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He was then transferred to Palmer, an ancient city of Syria in early 2015 just after few days of this upheaval. The war was a going on between the Syrian military forces and the same non-government religious group that took control of Mosul.  That religious force had control over many cities. The war ruined affluent cities and turned them into debris. Although Syria is the country where civilization nurtured and flourished. This is the country where only thousands of years back intervening conscience stepped into dell of metaphors.  They created statues of their imaginary idols and deities placing them on sand knoll and later set them on concrete pillars. Those were then taken to palaces and places of worship. Later they started worshipping those idols and laid base for a new religion.

But the cannon explosions deteriorated the concrete pillars, palaces and worshipping places that collapsed and scattered into sand particles.  He felt that advancement in civilization, industrial and financial  growth that was pride and fame of Syria was over.  He stood near a sand knoll in Palmer city to watch the ruins of grand palaces and worship places. The brutality and hatred had  set ablaze the infrastructure, and  destroyed the civilization.

It was his second day in Palmer. His responsibilities   were to lend a helping hand to the distressed by all means he could in war affected areas.

Most parts of Palmer were reduced to rubble when the non-government and religious forces took control of it.  The NGOs rendered services to the needy and at times ignored the natives.  The natives wanted preference over others, and started killing the workers. This made NGOs depart that place with their workers. He was then transferred to Aleppo, a city brutally  afflicted by war..  A deadly war was in process in Aleppo between militants and Syrian forces.

He job was to assist, help and rescue the people of Aleppo. Aleppo  has border with Turkey and it is more influenced by Europeans than the other Syrian cities. It also has more military  power than other Syrian cities. The conflict between militants and Syrian forces  had been going on for couple of years. A road passing through Aleppo was the border between the two armies. The eastern side of the road was ruled or run by militants while the western side was dominated by the Syrian force. Nonstop and continuous war between the two had not only ruined the homes, hospitals and other buildings into debris but made life miserable the humans living there. They had no water  or food, but were exposed to cannon explosions and bloodshed. The dead bodies that lay on the road side served as shield for the opponents. The body could be of a new born baby or an 80 year old man or woman.

It seemed as if there was no International or local law for those  who died or suffered inhumane  treatment. The firing and bombing from air planes made situation even worse. It was like

a devil’s shadow plagued the entire Syria with bad omen



Sometimes he looked out of the window at the airplane on the runway or stared at the ceiling of the office where he was. There were three other men besides him in the room.  They were wearing uniforms of three different colors. It was obvious that they belonged to different agencies or offices. Awhile later the man in light blue uniform said to him; “if you admit that you are a Pakistani national and sign this paper that says that you are Pakistani; we’ll deport you to Pakistan with a request to the concerned department to treat you humanely”

Turning his face towards the man who asked him to sign the document, he looked at him for a moment, and without saying a single word he looked out of the window at the airplane.  The man’s silence provoked the soldier in dark blue uniform to pull his hair and snarled, “While searching your clothes we found things that prove that you are a Pakistani. You traveled without visa and passport to Iraq and then to Syria. You worked in Syria for an NGO to serve the war stricken people. Both Syria and Iraq has confirmed that you are neither a born Syrian nor Iraqi or Arab, but you are Pakistani”

The man looked at the uniformed officer without any expression and went back to staring at the airplane though the window on the runway.  The third man fully clad in khaki uniform who was listening quietly lost his temper at last and howling at the man hitting the table said; “Go to hell man! We’re least bothered who you are or where you come from. “Our government doesn’t acknowledge you as an Iraqi or Syrian refugee; you are a Pakistani for sure. We will send you to Pakistan in the air plane you see there on the runway”.  He then looked at the two officers. Those two men took him to the Immigration Investigation office in hand cuffs, then towards the airplane standing on Budapest airport.  They handed the man to the captain of the plane and came back to the same room.

While the plane was waiting to take off, the airhostess brought him a glass of water.  She kindly said in English to him to drink water. He looked at her gratefully.  She understood his helplessness and heartrending story from his silence. His silence exposed his unaided vulnerability to her. So she assured him more gently that she’ll take care of all the way during this flight from Budapest to Islamabad.

After a little while, the plane speedily took off.  He was feeling worn out so he closed his eyes and rested his head against back of the seat. He didn’t know his destination.  His thoughts wandered similar to the way plane floated in the sky.  Memories ran on his mind screen one after the other.

