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1. If desires perish so does fear and heart’s calm

One who is free of wants is as king of all realms

Chaah miti, chinta miti, manwa beparwaah
Jisko kuch nahi chahiye, woh Shahenshah


2. To get big honors is not worth as tree of dates

As no shed for traveler and out of reach of dates

Bada hua to kya hua jaisay paid khajoor,
Panthi ko chhaya nahin, phal laagen ati door.


3.What’s to be done tomorrow, do it today or do now?

If time’s wasted; when will you get it done and how

Kaal karay so aaj kar, aaj karay so ab,
Pal mein pralay hogayi, bahuri karogay kab


4. Kabir’s light wept, seeing grindstone crush

Between two stones nothing rests uncrushed

Chalti chakki dekh kay diya Kabira roay
Doi paatan kay beech mein sabut bacha na koay


5. When I wandered to find evil, found none

When examined myself, it was me, the one

Bura jo dekahn mein chala, bura na milya koi,
Jo mun khoja aapna to mujh say bura na koi


6.Standing in a bazaar, Kabir wishes all well

It’s not enmity nor amity, just wishing well

Kabira Khada bazaar mein maange sub ki khair
Na kahu say dosti na kahu say bair.


Rise Insha ji, move now, pointless, be affable to this town,

Pointless to be calm for nutty, loner has no abode in town;

Just see; just ponder on this broken heart’s condition

Weird to ask for love from a crushed heart’s condition

Night descended, moon set down too, door is locked

Why delayed home, what excuse will give to beloved?

Then in long lonesome night, one jiffy only to meet

Say it suchlike you have in heart, why shy and fear?

That day when I saw her, it seems like a dream

That day when I  talked to her, was true or sham?

Blaze her too my aching heart, be a burning red flame

Flow like a tear is no fun; what to be lost and fade away;

When urban people let not exist, why not settle in jungle

If not talk like nutty; then what else the nutty do?




Now the artists scared of artiste

Character of lover is daunting,

The one who said he fears none,

He too fears the wooly person;

Those who like sweet, or like salty,

Combative preachers are daunting;

Uncertain when discard me from faith?

Terrified of your sermon, O’ celebrant;

When he says; My Dear Countrymen

! Commandant‘s loud bawls’ frightening,

Not worried of starving or parched,

Horrified of consistent intoxicated;

I am familiar with computer for more than 14 years now.I played, learnt, chatted, searched,explored and spent my leisure time with the computer— my friend in loneliness!

I made many friends the world around regardless of sex, age, religion or   language because internet has its own language which is understood mutually 🙂 Once a net friend came all the way driving for 4 hours to meet me in Florida. I met many net friends locally n internationally as well.I believe I’m lucky to have met all good people. Some attended my daughter’s wedding too;  or perhaps it is as William Shakespeare said that, nothing is good or bad, thinking makes it so! So I never doubted anyone’s intentions and always got positive response in return. Love begets love 😀

But like a naughty friend, my computer played pranks with me too.In the beginning and even later for many years I often forgot to save my data while writing so in case of fluctuation in power or break down, I often ended up losing my data and that annoyed me.  I lost many stories, articles and stuff due to this otherwise I would have with me a lot to share. Btw every time I lost my data, I kept nagging my daughter n held her responsible 😉

Finally, my daughter asked me to start writing blogs and she did so many times. But believe you or not I felt scared of blogging as it rhymes with flogging. I felt it was something related to flogs and whips 😀

I am not only scared of blogs but banks and ATM machines too.Amazing strange and weird, isn’t it? :DWhen ever I happened to go to a bank I always tried to give ridiculous smiles to every person present behind the counters to assure them that I am not here to plunder. I deliberately avoided looking at the cash counter and felt cramps in my stomach until I got out of the bank.

This fear moved furtively  into my body and soul due to an incident.Once passing by I entered a computer shop just to find out if he had computer accessories.All of a sudden I felt something hard and cold on my temple.The man holding that pistol asked me to handover the cash I had. Unfortunately I didn’t have any cash except for some coins. The man wouldn’t believe me. The pistol scared me to death. The shopkeeper was at his target too so he just stared silently. Allah saved me as some people entered the shop and the robber got confused and went out of the shop. I’m sure he must be having a toy pistol otherwise he wouldn’t have left the shop.

As a consequence, my legs trembled and the whole body shivered if I ever had to use ATM machine to draw cash that day onwards. However, my son has always been very kind to remember my ATM pin code as he does all my bank transactions.Once I asked my daughter to draw money for me from my ATM Card and I told her the wrong PIN as I had forgotten. Due to repeated failed retries,my card got blocked.

While on the other hand I’m not frightened of untamed animals,  snakes, insane people, darkness and even bosses too hahaha 😀

Animals, insane and darkness or spirits don’t harm us until we harm them. It is my personal experience. As a child I used to amuse myself in summers with splashing tap water. The dangerous wasps also cooled themselves n whirred around the tap and in water. They never injected their sting in me because I never harmed them. The snakes wriggled by me never hurting me. The black scorpions too were harmless for our entire family in Peshawar. We never killed any one of them either.

So dear readers it’s me, a whimsical human being.

I have written n translated books on health and for children around 70 in all and have also written articles in magazines but as I said blogging scares me like flogging!

So unlike normal people I have been very scared of writing blogs———

Though I like to accept challenges and am very committed person too so I want to write blogs but don’t know how to start————- is there any kindhearted fellow who can guide me for I WANT TO WRITE  and be a part of bloggers like I am a friend of friends on internet and in real life too.

I would end up with William Shakespeare’s saying:

“Real love is not based on romance, candle night dinner and walks along the beach, but in fact it is based on respect, compromise and care”

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