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1-aap kī maḳhmūr āñkhoñ kī qasam

merī mai-ḳhvārī abhī tak raaz hai

I swear upon thy eyes, so intoxicated

Am being a drunkard is yet secreted

2- chhup ga.e vo saaz-e-hastī chheḌ kar

ab to bas āvāz hī āvāz hai


After playing with life’s rhythm, she vanished

There’s now only sound that’s left


3- dafn kar saktā huuñ siine meñ tumhāre raaz ko

aur tum chāho to afsāna banā saktā huuñ main


I can veil thy secret if you wish it to be

I can make it public if thou wish it to be


4-tire māthe pe ye āñchal to bahut hī ḳhuub hai lekin

tū is āñchal se ik parcham banā letī to achchhā thā


The veil on thy forehead looks very striking

If you made flag; it would look more striking


5- tumhīñ to ho jise kahtī hai nāḳhudā duniyā

bachā sako to bachā lo ki Dūbtā huuñ main


You are the one prominent as a boatsman

Save me if you can, as I’m drowning man


6- vaqt kī sa.ī-e-musalsal kārgar hotī ga.ī

zindagī lahza-ba-lahza muḳhtasar hotī ga.ī


Time ceaselessly achieved its non-stop effort

Life became shorter by every passing minute


7- yā to kisī ko jur.at-e-dīdār hī na ho

yā phir mirī nigāh se dekhā kare koī


Either no one dares to have a glance at her

Or, one ought to have my vision to see her


8- ye aanā koī aanā hai ki bas rasman chale aa.e

ye milnā ḳhaak milnā hai ki dil se dil nahīñ miltā


This ceremonial arrival is no coming at all

Such reunion’s void if no heart beats at all


9- ye mere ishq kī majbūriyāñ ma.aaz-allāh

tumhārā raaz tumhīñ se chhupā rahā huuñ maiñ


God forbid my helplessness in matters of love

Covering you up! Secret of thy affair of love



Why is so much craving for the Deity today

Why is my heart so sad than ever before, today?

Each tissue of my body is absorbed in love today

Why do eyes flow tears as rain shower today?



I envisioned his luminous face in trance

I envisioned his tresses emit fragrance

I lost awareness seeing his divine stance

His powerful eyes overwhelmed my grace



His face glows like the full moon

His forehead emits luminous beam

Have black tresses and entrancing eyes

He has intoxicated and striking eyes



His two eye brows are like two bows

His eye lashes like arrows shot from eyes

His lips are crimson red as rubies of Yemen

His white teeth are like string of pearls





Evening of my gloominess is very light

Someone’s remembrance is my delight

It’s wrong I’m apart from the garden

As flowers are yours and fog my plight

Drops on my lashes are not fresh tears

My eyes have always been wet through   

My wish to see every face in high spirits

Never conical; it’s my wish all through

Shared my murky life rarely with myself

Don’t unveil my murky life with myself

Habib Jalib Poetry

Bahut roshan hai shaam-e-ghum humari,
kisi ki yaad hai humdum humari.

Ghalat hai laa-taaluq hain chaman se,
tumhare phool aur shabnam humari.

Ye palkon par naye aansoo nahin hain,
azal se aankh hai purnam humari.

Har ek lab per tabassum dekhne ki,
tamamnna kab hui hai kam humari.

kahi hai hum ne khud se bhi bahut kam,
na poochho daastan-e-ghum humari. !!



She floated on the pool of my eyes

Never dived into love’s deep ocean

If I go home early once in blue moon

Not as true, they will be taken aback

From day one I crave of my destination

Never bothered to notice any landmark

Believed my friends and their words

Overlooked dagger hidden in flowers

As an heir I got hold of these flowers

But you’ve not see my bed of thorns

My beloved takes me a hard stone

She hasn’t ever laid a hand on me

No one can ever sense my distress

Who never saw anguish in my eyes?


