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The poet

Hey, you! Listen

I’m a poet

My words are not beads of a rosary

That dropped carelessly

Aimlessly and dreamily

My words are like the mirrors

That reveals image from every angle

So there’s no chance to craft an excuse

The words I write are sweet are sour!

They are kind, soft, and even critical

I want to spread harmony through words

Don’t use the wrong or make fun of words

Otherwise, history will crush those cruelly

Generations diminished ruthlessly

Of ones who played with words carelessly 

Time perceives its reflection in my words

Thou can benefit if use words correctly

Past, present, and future breathe inside me

I am also one of you

But———I’m a poet

Shabbir Nazish



Flute’s harmony in night’s alluring solitude ambiance

Waving its veil over the moonlight enhancing romance

The harmonious echoes vibrating near the mountains

Spreading over the meadows, and on tracks winding

Upcoming as memory of a beloved tap heart lovingly

Tickling the deeply weighed down eye lids cautiously

Moon’s face dappled with dust of lament
Even the dust particles dance with delight
The damsel kept aside her tambourine
The cluster of stars weakened their light
Galaxy gazed at universe in awry fright
There’s sweet melody in the ambiance
As if the poet has exclusive inspiration
Like first ray of the sun on beloved’s face
Like beloved’s loving hugs and embrace
At times stops at times stabs the silence
The scream lessens slowly in ambiance
Like a caravan descending in the plains
In shadowy sunset from the mountains

girl n water

That one word that came out of your lips

In response to my put forward question

That word removed all—–

My queries, thy replies

Scattered all dreams and all hopes

You replied “No” in response to

“Yes” In someone else’s thoughts

As “no” is another way of say “yes”

Your denial and my steadiness

Our harmony!

All shades of discovery,

The word “no” has changed

My perception my persona

It has trapped me, making me

Into nothingness

I’m nobody now


The unending silence is death to me,

I don’t wish to comment now,

Not to say anything is silence; and death too,

So when there is silence there is also death,

To communicate is life!

But I don’t want to talk,

I want to listen,

To hear lies from you is better than to deceive you,

I want to hear, and hear the truth,

That is free from deceit,

May it have the sweetness of truth or,

Melancholy or the sour reality,

A voice of you being human,

I want to hear,

Before all my insights, beliefs, and perceptions,

Smash against the silence,

Of falsehood,

I want to hear,

A harmony

Urdu composition by Saleem Aazar

Translated by Tanveer Rauf


By lovely moments coming, restraint will perish

We both will reunite and detachment will perish;

All the times of flowing tears will tear too

Your vigor and mine will free us from this tie 

But entire sagas are only for reassuring our hearts,

Nights of grief die little by little ebb aching heart,

Smiling, moaning, weeping, wounding and singing;

Dream of harmony is strange and will remain weird

In stagnant arena, the lover will narrate the love story

Gradually our whole lives will wash down through eyes;


The Opening

In the name of Allah, The Infinitely Merciful and Eternally Compassionate.

Praise belongs to God, The Lord of beings.

 The infinitely Compassionate.

The Master of the day of the Day of Reckoning.

Thee only we serve.

to Thee only we pray for succor.

Guide us in the straight path.

The path of those whom Thou hast Blessed

Not of those against whom

Thou art wrathful, nor of

those who are astray

This is the finest prayer of all times. In seven short lines the  entire span of human existence and experience, individual as well as collective, has been covered. The first two lines give impression to man’s total submission to his Lord and contain his homage to Him. The third is a line which states man’s relationship with God-the Master of Doom’s Day-to Whom he shall be answerable for what he did during his lifetime

Whether man will receive God’s Grace for the good he did or be punished will depend on a comparative evaluation by God of all that he left behind-good and bad

 The last three lines are a personal prayer of an individual seeking Divine guidance as well as suppliant  of all humankind to God to show it the path of truth, nobility, humility and righteousness; the path of earlier people who trod the path to Divine Grace and Blessing- and keep it away from the path of the people who were evil and who received the wrath of the Lord. Grace includes material comfort, spiritual peace and inner harmony.


Ramadan, the ninth month on Islamic calendar is the month of fasting for Muslims which ends with sightings of the crescent moon known as Eid-ul-Fitr. It is believed that Quran is revealed to Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.W) in Ramadan which has made it the most sacred month of the Islamic calendar. During Ramadan Muslims are believed to be the guests of God. Therefore they don’t eat or drink from sunrise to sunset and also they try to give up bad habits, and tighten friendship bonding with their kindness and generosity.

Ramadan remarkably raises people’s realization and brings peace and tolerance to society as those who fast feel spiritually lightened on the day of Eid.

A Muslim is required to show respect for others. So that others also follow him making the environment of society friendly. It is in Ramadan that Muslims show their humbleness generosity, kindness tolerance and good behavior more than in other months.

Family and community ties are building up in Muslims from different social, political and economic backgrounds come together for once to share in the blessings of this Holy month. The unity is seen everywhere, whether at the masjid or other gatherings especially at iftar time.

Moral: the essence of Islam is self discipline, peace and tolerance!


Don’t leave me isolated!

Don’t go, leaving me, isolated —!  

Don’t endeavor me for lifetime;

Why I be, looking for you always

 Seek  for me  in the desert of leeway

Time may not silently sashay away

Hum with the harmony of moment;

Heart is gloomy ever since, sundown

Don’t remind me of sundown’s vow

Who so ever keeps in mind again?

 Embrace me, to furnish, need of time  

Shaista’ Mufti’s poetry

translated by Tanveer  Rauf

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