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What fun to die if no love!

What fun to live if no love!

Sweeter than jiggery,

Sour than tamarind;  

Assurance is Love,

Very fragile is Love;

Below is love, up above is God

The lot is in between;

Not one, but non-stop talk,

All means nothing but

God is love, love is God;

Not diamond or gem is vital,

Lone wish is, to die out in love;

No one knows, what love is,

Everyone knows, what love is;

The Loveland, the weird land,

Who knows where beloved’s home is?

Short life but lengthy journey,

What love is, who knows?

Is it agony or it’s heal?

Is it beloved or God Himself!

What fun to die if no love!

What fun to live if no love!

Thou have only heard its name,

I have been in love for myself!

Garden of flowers is love,

Bed of thorny spikes is love;

What fun to die if no love!

What fun to live if no love!


What to do if not to die of fondness

What to do if not to lay down my life?

What if speechless in friend’s party?

What to do if not converse  with eyes?

Flowers’ destiny is not in my hands

So couldn’t help, but spread on graves;

To fully glorify they beauty, beloved

What to do if not adorned with my blood!

Had to hold the valor of lasting journey

What to do if not surpass horizon

May this love story not widely spread

What to do if not fear this world?


Trees play a very important role in our lives. Old trees act as a meeting point for people of different towns and areas. The old tree has huge and broad trunk with uncountable branches which spread the shadow covering a wide space. They provide shade and shelter to travelers.

One day, two travelers started their journey in the early morning. They walked for several miles in hot sunny day. It was so hot that could walk any more and got very tired.

They were happy to see a big thousand years old Banyan tree with breezing wind. So they decided to rest under the shade of that tree. They slept for many hours. When they awoke they felt hungry as they had traveled a long distance without eating anything. They climbed the tree to eat any fruit on it but since it was not a fruit bearing tree so they got down feeling unhappy.

One of the travelers was very short temper. He started abusing the tree. He said, “Oh, you are just a useless tree. You have no fruit or nuts to feed us.” He then kicked the poor tree so harshly that he hurt his won foot.

The other traveler calmed him down and asked him be patient and control his anger.

The old tree was very unhappy with his cruel hurting words and bad behavior so it said, “You can’t be so thankless to me. I provided you shade and space with cool breeze to rest and sleep in hot summer day. Just think if I wasn’t here, you would have died under the burning sun. I saved your life. Instead of thanking me you are cursing me.”

The traveler felt sorry for his temper so he apologized and asked forgiveness.

Moral: everything God created has some benefits for the human beings. Before getting angry we should realize and be careful of our words and temper.

VARIOUSJohn and James were best friends. They fight for many reasons and but never gave up their friendship. They went in search of a job and visited many places to earn more money. They passed through various places, villages, towns, forests, beaches, and were supporting each other all the way through out their journey. 

One day they reached a desert and they had a very little food and water. John told James to eat half the quantity of food and then once they get very tired and feel like they cannot make a step they can eat another half and save water for the late.

However, James disagreed. He wanted to drink water as he was very thirsty. They quarreled among each other to have water. John slapped James and they walked in silent. They decided to have food and continue their journey. James wrote in sand, ‘My best friend slapped me!’

They shared the meager amount of food and water and finally reached an oasis. They were very tired after passing through the dry and hot desert. James was so happy to see the oasis and had a lot of fun in the water. While they both were bathing, James was a bit careless and began to drown. John rushed to him and saved James.

James hugged his friend and thanked him. They had a little nap and decided to leave the place. They were about to leave and James carved something on the rock.

It was ‘My best friend saved my life!’

John asked ‘why you were marking all these here James?’ James replied, ‘You slapped me, I wrote in sand. It was definitely not good. However, if you go and see the sand you can find no letter wrote on the sand. Now I carved the good thing on the stone, and it will remain forever!’

Moral: We have to forget the bad things done to us and engrave the good things in the stone.


Its long journey and no travel companion at all

Scorching sunlight and  not a shade of any tree;

If failed to burn my splendor up  or my spirit,

If not an eye’s tear, then not a  precious gem;

Why to  yearn for that house from now,

That house, where  no laudable lives now;

My  vanity, vision and  terseness is boundless,

I’m  down in the dumps but, no healer about;

My aspiration of flight is to fly to the skies,

But, I’m the bird that has no wings either;

How could I applaud the seas for transience,

When, no single wave or tide is after my name


It was 1998 June.   Schools were to close for two months for Summer Break. Ali Bahadur and Saleem Jatoi having good reputation in arranging tours planned a trip to beautiful and picturesque northern areas of Pakistan . Tired out minds needed some recreation so interested teachers joyfully agreed.  Students showed their excitement and willingness too when they came to know about the program.

To take students with us needed approval of higher management which seemed intricate. Fortunately Hakim sahib visited the school that day so I availed the opportunity hence asked permission from him. He agreed on condition that if I am going then only he will allow. So the news spread like rumor. The joyfulness among students was like winning the world cup J

I invited parents of interested students to my home to get their written permission and also to share the likes and dislikes of their child. Any special instruction or anything they would liked to share about their child. So it was all settled contentedly.