Due to bad weather and air pocket, the plane hit turbulence, but very quickly it alleviated again.  Due to the turbulence he emerged from the unfathomable ocean of thoughts.  He looked out of the window but there was nothing except sheer darkness. He modestly asked the airhostess; “What’s the time now? Where are we heading to?” airhostess replied; “It’s 12: 40 according to G.M.T time now and we’re crossing the Atlantic Ocean and not flying over any country” He thanked the air hostess politely and smiled to himself. It was 23rd March today; his 57th birthday! But there was no one to wish him well on his birthday, or any country in the whole wide world to own him as its citizen. Even at the present moment he was not on any land but passing over International Ocean. He took a deep breath like a habitual chain smoker taking a last puff of his life.

He was again lost in his utopia.  It seemed like yesterday when his father came back to Pakistan and tried to get his job back in the Railways.  He found that the country had changed a lot.  The fall of Dacca was a great loss, but splitting of the world’s greatest Islamic state was a greater loss.  People responsible for this treason became the sovereign leaders of the two divisions.

Years passed by as he tried to prove his identity.  His father was not able to get his job back, or any benefits such as pension or provident fund for his previous service at the Railways.  The society did not accept him either.  He felt helpless, and became physically weak.  He could not endure all this pain, and few years later passed away.  Life is like a stage with lights and shades, grief and relief as audience watch the players.  His younger sister, Miriam got married and migrated to Canada with her husband.


He felt lost after the death of his father.  He was not able to earn a living to support his home or to complete his education.  He needed a Computerized National Identity Card, CNIC for employment.  The old Identity Card he had was not accepted, and it was impossible to get CNIC.  Hence it became impossible to get a CNIC Card. He was alien in his own country. Unfortunately, there were no opportunities for him.  One day he was sitting in his room and kept looking at his father’s photo on the wall. He getting got up  and took down the portrait from the wall wiped it with his shirt.  Then he placed it upside down on the old worn out table. He had decided then to leave not only this home but also the country for good. He took  a last look  at the photo of his father then his room and  left with the money he had. He got on a boat to Dubai, without the passport or visa. From Dubai he went the city of Mosel in Iraq.  It was a tough journey.  At times he took a bus, or rode on the back of some truck or joined a caravan of camels, or any means he could avail. There was fierce civil war going on in Mosel. He had planned to move to any European country where he could somehow settle down  and live for the rest of his life. But he got job at one of the NGOs in a European country as a safety guard for the war stricken vulnerable people. He was  assigned to supply dry ration and water bottles from his camp to war affected areas in Mosel. He served this NGO in Mosel city for many years.  Few years later, a religious party took control of Mosel and closed its borders.  They made prisoners all the citizens of Mosul.  All NGOs then refrained from their public service programs.


It was a fragrant blissful dreamy morning. When his car stopped at the main entrance of the bank, a driver neatly dressed in spotless uniform stepped forward mechanically and opened door for him to step out. He then obediently moving backwards stood at a distance. Three high ranked officers of the bank welcomed him warmly. On his right were two rows of orderly chrysanthemums adding beauty and in front, the palm trees with big leaves washed down with dew drops enhancing the ambiance welcomed him.

He had never experienced such sophisticated reception before. He gracefully walked through the unblemished white and black marble door towards the lift. The liftman courteously opened the door of the sweet fragrant lift and pressing the push button of the lift expertly like a robot, carried him to the second floor. The elegantly dressed high grade officials of the bank waited in the Executive Hall to receive him.

The scent that engulfed the scenario was similar to scent of desert cacti.

He was designated as the President of that bank. It was his first day of executing his official duties.

After formal introduction of senior staff members the ceremony began with the Holy name of Allah. Then one of the officers introduced his prior creditable experience, regarding him as the fresh energetic blood to boost up the bank with his expertise.

The warm ovation of clapping was a grand welcome to him.

Any meeting without the partaking of Staff Union is unlikely. Thus one of the members of the Staff Union was already present there. He was courteously invited to say something.

It was unbelievable to hear him say what was not expected of him. Usually union members complain of being deprived of their stipend though they are the ones who are provided their shares lucratively.

The Institute from where he came was dreadful to even think of. In his last days of working he felt like a chronic patient of hypertension who sees abstract optical illusions whether awake or sleeping. The vague images appeared and disappeared hastily like electric currents passes through aluminum wires making him nervous. But now he felt like walking on vast meadow of soft lush green grass and all his wishes came true.

He was invited on the stage to say words of wisdom. What he said was highly praised with prolonged applause standing ovation. Every single person appreciated heartily with gratitude as he talked about their necessities, problems, his earnest concern and promise to resolve them.

A small gathering enlightened him as well. He experienced new dynamism and energy in him.

He walked to his room with new spirit and strength of mind.

He was cruelly treated in his previous office. He was held responsible for everything that went wrong. He was rebuked and offended. The awards and rewards he was to get were awarded to others. He was least bothered of awards and medals that others ornamented on their chests that were his right.  He only wanted to stand out and excel with his honesty, merit, ability and loyal virtuous conduct.

