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Girl creative painter

I spray tears to make fertile my heart
The tears soothe wounds of my heart
Lost all senses in thy remembrance
Wander in wilds in thy remembrance
Deprived of the ecstasy of loneliness
People tag along wherever I go away
That piece of earth is not less sacred
Where I set foot engrossed in adoration
Lucky are the ones; blissfully blessed
I give color to life’s canvas with my blood
I’m heading toward the beautiful love land
Where cruel hearts soften with adoration
A divine dervish needs no worldly riches
The angels too envy his saintly elevation
Love often withers freshness from garden
Love also makes flora blossom in arid region

بہت زرخیز خاکِ دل ہے، آنسو روز بپتے ہیں
انہی اشکوں کے دھاگوں سے ہمارے زخم سلتے ہیں
تمھارے ہجر میں جاناں مری مجنوں سی حالت ہے
اُڑا کر خاک سر پہ دشت میں آوارہ پھرتے ہیں
سرورِ لذتِ تنہائی سے محروم ہوں اب تک
کہ بادہ کش سوئے میخانہ میرے ساتھ چلتےہیں
نہیں جنت سے کم ہرگز زمیں کا وہ حسیں خطہ
خمارِعشق میں ڈوبے جہاں پر پاؤں دھرتے ہیں
خوشا وہ لوگ جنکو حسنِ فطرت نے سنوارا ہے
اور اک ہم خونِ دل سے زندگی میں رنگ بھرتے ہیں
محبت کی حسیں وادی کی جانب ہے سفر میرا
جہاں جذبات کی حدت سے پتھر دل پگھلتے ہیں
فقیرِ عشق کی جھولی کو مال و زر سے مطلب کیا
کہ اسکے اوج سے اہلِ فلک کے پر بھی جلتے ہیں
محبت چھین لیتی ہے چمن سے تازگی اکثر
کبھی پھر دشت میں اسکے ہی دم سے پھول کھلتے ہیں
رضیہ سبحان


A little space of sky is enough if gotten

A single breath is just enough if gotten

 Looked for him here and there but failed

he’s like puff of air nowhere to be found

Eyes are  dry as if they never had  tears

Weather is so dry that eyes do not get wet

There was a mob when started traveling

Reaching destination, was no companion

After wandering l came to the conclusion

The relief I get in home has no comparison

Everyone does need a safe haven Anwar

But there ought to be ground to step on


When I was flooded with your memory

I adorned my lashes with stars of tears

sad-woman-weeps-tears-photo-icon-fear-g-18610939 weeping woman
Thirst of eyes, is not quenched,
instead, tears of gloom nip,
every instant.
say something

say something

Say something, for tears rip,
Silence breaks tolerance!

kuch tu bolo kay ashk thum jaien
Khamoshi zabt tor deti ha——

Urdu by Razia Subhan

Difficult are the——-

Difficult are the values of time

Fire fetched to extinguish fire

All yearn for, to talk wisdom,

No one ready to be attentive

I can die with a word of love

Why unearth arrow to shoot

My eyes keep on inquiring this era

How much more blood to shed tears?

Time was there, gone, gone, by gone

What we lost to get hold of one person

Man is not to be trustworthy now

Snakes deputed to guard assets now

                                           Of them only every fête is lively today,

    Tales, the city has to narrate them today

Day’s spent in long to realize dreams,

But, night falls to reveal new dreams

Way friends turn into strangers Sahar,

Resilience is required turning away so

Composed by Sahar Ansari

Translated by Tanveer Rauf

Restless I’ m not—–!


Restless I am not for one and all

Hook up person for person’s sake


Words turn to tears, wounds to blade

What more to stand for poetry’s sake


Will the thirst of the world slake?

If I convert into river for thirst’s sake


Being a tallow of festivity is my sin

I fight against dark for light’s sake


Have apparition of Buddha n Socrates

Swig venom of time for acumen’s sake


A body vanished in ocean saying

Cant’ die every day for life’s sake


Composed by Sahar Ansari

Translated by Tanveer Rauf





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