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Rise Insha ji, move now, pointless, be affable to this town,

Pointless to be calm for nutty, loner has no abode in town;

Just see; just ponder on this broken heart’s condition

Weird to ask for love from a crushed heart’s condition

Night descended, moon set down too, door is locked

Why delayed home, what excuse will give to beloved?

Then in long lonesome night, one jiffy only to meet

Say it suchlike you have in heart, why shy and fear?

That day when I saw her, it seems like a dream

That day when I  talked to her, was true or sham?

Blaze her too my aching heart, be a burning red flame

Flow like a tear is no fun; what to be lost and fade away;

When urban people let not exist, why not settle in jungle

If not talk like nutty; then what else the nutty do?



To move on water, was difficult though

Make home in solitude, was difficult too;

It’s a captive ‘dream like a house of oyster

To convert a drop to a pearl is difficult too;

Wish for a hurricane in this deserted land

To surpass each wave, was difficult though;

He had a heart of iron, flower like, my heart

To lovingly soften his heart was difficult too;

Feet were chained, each dream was guarded

To update him about myself was difficult too;

Innocent was a wish, to have, my sweet home

To put across my stand, was difficult though!


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