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You’ve been descended on me like revelation

Revealed like spell of rain on deserted land

Like sun rays banish the darkness of night

Like the breeze gleefully hurling in jungle

Like on desert parched with searing thirst

Like clouds absorbed in love glide in sight

Like a soft gentle hand caresses my eyes

Like a cool gentle wind in glorious daylight

مُجھ پہ تم اُ تر ی ہو ا یسے

مُجھ پہ تم اُ تر ی ہو ا یسے ہی وحی کی ما نند

جیسے بے آ ب زمینو ں پہ  برستی  با ر ش

جیسے سُو ر ج کی کر ن  ظلمت  شب کو  کا ٹے

جیسے  جنگل  میں پھر  ے مست  ہوا  پیڑ و ں  میں 

پیا س  سے سُلگے  ہو  ئے صحرا پر

عشق  میں ڈُ و بی  ہو ئ  کا لی  گھٹا  جُو ں  جُھو  مے

جیسے گُلنا ز  اُ جا لے میں  مر ی آ نکھو  ں  پر

 ہا تھ  ر کھے  کو ئ  ا یسے  کہ صبا  ہو  جیسے

 جیسے  جلتے  ہو  ئے د ن  میں  ہو  ا چا نک  با ر ش

سُو ند  ھی  مٹی  کی مہک  ا یسے  ہوا میں بکھر  

 تیر  ی مہکا  ر  سے  ہو  جیسے  تنفس  تا  ز ہ

جیسے  و یر ا ن  سے  قر  یئے  میں  بہا  ر  آ  جا ئے

 کسی   خا  مو ش  گھر  و ند ے میں  د یا  ر و شن  ہو

 جس  طر ح  لہر  ا ک  بیتا  ب  اُ  ٹھے  سا  گر  میں

 ا  و  ر  پھر  پیا  ر سے  سا حل  چُو  مے

 کو ئ   آ  و ا  ز کہیں   دُ و  ر س آ  ئے  ا  یسے

 جس  کو  سُنتے  ہی د ھڑ کتا  ہو  ا  د  ل  بس  ٹھہر ے

 جیسے  و یر ا  ن  حو  یلی  می  کو  ئ  سا  یہ  سا

 ر ا ہد ا ر ی  میں  پھر  ے  ر و شنی  بن  کے  ہر  سُو

 شا  م  کا  پہلا  ستا ر ہ  جُو ں فلک  پر  چمکے

 مُجھ  پہ تم  اُ تر  ی  ہو  ا یسے  ہی  و حی  کی  ما  نند۔ 

ا نو ر  ز ا ہد ی

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A flower dropped on floor then I dozed off

Someone whispered a modestly and I dozed off

Soft rhythmic sounds rattled within the clouds

With soft sounds a door opened then I dozed off

Trees jolted awfully by strong wind last night

Frightened too of rumbling sounds I dozed off

The dusty wind engulfed the entire township

Sensing place and direction of it, then I dozed off

While writing one of my new expressive poetry

Giggling on something amusing I then I dozed off

You were almost around; she was just your replica

I kept looking at her constantly then I dozed off

From the strange leaving to the amazing union

Recalling my old recollections I then dozed off


Rise Insha ji, move now, pointless, be affable to this town,

Pointless to be calm for nutty, loner has no abode in town;

Just see; just ponder on this broken heart’s condition

Weird to ask for love from a crushed heart’s condition

Night descended, moon set down too, door is locked

Why delayed home, what excuse will give to beloved?

Then in long lonesome night, one jiffy only to meet

Say it suchlike you have in heart, why shy and fear?

That day when I saw her, it seems like a dream

That day when I  talked to her, was true or sham?

Blaze her too my aching heart, be a burning red flame

Flow like a tear is no fun; what to be lost and fade away;

When urban people let not exist, why not settle in jungle

If not talk like nutty; then what else the nutty do?




Chuchu helplessly watched Pomi’s arrest with dismay and wet eyes.

The   onlookers moved away from there to see other caged animals and flora and fauna in the zoo.

The guards later moved on to carry out their other duties clearing the place.

Chuchu came out from a slit in the birch tree and tiptoed in Titu’s cage.

Titu was elated to see his friend.   He caressed him with his trunk.

Titu: “How did you get in here Chuchu?”

Pomi: “Its Chuchu only who helped me meet you Titu. If Chuchu didn’t guide me the way, I would have died missing you my baby.”

Chuchu: “It’s your greatness Pomi that you think positively otherwise I hold responsible myself for creating all this mishap for you both.”

Pomi: “Nay, nay Chuchu, please do not curse yourself. Aunt Fox has told me that it was Titu who forced you to provide him a ride in train. It is you who risked life and helped me get to Titu in here.”

“ I love to be with my baby in the cage than to be free without Titu.

It’s better to be in captivity with my child than to live without him. Believe you me, I am very obliged to you and very satisfied here.”

All three stayed very calm for a while then Pomi asked Chuchu to leave.

Pomi: “Chuchu dear you must go as you have a long way to go. Please give our regards to all the animals in the jungle. Tell them we are very happy here and they need not worry for us.”

Chuchu said good-bye to them and getting out of the cage, started towards railway station.

Aunt fox had also moved towards her home after Pomi and Chuchu started for city to meet Titu.

Aunt Fox met ChinChin Monkey and Pita Parrot on the way back home. Pita parrot called out Aunt Fox: “Where are you off to Aunt? Won’t you have chitchat with us for a while?’’

Aunt Fox: “Hey Chuchu have you married or still roaming weirdly and lonely as a cloud?”

