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Today i’ll share with you a true story———-

Allah created, beautified and glorified this world with every possible thing like oceans, mountains, meadows, flora and fauna, rain, twilight, sun, stars, moon, moonlight animals, birds-you name and you have it—–for the human beings————for US—

All these blessings are clearly mentioned in Surah Rehman and in many other verses of Quran.

Allah is brilliance—- splendor—- and love

Allah loves peace

He sent us on this earth to be good, kind caring and to make the world beautiful and peaceful place to live and let live-—– to relish and cherish.

Allah gives and forgives. We having the same attributes as Almighty, thus HE expect us also to give and forgive——–but its Satan that misguides us, and the ones with weaker faith and will follow him. Thus, when we follow Satan we get into trouble

Don’t get upset please— I’m not giving you lecture but I’m just sharing the reason for our existence. To follow the right path and not to expect any reward for any act of kindness from anyone—- just do well,  forget and keep moving——-

The story I’m going to share with you today is about our neighbors.  The family consisted of a widow of an army officer, three sons and two daughters. They shared the house with their brother and his family.

That army officer died in line of duty, and hence the wife wanted compensation from army.

The eldest son was mentally not stable. The other two were medical students. The sisters stayed home helping her mother in household tasks.

The widow was uneducated but a contented and wise lady. She had no means or source of income. So she kept requesting the army to arrange something to raise her young children respectfully

The army arranged them a truck to start business using it for goods transportation. Gradually it worked and their financial position got better.

The lady then arranged marriage of her eldest son  thinking that it might make him feel more responsible to run the house.

All arrangements were made for the wedding. The guests were there to attend. Everything was just right. The groom was ready too. Happiness prevailed around. But—– at the time of nikah, the groom stood up from his seat all of a sudden and speedily went away. It was so sudden that nobody could understand

They looked around for him but he disappeared —nobody knows where. It was so embarrassing for both the parties.

The bride’s family was less privileged so they were in more upsetting position.  Then the younger brother who was studying medicine came forward and offered himself for the marriage. The bride was chosen as a mate for the older son based on his unstable mental condition.



It was his sacrifice and good deed to save his family and bride’s family from awkward and embarrassing position. As the girl (bride) would not have found another person to marry her as the groom ran away.  People would have held responsible  that there was something wrong with her.  In addition, society would have looked down at her parents.  This was almost a disaster situation for the bride and family

The sacrifice of the doctor to be, was rewarded by Almighty. She was very beautiful, wise cooperative and kind. Time passed———  Almighty Allah who knows everything blessed them with healthy beautiful children.

the elder son who fled from the wedding stage came back home himself after few months. he was welcomed and no body disturbed him by asking  questions

After forty years or more they got my address somehow and visited me. It was a great pleasure to see them after so long. The brother who had runaway is also taken care of by this brother. He is alive though but not mentally stable yet.




Light wind adheres abound

Flowers blossom all around

Melodious chimes abound

Spring also thrives around

Where are you off to cup bearer?

Come back, and come hither

What do you see! What is it?

Hold the chalice, hold it up

Hold chalice, pour in the cup

Fill the cup and bring it hither

LO! The blossoming spring

Fragrant air is unaware of spring

Dark clouds hover in the sky

Beyond the horizon; sally in sky

The gathering crowd of drinkers

Haste to the tavern to join others,

Why doubt and derogate me

I’m weedy, don’t misjudge me

It’s yet time to be religious

I’m youthful and delightful
Talk of worship rings around

Be forgiven is feared about

Yearning is to get rewards

Sins feared of bring no reward,

What do you think holy preacher

Longing and love isn’t together?

When love awakens you

When their lure enliven you

And fragrance of passion stirs you

How can one defy? Can you?

Styles to kindle, is everywhere

Some at hand and some there

Lavishly breathe here and there

With so much appeal everywhere

How can one refuse to adhere?