We were all together 40 people including teachers, students and one support staff, Imam Bux. The students were Nazeer, Muneeb, Ali Asghar, Ayaz, Sair, Zahid, Shuja, Ali Mughal, Omair Naveed, Saadat Ali Shah, Baber and Umair.  I am extremely sorry to admit that some names of students I  fail to recall who were with us in that trip. (I request all those whose names are missing to please remind me so I can add them)

Among teachers were, Sabiha Qaiser, Aijaz Fatima, Lubna Punjwani, Amber, Farzana Hussain, Ali Bahadur, Saleem Jatoi, Shabnam, Sadia, Fauzia Khan, Saba Masroor, myself, my son Yasir Ali and daughter Nadia Rauf.

We started off in second week of June by train. One whole bogie of first class was reserved for us. First destination was Lahore . The sizzling heat of June welcomed us as we stepped down the train at Lahore railway station. Ali Bahadur n Saleem Jatoi had already booked rooms for us in Youth Hostel. But humidity and scorching heat was unbearable so that very day we head off for Islamabad ’s youth hostel.

It was very hot there too but not as bad as Lahore . We stayed there for few days. Teachers helped Imam Bux in cooking. We had taken ration and other necessities from Karachi . Which saved time and money in searching or bargaining.

I was very responsible through out the trip by doing nothing looking very busy J

From there we went to Murree and stayed there for few days in already arranged rooms.

Children were very happy so were we. Fresh cool breeze and clouds full of moisture when caressed our faces, the souls relaxed!

Every night very dutifully I used to go from one room to the other room to see if children were comfortable. And every time I forgot whose slippers I was wearing so wore some one else’s slippers unintentionally going to other room. Children followed me where ever I went like lambs followed Mary J to find their slippersJ. While I being carefree as ever, believed in the famous great boxer Muhammad Ali’s song: “Catch me if you can—-J”

I was deployed by teachers, to scold children if they played pranks or didn’t like to eat what was cooked. So Muneeb gave me the title of Sadar Tarar, the then president of Pakistan . He would announce when all gathered for my scolding lecture—“beware Sadar Tarar is comingJ” It was an open secret. I didn’t mind rather enjoyed.

Our next destination was Swat. We reached Mingora in the evening. So we went from Mingora to Kalam by bus at night. It was pitch dark when the bus was crossing the hanging bridge. Every one recited all holy verses he/she remembered from Quran. The thunderous winds and roaring River Swat under the bridge and the darkness all round where nothing was visible to naked eye scared us to death. It was a frightful journey.

Each one of us heaved a sigh of relief when reached the reserved Ali hotel. How ever the morning was just eye captivating. High mountains, silver water waves of river flowing and greenery all around refreshed our body and minds. Tikala (means roti or bread, in Pashto) restaurant prepared delicious dishes for us.  We all thoroughly enjoyed the stay there. We met Farhana Abidi the librarian of our HPS with her friends in Kalam. We enjoyed the full moon singing old songs and listening to Farhana’s poetry.  From Kalam we proceeded to Utror and Mahudand valley crossing the glacier. It was fun to see the snow being carried to make ice lollies and also used as path way to Mahudand. Mahudand valley has stunning beauty. The tall pine trees’ reflection in the lagoon made the whole view green. Snow clad Falak Sher mountain in the background added mesmerizing look to the valley. It was getting cold with the setting sun so we started our journey back to Kalam. One of our students got sick so we looked for the doctor but amazingly there was not a single doctor to be found in Kalam. The reason was their simple living. Eating healthy breathing fresh air drinking fresh water resulted in healthy life. There was no confectionary shop too. No bakery no junk no pollution no aliment so no doctorJ

That child got better soonJ  with care and rest. One other student had some health problem but as he wanted to enjoy and be a part of our group so his parents having confidence in us allowed him to join.  They were in constant contact with us. They had asked us to send the child back by air if he feels sick.  One day he didn’t feel good. Judging his condition Saleem and Ali Bahadur took him to Saidu Sharif n saw him off for Karachi . His parents were satisfied with our caring of their child.

Teachers and children did lot of shopping for their dear ones and enjoyed every single day together. We reached back home safely alhamdolillah. It’s one of   the memorable tours of my life. We never experienced such beautiful trip after that.

I am grateful to my colleagues who were so caring. No complains from any one was reported. My admiration and love for my dear students who behaved so well throughout and I thank myself for being born sluggish and among so many loved ones. I enjoyed every moment I was with them all.










That was a moment of love—!

It secretly tiptoed in my heart


It overshadowed the gloomy nights,

Of whose fragrance, dislikes changed

To fragrant likes; Quiet eyes gleamed!


It was not a lengthy journey

It was not a wounded heart

It was a moment of love—! 

I was flouting to pieces —-

 Changing from glum to elation

Do not know how———

All of a sudden———– 

It engrossed in my thinking

It was not sheer chastisement

                                       It was a tear of awareness—!

That moment added to a century


That was a moment of love —!



 Shaista Mufti Translated by Tanveer Rauf  


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