ChinChin Monkey and Pita Parrot darted down and sat near Aunt Fox to make out what she had in her Pandora box.

Aunt Fox began to enlighten them with fables of here and there.

She told them about Titu’s ride in a train and his captivity. And also about Pomi that how she got there and now both mother and son are in a zoo.

She was tired of a long journey and   story telling   so she walked towards her warren.

Pita Parrot was fond of spreading rumors.  He at once did justice to his heart’s desire hence the story of Pomi and Titu spread like fire in the jungle.

ChinChin was favorite secret agent of Sher Dil, the King of jungle so he ran fast to tell him before anybody else would.

The King Sher Dil was taken a back, and shocked to hear the news. He was very upset to know that such big incidents happened in his Kingdom and he was unaware of it. He felt disgusted.

He was tense that two precious lives of his governance were in danger. The King scolded ChinChin for his irresponsible conduct.

The king commanded self-conscious ChinChin to inform Sardar Trumpet immediately that the King will pay him a visit soon.

Knowing about the King’s visit, all animals became alert and got on their heels and toes.

Everybody busied themselves in cleaning-up the place.

Sardar Trumpet made a comfortable place for the King on a raised spot under the shade of a huge birch tree.

Aunt Fox as a good host asked Baba Bear and Woo Wolf to arrange, new hunted fresh meat for the King.

An elephant announced the arrival of the King.

All animals present there greeted the king with respect and awe.

The king shared his concern over two   precious endangered lives of   Pomi and her son Titu. He said that if he had the least idea he would have never allowed them to go to the unsafe city of humans.

Sardar Trumpet: “You’re Excellency! I advised Pomi not to go but she did not pay attention to my advice.  Thus I gave in seeing her craving for her missing son.”

King sarcastically roared, “Very well said!  This is nothing but sheer lame excuse.”

The King: “I know that none other than a mother would take such a bold step. But would you be kind enough to explain what kind of a Chief are you of your tribe? Wasn’t it your responsibility to take care of their life? You could have informed me at least if you failed to handle the situation. I would have accompanied   her or sent someone with her.”

The King: “Send Chuchu the rat in, right away.”

Chuchu, who had just returned and was very exhausted after a long journey, went near the King and feebly bowed him.

The king: “Chuchu, you   look dead tired.  Where are you coming from? Then he ordered   the Aunt Fox to feed Chuchu with some sweet corn and maize.

After eating and gaining some strength, Chuchu told the king the entire story again about Pomi and Titu’s imprisonment.

Pomi’s sisters and her friends started to sob after listening to the   painful story.

Trumpet, was a symbol of regret and repent for all the animals present there. He then realized that a stitch in time saves nine.  Beating about the bush was too late then.


Bunny rabbit lived happily in a jungle. He had a very big circle of friends. So he was very proud to have so many friends unlike other rabbits.

One fine day, Bunny heard a loud scaring bark of a dog. He immediately decided to ask for help. He went to his friend the Skippy deer. Bunny said; “Dear Skippy, some wild dogs are chasing me. Can you please chase them away with your sharp antlers?”

Skippy the deer said; “That’s right. I do run very fast and can chase them away too, but I’m sorry I’m very busy right now. Why don’t you ask the Big Bear to help you?”

Bunny ran to seek help from Big bear.” Dear Big Bear, you are so strong and brave. Kindly chase away the wild dogs that are after me.”

Big Bear replied; “Please ask the Cheeky Monkey to help you, as I’m very tired and hungry. I need to find some food to eat.”

Poor Bunny went to ask for help to all his friends, elephant, goat, jackal zebra etc but bunny was sad that none of them helped him.

So he hid under a bush and lay very still. The dogs didn’t see him and went their away.

Moral: He learnt that one has to be strong and confident of him and not to depend on others.


As we know that the lion is known across the world to be the king of the beasts for its dynamism and verve.

Many years ago, a wicked lion ruled over a jungle somewhere in Africa.  One day he didn’t feel like going out of his cave to look for his prey. So he asked a rabbit to spread the message in the jungle that the King is very sick. Hence he wishes all the animals of his kingdom to come to his cave to hear his last wish, before he dies.

The sly fox, did not wish to be first to enter the cave. So he waited near the way in, of lion`s den while the goat, sheep and the calf went inside to receive the last wishes of the king of the beasts.

After some time, the lion seemed to be in better health after eating the goat, sheep and the calf, come out to the mouth of the cave.

Seeing the fox at a safe distance away, he howled: “Why don’t you come in to pay your regards to me, buddy fox?”

The sly fox, who was very clever, replied; “Pardon me, your Majesty ! I did not wish to crowd your den, as I saw many other animals going into your cave, but none coming out. I thought you would not like so many animals at one time.  Thus I decided to wait outside in open air, till some of them come out so there could be some space for more animals to come in the cave. Until then I preferred to remain in the open air.”

The wicked lion had no option but to get in his den.

Moral of the Story: Do not believe all you hear.

Roses in my hand——!


Some roses I have in my hands

  Having those unrealized dreams  


Colors dappled all around me

Oasis is in the barren regions


May not be there in your fondness

At least there under your chastise


Words transforming into meaning

 Accomplished responses from life


Radiance remains on the trees

Jungles boomed full blossoms


In night’s peaceful scenario

Attuned is musical melody


What’s significance of this era?

Bubbles are on the brink of era



Composed by Shaista Mufti

Translated by Tanveer Rauf  


 Shaista Mufti Farrukh










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