You are right so is point of view

I do agree with your point of view

Yet! I’m youthful and gorgeous

Leisure walks in the mountains

Leisure walks about fountains

Melodious chant of nightingales

Lively chuckle of the damsels

If meets a being of same likes

So vanish all ails and dislikes

If destiny fails to favor anyone

Life’s pleasures leave that one

The life’s ecstatic tales of love

These bounties of lovely youth

Fantasy and allure from there

Tall tales and show from here

The mood and the ambiance

Appealing beautiful ambiance

How can I leave bubbly feel

Death is so close, yet I don’t feel

No! No, not at all, not so soon

I’m still young anddelighful

No concern of grief or relief

Not fear of position or belief

No concern of life or death

No uneasiness FOR after death

Optimism and pessimism lost

Senses lessen, thoughts lost

Everything around fades away

The lot runs out but the glass

Wine to rumble, so the glass

The party I must make livelier,

The setting be again lovelier

Hustle and bustle of life enliven

Sing a song of bloom and gloom

To make hearts cheer and doom

Everybody demands the cup bearer

To keep serving; O! Cup bearer,

I’m still young and delightful

havā bhī ḳhush-gavār hai
guloñ pe bhī nikhār hai
tarannum-e-hazār hai

bahār pur-bahār hai
kahāñ chalā hai sāqiyā
idhar to lauT idhar to aa
are ye dekhtā hai kyā
uThā subū subū uThā
subū uThā pyāla bhar
pyāla bhar ke de idhar
chaman kī samt kar nazar
samāñ to dekh be-ḳhabar
vo kaalī kaalī badliyāñ
ufuq pe ho ga.iiñ ayaañ
vo ik hujūm-e-mai-kashāñ
hai sū-e-mai-kada ravāñ
ye kyā gumāñ hai bad-gumāñ
samajh na mujh ko nā-tavāñ
ḳhayāl-e-zohd abhī kahāñ
abhī to maiñ javān huuñ
ibādatoñ kā zikr hai
najāt kī bhī fikr hai
junūn hai savāb kā
ḳhayāl hai azaab kā
magar suno to shaiḳh jī

ajiib shai haiñ aap bhī
bhalā shabāb o āshiqī
alag hue bhī haiñ kabhī
hasīn jalva-rez hoñ
adā.eñ fitna-ḳhez hoñ
havā.eñ itr-bez hoñ
to shauq kyuuñ na tez hoñ
koī idhar koī udhar
ubhārte hoñ aish par
to kyā kare koī bashar
chalo jī qissa-muḳhtasar
tumhārā nuqta-e-nazar
durust hai to ho magar
abhī to maiñ javān huuñ
ye gasht kohsār kī
ye sair jū-e-bār kī
ye bulbuloñ ke chahchahe
ye gul-ruḳhoñ ke qahqahe
kisī se mel ho gayā
to rañj o fikr kho gayā
kabhī jo baḳht so gayā
ye hañs gayā vo ro gayā
ye ishq kī kahāniyāñ
ye ras bharī javāniyāñ
udhar se mehrbāniyāñ
idhar se lan-tarāniyāñ
ye āsmān ye zamīñ
inheñ hayāt-āfrīñ
bhalā maiñ chhoḌ duuñ yahīñ
hai maut is qadar qarīñ
mujhe na aa.egā yaqīñ
nahīñ nahīñ abhī nahīñ
abhī to maiñ javān huuñ
na ġham kushūd o bast kā
buland kā na past kā
na buud kā na hast kā
na vāda-e-alast kā
ummīd aur yaas gum
havās gum qayās gum
nazar se aas paas gum
hama-bajuz gilās gum
na mai meñ kuchh kamī rahe
qadah se hamdamī rahe
nashist ye jamī rahe
yahī hamā-hamī rahe
vo raag chheḌ mutribā
tarab-fazā, alam-rubā
asar sadā-e-sāz kā
jigar meñ aag de lagā
har ek lab pe ho sadā
na haath rok sāqiyā
pilā.e jā pilā.e jā
abhī to maiñ javān huuñ