It seemed in new office as if he changed his self too, with his old dress. With every step he took he felt like flowers blossoming.

It’s not difficult to renew the old building but it is hard to hold back the falling walls and roofs of the building which were broken by the owners themselves. He was thankful and relieved that he quit from that bank before it completely collapsed.

The peon and his personal secretary welcomed him in his office with a humble smile. He also smiling back to them entered with firm determination to serve with dedicated honesty.

Seeing a small office table he thought that unlike huge tables in office are useless actually as heaps of undone files decay there whereas good quality work is promptly and timely completed on small tables. Big tables are like small covering sheets, if cover feet, the body remains uncovered and vise versa

In one corner a black bowl full of countless floating jasmine flowers that made the whole room fragrant with their sweet scent was placed on a stylish stand. A painting of soothing pastel colors was hung above the bowl of jasmine flowers. In short the ambiance of the room was heartening and reassuring.

Feeling elated he sat on his chair. He was mentally and physically so enthralled like dehydrated mud in first rain emits sweet captivating smell.

He glanced at the picture hung on the wall while tipping off the cigar. The painting was no doubt an artistic piece of art of life and leisure

Then he saw the last year’s balance sheet. He was shocked and instinctively whining heaved a deep sigh as if seen a snake under his chair. Before seeing the balance sheet he felt like a brown cloud hovering, or like a boat swiftly floating in cool breeze on the brink of the sea shore, but now the whole scenario had changed. It was like full moon making the waves wild and furious sweeping the dry land on the shore in order to reach the moon.

The painting on the wall looked like an octopus heading to clutch him. Frightened he closed his eyes and rested his head against the back of the chair. ‘Will the amount of fraud and loss get doubled the next year? What if all the credits turn into failure? Is the achievement publicized all skepticism? Will the storm of locust abolish the whole profit?’ He thought. ‘No, no, I won’t let it happen. I will bring to a standstill and change its route.’

He believed in solution prior to problem though its time taking but not impossible.

He knew that the banks introduce new schemes showing more profit and less interest or loans on minimum mark up to attract people, parties and investors to deposit their capital in their bank to cover up the deficit and achieve their targets so there must be some ways to do away with fraud.

The ocean of worries and the full moon started descending and the octopus was also going back inside its frame. He felt fairly at ease.

On third day after his joining he called a meeting of all heads of all departments of the bank. Where other major points were talked about, fraud was also discussed. It was identified that one or the other member of the staff was involved in one way or the other in fraud. Some were fraudulent themselves; some helped others to deceit or due to disregard and inattention.

He was sitting in his room going through the same agony that he experienced in his previous workplace. Same fraud, cheating, disloyalty and selfishness were in practice here. The loss may be double the size of previous year. He was concerned. The market slump will swallow the business and his dedicated honest services of thirty long years will hence go down the drain.

The employees were tearing down and damaging the bank as in his old bank where he served earlier.

Thus the detractors will get a chance to laugh at the incompetent and fruitless service.

The octopus again seemed coming out of the painting to clutch him and the whole air of his office looked as cyclone is smashing away everything. He closing his eyes rested his head against the back of his revolving chair.

When he opened his eyes the pearls of his wisdom emerged like submarine from the deep waters.

He realized that the chair is not to sit only but to think something constructive. He smiled to himself, then laughed and laughed loudly. He got conscious and looked around his office. Everything was at ease and peace.

‘Fraud selling’ he felt happy like sailors who had lost their way and all of a sudden see the birds on the shore.

The meeting where all head of departments joined was without any agenda. Every officer was anxious and worried. When he started speaking the silence got graver in the room. He said; “Matter of the fact is that one or the other member of the staff is involved directly or indirectly in fraud, so what I’m going to share with you today might feel funny to you but its contentment to me. The outcome of my scheme will be fruitful in future. The scheme will not only benefit the bank in making headway but will also be financially advantageous for the staff. I have given this scheme the name ‘Fraud selling.’

The fraud selling amount will be distributed to the staff in lieu of house rent, conveyance, petrol, according to designation.” When he finished his speech the silence in the room was as the room was vacant for years—-no sound—no noise— no echo—— nothing at all…

Every person looked at each other in disbelief and wonder. When he looked he saw some faces very serious and some were shining as if new spirit was blown into their dead bodies.

After sometime one of the officers smiled, the smile then affected each one of them. As a final point they were all laughing with delight like the sun had suddenly risen after sundown.

After the approval of all present there, in the greater interest of the bank, the meeting was adjourned.

The very next day representatives of clerical staff, cleaners and lift men raised voice after its circulation in the bank against the Fraud selling notice. They held banners saying; “Is the senior staff still unsatisfied with theft that now is rewarded with Fraud selling?”

