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1-aap kī maḳhmūr āñkhoñ kī qasam

merī mai-ḳhvārī abhī tak raaz hai

I swear upon thy eyes, so intoxicated

Am being a drunkard is yet secreted

2- chhup ga.e vo saaz-e-hastī chheḌ kar

ab to bas āvāz hī āvāz hai


After playing with life’s rhythm, she vanished

There’s now only sound that’s left


3- dafn kar saktā huuñ siine meñ tumhāre raaz ko

aur tum chāho to afsāna banā saktā huuñ main


I can veil thy secret if you wish it to be

I can make it public if thou wish it to be


4-tire māthe pe ye āñchal to bahut hī ḳhuub hai lekin

tū is āñchal se ik parcham banā letī to achchhā thā


The veil on thy forehead looks very striking

If you made flag; it would look more striking


5- tumhīñ to ho jise kahtī hai nāḳhudā duniyā

bachā sako to bachā lo ki Dūbtā huuñ main


You are the one prominent as a boatsman

Save me if you can, as I’m drowning man


6- vaqt kī sa.ī-e-musalsal kārgar hotī ga.ī

zindagī lahza-ba-lahza muḳhtasar hotī ga.ī


Time ceaselessly achieved its non-stop effort

Life became shorter by every passing minute


7- yā to kisī ko jur.at-e-dīdār hī na ho

yā phir mirī nigāh se dekhā kare koī


Either no one dares to have a glance at her

Or, one ought to have my vision to see her


8- ye aanā koī aanā hai ki bas rasman chale aa.e

ye milnā ḳhaak milnā hai ki dil se dil nahīñ miltā


This ceremonial arrival is no coming at all

Such reunion’s void if no heart beats at all


9- ye mere ishq kī majbūriyāñ ma.aaz-allāh

tumhārā raaz tumhīñ se chhupā rahā huuñ maiñ


God forbid my helplessness in matters of love

Covering you up! Secret of thy affair of love




When the river put on the attire of silence

The thirsty covered their body with dryness

Was it course matted cloth or attire of paper

Whatever it was, we wore what we got ever

When starving got agonizing; sold my attire

To veil nakedness, I put on darkness as attire

In intolerable heat I detached myself from self

In cold became painful, I wore me around self

Bodies need no shrouds if die in earthquakes

Each body’s wrapped in debris in earthquakes

Bedil, while life’s attire was lively and vibrant

I wore my attire wrong side up and upturned

dariyā ne kal jo chup kā libāda pahan liyā

pyāsoñ ne apne jism pe sahrā pahan liyā

vo TaaT kī qabā thī ki kāġhaz kā pairahan

jaisā bhī mil gayā hameñ vaisā pahan liyā

fāqoñ se tañg aa.e to poshāk bech dī

uryāñ hue to shab kā añdherā pahan liyā

garmī lagī to ḳhud se alag ho ke so ga.e

sardī lagī to ḳhud ko dobāra pahan liyā

bhauñchāl meñ kafan kī zarūrat nahīñ paḌī

har laash ne makān kā malba pahan liyā

‘be-dil’ libās-e-zīst baḌā dīda-zeb thā

aur ham ne is libās ko ulTā pahan liyā



























































































The Sufis don’t perish, they hide behind the unseen veil

They silently leave the earthly world and hide behind the veil


-Lord may forgive the sinners like me out of compassion

If rulers tried their mien! Must fear of His aggression

— Don’t be afraid of far away from the thorns of roses

You can’t fill thy bag unless bear prick and pain of roses

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Image may contain: text



 Floating clouds join the fluttering veil 
Blissful weather allures calm mild gale 

Wrapped in fresh fragrance of dreams
wish to wake up lively from dreams

Engulfed in lovely shades of emotions 

Absorbed in new hopes new passion 

It’s captivating alluring inspiring gale 

Blissful weather allures calm mild gale 

You aren’t here this time with me love 

There’s no life no joy without you love 

Life is static weary and weird my love 

Life is a vast forest to be lost my love 

Got no letter no message from you 

Haven’t seen you, I endure the grief 

My eyes long to see you to get relief 

I’m hurt and upset like a caged bird 

Floating clouds join the fluttering veil 

Blissful weather allures calm mild gale 
گیت: آنچل سے ملے بادل ساتھی
شاعر: رئیس فروغ
انگریزی ترجمہ:تنویر روؤف صاحبہ 
گلوکارہ: مہناز
موسیقی: نیاز احمد(اغلباً)
پیش کش : شعیب منصور (اغلباً)
(شاید جناب تاجدار عادل موسیقی اور پیش کش کے بارے میں
زیادہ درست جانتے ہوں، تو میری مدد فرمائیں)
آنچل سے ملے بادل ساتھی
موسم تو کرے پاگل ساتھی
سپنوں کی نئی خوشبو میں بسی
چاہت کے نئے رنگوں میں رچی
ارمانوں کی
امیدوں کی
کلیاں ہیں بہت کومل ساتھی
موسم تو کرے پاگل ساتھی
تُو ساتھ نہیں ایسے میں سجن
چمکے نہ کوئی وعدے کی کرن
انجانا بھی
ان دیکھا بھی
جیون ہے بڑا جنگل ساتھی
خط کوئی تیرا آیا جو نہیں
آنکھوں نے تجھے دیکھا جو نہیں
دُکھ سہتی ہوں 
چُپ رہتی ہوں
پنچھی کی طرح گھائل ساتھی
آنچل سے ملے بادل ساتھ
موسم تو کرے پاگل ساتھی


If you say I reveal my heart’s desire today

To do up and adorn your hair again today

You loved and worshipped me like an deity

Now my love puts you on podium of deity

If anyone tries, will fail to find me and you

You hide me somewhere and I do veil you

Engulfed in my arms you’ll feel relaxed

Your love lets me forget woe and be relaxed

مرے دل میں آج کیا ھے، تو کہے تو میں بتا دوں

تری زلف پھر سنواروں، تری مانگ پھر سجا دوں

مجھے دیوتا بنا کر، تری چاھتوں نے پوجا

مرا پیار کہہ رھا ھے، میں تجھے خدا بنادوں

کوئی ڈھونڈنے بھی آئے، تو ھمیں نہ ڈھونڈھ پائے

مجھے تو کہیں چھپا دے، تجھے میں کہیں چھپا دوں

مرے بازوؤں میں آ کر، ترا درد چین پائے

ترے گیسوؤں میں چھپ کر، میں جہاں کے غم بھلا دوں





Thou are neither familiar nor stranger

Who have thou come here to meet?

Why do you carry images of seasons?

Of so many of different regions

With little sunlight and some shadow

Where have you been roaming around?

 Of which flower-beds a blossom are you?

Which downpour have you bathed in?

From my eyes to the heavens beyond

You prevail as thy lovely veil all around


Don’t hide behind the veil darling

I’m passionate to envision you;

Without you I am harebrained,

One and all ridicule and tease;

Unless loved one comforts me,

Until then I’ll keep on whimper;

Don’t hide behind the veil darling

I’m passionate to envision you;

 Aimlessly get here and go away,

Come and meet, life evade astray;

Can’t even breathe without you,

I’m the nightingale of the garden;

Don’t hide behind the veil darling

I’m passionate to envision you;

 Bulleh Shah, who is thy beloved?

With whom you talk and feel joy?

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