Hairat-e-ishq nahin, shauq junoon-posh nahin​

Be-hijabana chale aao mujhe hosh nahin…..​

Am neither thrilled nor disrupting at all

Come liberally, I’m not in senses at all

Rind jo mujh ko samajhte hain, unhein hosh nahin​

Maikada saaz hoon main maikada bardosh nahin​

Who think I’m a drunk aren’t in their senses

​I liven up the bar , not ruin; I’m in my senses

Kah gai kaan mein aa kar tere daaman ki hawa​​

Sahib-e-hosh wohi hai, ke jise hosh nahin​

Breeze softly whisper in my ear of thy coming

Who seems intoxicated, is actually in senses

Kabhi un mad-bhari aankhon se piya tha ek jaam​​

Aaj tak hosh nahin, hosh nahin, hosh nahin​

Those miraculous eyes once intoxicated me

Since that moment till now I’m not in senses

Mehw-e-tasbeeh hi to sab hain magar idraaq kahaan​​

Zindagi khud hi ibaadat hai magar hosh nahin​

One and all reciting on rosary with no awareness

Life is worship and divine, but no one’s in senses

Mil ke jis din se gaya hai koi ik baar ‘jigar’​​

Mujh ko ye waham hai jaise mera aagosh nahin ​

The day my love me me and went away, Jigar

I feel I have missing my heart and my senses

~ Jigar Muradabadi (1890–1960)