Aankhon mein rahaa dil mein utarkar nahin dekha
Kishti ke musafir ne samandar nahin dekha

Bewaqt agar jaunga sab chonk padenge
Ik umr hui din mein kabhi ghar nahin dekha

lis din se chala hun miri manzil pe nazar hai
Aankon ne kabhi meel ka patthar nahin dekha

Ye phool mujhe koi wirasat mein mile hein
Tumne mira kanton bhara bistar nahin dekha

Patthar mujhe kahta hai mira chahne wala
Main mom hun usne mujhe chhookar nahin dekha




In praise of Allah

Pour rain to make arid garden fresh O! Lord

Before hope dies-boom garden by fruit Lord

Bless us with sweet product as Thy mercy is

Whoever eats is enriched, all misery leaves

Make this land forever glow, no evil darkens

Bless in lots, so every hungry soul’s flourishes

Ignite and light my heart with Thy love O! Lord

So the light of Thy love swells all over O! Lord

Bless me a little with Thy wisdom, O! Kind Lord

Enlighten my heart to be obliged to You Lord

Abolish illiteracy and light the path of wisdom

Bless me with wisdom of words as I’m ignorant

Bless me with a heart having wealth of wisdom

Every word I say is worthy like gems and jewels

Make my words charming as fragrance of musk

My words of Thy love affect hearts like of musk

Bless my words be sweet and polite to attract

 Bless too words I write on paper get fragrant

Commend my new book like a bride of allure

Virtuous look at it may award it of Thy allure

If any evil eye is cast on it, trying to find fault

Is right to get penalty from Thou to find fault

Made a mirror after great effort, a stone hit it

Very few people hold value and worth of love

No one is interested to hear words of wisdom

Even if hears, can’t get deep insight of wisdom



Wish to see love’s miracle be revealed
You stoned whilst I get wound instead
When draped in the attire of your love
Can’t accept to see anyone uncovered
The entire world knows she’s my love
If she deceives anyone, I feel ashamed
If loves me why hesitates to confess it
If no trust on me, why not try me out
I feel at fault in my own eyes Qateel
Let gloominess overcome me forever

Yeh mojza bhi muhabbat kabhi dikhaye mujhe..
Kay sang tujh pe girain aur zakham aye mujhe..
Main ghar se teri tamanna jub pehan k niklun..
Barhana shehr main koe nazar na aye mujhe..
Wo mera dost hai saray jahan ko hai maloom..
Dagha karay wo kisi se to sharm aye mujhe..
Wo mehrbaan hai to iqraar kyu nahi kerta..
Wo bdguman hai to so bar azmaye mujhe..
Main apni zaat main neelam horaha hun QATEEL,
Gham-e-hayaat se keh do k kharid laye mujhe..



Me East and thou West akin to moon and partridge

Love story has no ending, its evident catastrophe

How to breathe in this murky land without thee

This sky drifter moon is a short time buddy

Parting is ecstasy, heart aches more to meet

Life’s game is weird, no winner and no loser

Say something or chant such a melancholy

So eyes shed tears remembering old wounds

میں پورب تو پحھچم جسے چاند چکور کی پریت

پیار کا پھل بے انت جدائی جنم جنم کی ریت

سونے سونے من میں مہکے تیری یاد کے پھول

اندھیارے میں جاگا چاند کی کرنوں کا سنگیت

تجھ بن اس اندھیارے جگ میں کیسے عمر بتائیں

یہ چاندا آکاش کا راہی چار گھڑی کا میت

برہا کے سکھ میں میل کے دکھ میں من کی جوالا بھڑکے

جیون کا یہ کھیل انوکھا جس میں ہار نہ جیت ،،،،،،

،،، من کے گھاوء ہرے ہو جائیں ، نین کٹورے چھلکیں

کوئی اسی بات سناو کوئی ایسا گیت ،،،،،،،،،،،،، احمد شمیم ،

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