boy tried witchcraft first. It didn’t work. Therefore, he made dua’a to Allah (S.W.T.). It was something along these lines:
“O Allah, if the path of the monk is right, then let me kill this beast with this pebble.”
After saying this, he threw the pebble at the beast. The beast died. Now he was sure that the path of Allah (S.W.T.) was correct.
He stopped going to the palace to learn sorcery. He spent all of his spare time learning from the monk. The king got outraged because the boy stopped going to the palace to work as the king’s sorcerer. People felt his absence too. Therefore when they met him they asked him to solve their problems and cure them. He refused to cure, rather told them to make dua’a. One of the King’s courtiers was blind, so he went to the boy to get his vision back. The boy told him to make dua’a. The courtier got his sight back after dua so instantly became a believer. The King noticed the courtier’s eyesight and asked him how he got his eyes cured. The old man told the King that “my lord cured me.” The King was furious. “I didn’t cure you”, he roared. The old courtier smiled and said, “No, Allah cured me.” The King tortured him more to know who told him about Allah. The courtier told him about the boy. The King sent guards for the boy. The boy was tortured to find out who told him about Allah (S.W.T.). The King found out about the monk. The King ordered that the monk and the courtier be cut in half headfirst in front of the boy. The two deaths shook the boy. His closest friend and an innocent courtier were murdered right in front of him.
The King asked the boy to turn away from Islam. When the boy refused, the King ordered his guards to take the boy up to the highest mountain and toss him down. After reaching the tip the guards told him that he had two choices – to die or to turn away from Islam. The boy chose none and instead, he made dua’a to Allah (S.W.T.) to save him in any way He wishes. Allah sent a giant gust of wind that blew off the guards. They fell to their deaths. The boy was tired and sore, but still alive. He could have escaped; he went back to the palace. The moment the boy walked in King knew something was wrong. “Where are the guards? He asked.” The guards are dead.
The boy asked the king to turn to Islam, but the King declined. The King was angrier than ever before. He yelled for his guards to do something even more horrid. The boy was put in a boat and sent far out to sea. The journey was lengthy and dangerous. He was asked the same question. Turn away from Islam, or die. Again, the answer was none. The boy made dua. Suddenly there was a massive storm. Giant waves crashed against the craft. Soon the boat broke by a mammoth wave. Both of the guards drowned, but the boy grabbed on to a piece of wood and drift back to the shore. The boy went back to the King. King got really crazy. He was desperate to kill the boy. The boy asked the king again: “Will you turn to Islam?” The king refused.
So the boy asked the King to gather as many townspeople as he could. Then, tie the boy to a tree. Lastly the King must say loudly before shooting:
“In the name of the Lord of the boy”
So, with the boy all tied up and an arrow notched, the king shoots. As he didn’t say the words so the arrow flew but missed the boy. The people were stunned. When the king said the words, “In the name of the Lord of the boy” and shot again, the boy was killed. The people realized that the King, their god, couldn’t even kill without saying “In the name of the Lord of the boy.” So the people began to revolt. They chanted “We believe in the Lord of the boy” The King ordered for a giant pit to be dug with wood to put it on fire. Every person was asked the same question; to turn away from Islam, or die. Every single one of them chose death. That day was incredibly sad. Almost 20,000 people died. But it was happy too. That day, 20,000 people went to heaven. Those entire upright and true believers are mentioned as Assha’bul Ukhdood in Soora Al-Buruj aayut no.4 in holy Quran. May Allah help us lead a virtuous life. Amen
My grandson Noor Syed a student of grade 6 was given to write essay on surah Al-Buruj by his teacher in NJ in USA. He is an outstanding student of his class mashaAllah n recently got First position in English literature in America. I have no reservations to confess that I learnt this story from him. So I thought of sharing with my friends.

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