1- āfāq se ustād-e-yagāna uThā

mazmūñ ke javāhar kā ḳhazāna uTThā

insāf kā nauha hai ye bālā-e-zamīñ

sartāj-e-fasīhān-e-zamāna uThā


A unique noble mentor passed away

A treasure of wisdom passed away

It’s indeed melancholy for this world

A genuine precious guru passed away

2- is bazm ko jannat se jo ḳhush paate haiñ

rizvāñ liye gul-dasta-e-nūr aate haiñ

kyā sahn hai gulshan-e-azā-e-shabbīr

paanī yahāñ ḳhizr aa ke chhiḌak jaate haiñ


More bliss is herein this party than paradise

Bouquets brought here by janitor of paradise

What a serene murky courtyard of Shabbir

To tranquil; water’s sprinkled here by Khizr

3- parvāne ko dhun sham.a ko lau terī hai

aalam meñ har ek ko tag-o-dau terī hai

misbāh o nujūm āftāb o mahtāb

jis nuur ko dekhtā huuñ zau terī hai


Radiance of candle and moth’s devotion

Is everyone’s passion for your motivation

The lustrous bodies, the sun and the moon

Everything that I see has radiance of you


4- is dar pe har ek shādmāñ rahtā hai

ḳhandāñ gul-e-umīd yahāñ rahtā hai

har fasl meñ dast-e-iftiḳhar-ud-daula

naisāñ kī tarah guhar-fishāñ rahtā hai


Each one feels delighted on this threshold

Blessed and elated live on this threshold

Every harvest is lucrative and productive

Every season is bejeweled and productive


1-āshiq ko dekhte haiñ dupaTTe ko taan kar

dete haiñ ham ko sharbat-e-dīdār chhān kar

Glance beloved’s glimpse through her veil

She lets her seen through strainer of her veil


2-‘anīs’ āsāñ nahīñ ābād karnā ghar mohabbat kā

ye un kā kaam hai jo zindagī barbād karte haiñ

Anis, it’s not easy making a cherished home

The ones having no guts make such a home


3-‘anīs’ dam kā bharosā nahīñ Thahar jaao

charāġh le ke kahāñ sāmne havā ke chale

Anis, hold on! No surety of a single breath

Why go in front of strong wind and hearth


4-ashk-e-ġham diida-e-pur-nam se sambhāle na ga.e

ye vo bachche hai jo maañ baap se paale na ga.e

Flowing tears of gloom can’t be controlled

Like rebellious kids! Parents fail to control


5-gul-dasta-e-ma.ānī ko na.e Dhañg se bāñdhūñ

ik phuul kā mazmūñ ho to sau rañg se bāñdhūñ

Give new meanings to bouquet of poetry

As each verse is myriad of bouquet poetry


6-karīm jo tujhe denā hai be-talab de de

faqīr huuñ pa nahīñ aadat-e-savāl mujhe

O the most Kind! Give me without me pleading

Though I’m a meek beggar, I dislike beseeching


7-lagā rahā huuñ mazāmīn-e-nau ke phir ambār

ḳhabar karo mere ḳhirman ke ḳhoshā-chīnoñ

Again I’m composing loads of new themes

Let know planter of harvest and my theme


8-tamām umr jo kī ham se be-ruḳhī sab ne

kafan meñ ham bhī azīzoñ se muñh chhupā ke chale

As I was ignored all throughout my life

Thus I’m wrapped in shroud leaving life


The death itself brought news of life for me

I’m a vanishing lamp, death is infinity for me

No one pleased me and brought joy in my life

Why weep now, when I no longer breathe life

I’m curbed to a corner engulfed in my distress

Almighty nurtures me in my bliss and distress

O the pious worshiper! Garden of Eden for you

Hence being a sinner; woe of hell for me though

I would lighten as a candle if flourished brightly

But the ambiance wasn’t in my support actually

Every heart and soul wishes for the same for me

If the mortal turns to dust, it’ll be infinity for me

Mortal has magnetic charm towards dust Anis

Karbala is for me! I’ve to bear it with endurance


ḳhud naved-e-zindagī laa.ī qazā mere liye

sham-e-kushta huuñ fanā meñ hai baqā mere liye

zindagī meñ to na ik dam ḳhush kiyā hañs bol kar

aaj kyuuñ rote haiñ mere āshnā mere liye

kunj-e-uzlat meñ misāl-e-āsiyā huuñ gosha-gīr

rizq pahuñchātā hai ghar baiThe ḳhudā mere liye

tū sarāpā ajr ai zāhid maiñ sar-tā-pā gunāh

bāġh-e-jannat terī ḳhātir karbalā mere liye

naam raushan kar k kyūñkar bujh na jaatā misl-e-sham.a

nā-muvāfiq thī zamāne kī havā mere liye

har nafas ā.īna-e-dil se ye aatī hai sadā

ḳhaak tū ho jā to hāsil ho jilā mere liye

ḳhaak se hai ḳhaak ko ulfat taḌaptā huuñ ‘anīs’

karbalā ke vāste maiñ karbalā mere liye


Alluring evening and lovely ambiance

Is absorbed in thy attire’s fragrance!

And my stimulating heavenly dream

Is just a number of moments’ stream!

A star will rise in a while on the horizon

Will remind you from the sky and horizon

Of some undo chore, old memory, a tale

Echo of a memory, a dream, untold tale

We ought to have met somewhere

In the land of appealing dreams

Or in good realm of time’s theme

In skies, on some land, in heavens

We ought to have met therein


yay haseen shaam apni

abhi jiss meiN ghul rahi hai

teray parahan kee khushboo

abhi jiss meiN khil rahay heiN

meray khawab kay shagoofay

zera dair ka hai manzar

zera dair meiN ufq par

khilay ga koi sitaara

teri simt daik kar woh

karay ga koi ishara

teray dil ko aayay ga phir

kissi yaad ka bullawa

koi qissa-ay judaaee, koi kaar-ay naamukamal

koi khawab-ay naa shagufta, koi baat kehnay wali

humeiN chaahiyay tha milna

kissi ahad-ay mehrbaaN meiN

kissi khawab kay yaqeeN meiN

kissi aur aasmaaN par

kissi aur sarzameeN meiN

humeiN chahiyay tha milna…

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