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The way I see my misfortune like a foe

One wouldn’t hate intensely like his foe


What a misery neither I die nor live

What terrifying time I pass and live


Your loveliness is unmatchable beloved

I carry your photo all around  beloved


She inquires every one after slaying me

Who did this butchery, who killed me?


What a misery neither I die nor live

What terrifying time I pass and live


I recall how she brought dishonor to me

Then regret and doleful what she did to me





dagh dehelvi

dagh dehelvi



O my dear Penner!

Just think for a moment ——

How the lawmaker make rules

The way they propose the rules

Sun burns on hungry and deprived

sun crackles the poor and deprived

The wretchd fights the laws imposed

So  criminal’s nagged and imprisoned

O my dear Penner!

Just think for a moment———-

It’s amzing, hope brings mortality

It’s your worth; sweat of tough labor

The thriving fields convey the message

The old  farmer is merely a bystander

O my dear Penner!

Just think for a moment———-

 Dreariness placed flowers of hopes

Delight assured of dreams and hopes

Hands wounded, blood drips, of labor

Even then disgrace shame and dishonor

O my dear Penner!

Just think for a moment———-

 An image that’s not being envisioned yet

It needs colored  attire  from thou O! Painter

The instruments reserve melodic sounds

O,singer, wanted thy melodic sweet sound

O my dear Penner!

Just think for a moment———-

agony and anguish persist of centuries

eyes weep for last so many centuries

O my dear Penner!

Just think for a moment———-

 Why do lagoons flow towards ocean

What’s motive, just to see your splendor?

Eyes stare, lookout and then downhearted

O my dear Penner!

Just think for a moment———-






Roving in land of desires got me nothing

I gave nothing to anyone so I got nothing

Tw’s sheer fake that bloomed in darkness

Beyond my being, the light gave nothing

Isn’t it bounteous, am given wish, for life?

How can I say that life gave me nothing?

All, sovereigns and beggars turned to dust

Self-importance or timidity repaid nothing

It’s known that agony of parting is ecstatic

Your amity left no scars no pain, nothing




I’m like commodities placed in bazaar

Every one glances as customer in bazaar

In place of such thirsting it would be a bliss

To get a glass of wine as unexpected bliss

Beloved is somewhere else yet the heart,

I feel her presence around; and not apart

Love’s path is humble and straight though

But now curved like beloved’s hair though

Beware! Don’t follow bygone people blindly

Every step every hitch elevates you slightly

Passionate love is exposed now after so long

The heart’s joyous and flushed after so long

Majruh! They’re writing names of the lovers

I’m also waiting in a queue of the lovers


ham haiñ mata-e-kūcha-o-bāzār kī tarah
uThtī hai har nigāh ḳharīdār kī tarah

is kū-e-tishnagī meñ bahut hai ki ek jaam
haath aa gayā hai daulat-e-bedār kī tarah

vo to kahīñ hai aur magar dil ke ās-pās
phirtī hai koī shai nigah-e-yār kī tarah

sīdhī hai rāh-e-shauq pe yūñhī kahīñ kahīñ
ḳham ho ga.ī hai gesū-e-dildār kī tarah

be-tesha-e-nazar na chalo rāh-e-raftagāñ
har naqsh-e-pā buland hai dīvār kī tarah

ab jā ke kuchh khulā hunar-e-nāḳhūn-e-junūñ
zaḳhm-e-jigar hue lab-o-ruḳhsār kī tarah

‘majrūh’ likh rahe haiñ vo ahl-e-vafā kā naam
ham bhī khaḌe hue haiñ gunahgār kī tarah



 Floating clouds join the fluttering veil 
Blissful weather allures calm mild gale 

Wrapped in fresh fragrance of dreams
wish to wake up lively from dreams

Engulfed in lovely shades of emotions 

Absorbed in new hopes new passion 

It’s captivating alluring inspiring gale 

Blissful weather allures calm mild gale 

You aren’t here this time with me love 

There’s no life no joy without you love 

Life is static weary and weird my love 

Life is a vast forest to be lost my love 

Got no letter no message from you 

Haven’t seen you, I endure the grief 

My eyes long to see you to get relief 

I’m hurt and upset like a caged bird 

Floating clouds join the fluttering veil 

Blissful weather allures calm mild gale 
گیت: آنچل سے ملے بادل ساتھی
شاعر: رئیس فروغ
انگریزی ترجمہ:تنویر روؤف صاحبہ 
گلوکارہ: مہناز
موسیقی: نیاز احمد(اغلباً)
پیش کش : شعیب منصور (اغلباً)
(شاید جناب تاجدار عادل موسیقی اور پیش کش کے بارے میں
زیادہ درست جانتے ہوں، تو میری مدد فرمائیں)
آنچل سے ملے بادل ساتھی
موسم تو کرے پاگل ساتھی
سپنوں کی نئی خوشبو میں بسی
چاہت کے نئے رنگوں میں رچی
ارمانوں کی
امیدوں کی
کلیاں ہیں بہت کومل ساتھی
موسم تو کرے پاگل ساتھی
تُو ساتھ نہیں ایسے میں سجن
چمکے نہ کوئی وعدے کی کرن
انجانا بھی
ان دیکھا بھی
جیون ہے بڑا جنگل ساتھی
خط کوئی تیرا آیا جو نہیں
آنکھوں نے تجھے دیکھا جو نہیں
دُکھ سہتی ہوں 
چُپ رہتی ہوں
پنچھی کی طرح گھائل ساتھی
آنچل سے ملے بادل ساتھ
موسم تو کرے پاگل ساتھی



Poet: Baba Bulleh Shah
Translated by : Tanveer Rauf

One has to transform into sane

One has to play as a crazy sane

One has to wrap up one’s mortal

That gives pleasure to the Master

In this realm Murshid as Bulleh Shah

Is bound to chant and also dance
Deewana hona painda aye
Mastana hona painda aye,
Jis roop vich raazi yaar howe,
Oh bhesh watauna painda aye,
Ethe bulleh warge murshid nu bhi,
Nachna te gauna painda aye



Me East and thou West akin to moon and partridge

Love story has no ending, its evident catastrophe

How to breathe in this murky land without thee

This sky drifter moon is a short time buddy

Parting is ecstasy, heart aches more to meet

Life’s game is weird, no winner and no loser

Say something or chant such a melancholy

So eyes shed tears remembering old wounds

میں پورب تو پحھچم جسے چاند چکور کی پریت

پیار کا پھل بے انت جدائی جنم جنم کی ریت

سونے سونے من میں مہکے تیری یاد کے پھول

اندھیارے میں جاگا چاند کی کرنوں کا سنگیت

تجھ بن اس اندھیارے جگ میں کیسے عمر بتائیں

یہ چاندا آکاش کا راہی چار گھڑی کا میت

برہا کے سکھ میں میل کے دکھ میں من کی جوالا بھڑکے

جیون کا یہ کھیل انوکھا جس میں ہار نہ جیت ،،،،،،

،،، من کے گھاوء ہرے ہو جائیں ، نین کٹورے چھلکیں

کوئی اسی بات سناو کوئی ایسا گیت ،،،،،،،،،،،،، احمد شمیم ،

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