A sweeper held a banner with the words; “We will wipe out the whole bank” another banner read; “NO to fraud— Long live Fraud Selling— long live President of Fraud Selling”

Timely intervene of the Union settled the angry crowd. All grades were granted Fraud Selling according to their post and position. Every employee was rewarded of 5 basic salaries yearly. It was very welcome by one and all. Holy Pilgrimage, weddings and other major events could be easily and happily carried out without being ashamed of deceit or fraud.

The environment of the bank changed like washed in clean and virtuous rain. Every single person carried out his duties diligently feeling liberated from long imprisonment.

One year passed since he joined this bank. Everything was progressing and promising, fragrant and dreamy morning like his first day was when he joined.

The new balance sheet was placed on his table. He looked at the place where amount of fraud is mentioned. Surprisingly fraud was zero. On the contrary profit grew to the highest scale, just like crowd of passengers flock in 3rd class compartment.

It was the most blissful day of his career. For very first time he felt like brown floating cloud hovering, or like a boat swiftly floating in cool breeze on the brink of the seashore!

The balance sheet was similar to honesty, efficiency diligence and ocean of fragrance passing through a narrow channel. Suddenly he saw a folder underneath the balance sheet. He opened the folder with his progressing victorious hands. A letter of complaint was there from the auditor of the main branch that was just below the President Secretariat.

It was written that the Assistant Manager of the bank took out the amount of Fraud Selling two months earlier illegally. The action against him will be instantly taken.





My beloved is not unlike your darling…………… she is unbelievably stunning.  Seeing her one seems as if heavenly sculptures shaped her. She’s innocent like a dove and dainty but sneakiness and tricky as snake. Proud and pompous like Solomon’s throne. She’s stylish like a white swan. But he’s wild like feral beast. She’s horrifying like black night. She’s less than handful of dust but more of a bowl full of sea surf.

The lady I love is ———life——- she’s stunning—-she’s lovely—- alluring or seductive —-she fascinates everyone with her magical charm. She’s a witch having magical or wonder-working powers that are most often used malignly——-

The wise that are aware of her tricks and nature are not mesmerized by her magnetism keep at bay from her


میری محبوبہ تمہاری اپنی محبوبہ سے کوئی مختلف عورت نہیں ھے۔ وہ بہت خوبصورت ھے۔اور اسے دیکھنے سے ایسا محسوس ھوتا ھے۔ جیسے دیوتاؤں نے اس کے خدوخال اپنے ھاتھوں سے بنائے ھیں۔ وہ فاختہ کی طرح شریف اور ناتواں ھے۔لیکن سانپ کی طرح عیار اور پر فن بھی ہے۔ طاؤس کی طرح متکبر و مغرور ھے۔ بھیڑیے کی طرح خوفناک ھے۔ سفید ھنس کی طرح دلفریب ھے۔ اور سیاہ رات کی طرح ھولناک ھے۔ اس کی ھییتِ طبیعی میں مٹی کا عنصر مٹھی بھر سے زیادہ نہیں۔ لیکن سمندر کی جھاگ اس میں پیالہ بھر ھے۔
جس عورت کو میں نے دل وجان سے چاہا ہے،اس کا نام زندگی ہے۔وہ بہت حسین و جمیل ہے۔اور تمام دلوں کو اپنی طرف کھینچ لیتی ھے۔ وہ ہماری زندگی کو رھن رکھ لیتی ھے۔ اور ہماری آرزؤں کو وعدوں میں دفن کر دیتی ھے۔
زندگی ایک ساحرہ ہے۔ جو حسن و جمال سے ہمیں مسحور کر دیتی ھے۔ لیکن جو شخص اس کی عیاری سے واقف ہے، وہ اس کے سحروں سے دور بھاگے گا۔
خلیل جبران


  • Allah Almighty says, “Neither the earth nor the Skies are vast enough to accommodate me, but I have created that ability in Believer’s heart!”
  • Man was neither created a tree, that he remains standing, nor was he created a stationary rock that he lay motionless. Rather, man was created as the, ‘Best of Creation’  hence he should engage himself in the remembrance of Allah
  • The sky is illuminated with twinkling stars and the earth is beautified with the presence of devout and virtuous people
  • The sandal tree gifts its delightful fragrance to the very axe that chops it down
  • Just as unlit lamp does not give out any light, similarly knowledge without practice does not benefit any one

Quotes by Hazrat Maulana Zulfiqar Ahmed Naqshbandi


In fact these souls who sell balloons

In reality sell their breaths to breathe


Life was not dust but at last it befell dust

How we have been boasting of this dust

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