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Floating clouds join the fluttering veil

Posted on: October 21, 2016



 Floating clouds join the fluttering veil 
Blissful weather allures calm mild gale 

Wrapped in fresh fragrance of dreams
wish to wake up lively from dreams

Engulfed in lovely shades of emotions 

Absorbed in new hopes new passion 

It’s captivating alluring inspiring gale 

Blissful weather allures calm mild gale 

You aren’t here this time with me love 

There’s no life no joy without you love 

Life is static weary and weird my love 

Life is a vast forest to be lost my love 

Got no letter no message from you 

Haven’t seen you, I endure the grief 

My eyes long to see you to get relief 

I’m hurt and upset like a caged bird 

Floating clouds join the fluttering veil 

Blissful weather allures calm mild gale 
گیت: آنچل سے ملے بادل ساتھی
شاعر: رئیس فروغ
انگریزی ترجمہ:تنویر روؤف صاحبہ 
گلوکارہ: مہناز
موسیقی: نیاز احمد(اغلباً)
پیش کش : شعیب منصور (اغلباً)
(شاید جناب تاجدار عادل موسیقی اور پیش کش کے بارے میں
زیادہ درست جانتے ہوں، تو میری مدد فرمائیں)
آنچل سے ملے بادل ساتھی
موسم تو کرے پاگل ساتھی
سپنوں کی نئی خوشبو میں بسی
چاہت کے نئے رنگوں میں رچی
ارمانوں کی
امیدوں کی
کلیاں ہیں بہت کومل ساتھی
موسم تو کرے پاگل ساتھی
تُو ساتھ نہیں ایسے میں سجن
چمکے نہ کوئی وعدے کی کرن
انجانا بھی
ان دیکھا بھی
جیون ہے بڑا جنگل ساتھی
خط کوئی تیرا آیا جو نہیں
آنکھوں نے تجھے دیکھا جو نہیں
دُکھ سہتی ہوں 
چُپ رہتی ہوں
پنچھی کی طرح گھائل ساتھی
آنچل سے ملے بادل ساتھ
موسم تو کرے پاگل ساتھی

23 Responses to "Floating clouds join the fluttering veil"

Tanveer, please go to George’s site for update on his condition. Bless you. He and family need prayer.

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im waiting AmyRose for George’s site link

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Sorry, Tanveer. I thought you knew how to get there. This is the link https://georgeforfun.wordpress.com/2016/10/21/update-on-george-10212016/
❤ ❤ ❤

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Thank you Amy dear for informing. kindly send the link of George so i go there. my best prayers are for him and his family


I’ve been offline and just now saw this comment. See the link I just sent you. (((HUGS))) ❤

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Thanks a lot dear one for guiding me to get to George’s site. I wrote my feelings there. thank you again. one more favor i ask you for please. when friends like my blog, how can i reply to them

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I’m not understanding. What do you mean when friends like your blog? Do you mean in your posts? I would love to help. Could you explain a little bit more? ❤

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well, yeah i want to ask you that when my post is liked by many bloggers then how should i thank them? do i have to open every one’s page and write there?

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The easiest way is to use the WP app for your cellphone. Download that. Open it. There you will see pictures on the top bar that designate your site, the reader, comments. Hit the one for comments. There is one for likes too. Hit one of your likers and a list should show of other likers. If there are more then 10 I think go to the bottom and there you will see. See all. Hit that and the when list of your likers will show. Easy to get to all blogs that way. WP does not make it easy. Hope this helps. Feel free to ask for more help if you need it.

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you are so kind and sweet AmyRose dear. But I dont have smart phone so have no such options. Is it possible all this in desk top?

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Yes. Do you see the bell object at the top of your home page? If you click on that it will open up for you to see a list of your comments and likers. There is another way that I do but I don’t remember how to download it anymore. It is the WordPress notifications found at WordPress.com. Do you have this?


Thank you so much Amy dear for guiding me. i want one more favor from you please. you know i translate Urdu poetry into Englsih. now I’m compiling my book of poetry translation. So i want to know if my work is worth to be compiled? i want your opinion and comments please . If im asking you too much you are free to refuse 🙂 my blessings to you

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Tanveer, what does your Heart tell you? Do you have this inner urge to do this book? Are you on fire about it? If so then do it. Don’t heed what others think. Have confidence in yourself to do what your Heart tells you to do. (((HUGS))) ❤

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Amy dear i wrote before also that i need favor from you. You know i translate Urdu classic and Sufi poetry into English. I’m compiling it into book form. so please if you find any error, mistake blunder in it do let me know. and i would love to put your comments in my book only if you allow 🙂

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Yet I don’t know Urdu so I wouldn’t know if you are translating correctly. I really don’t understand how I could give my honest opinion. Much love to you, Tanveer. ❤


Amy dear dont bother about Urdu. Just check English:)

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I’ll do my best, Tanveer. OK?

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thank you love you my friend<3 loads of hugs ❤

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Amy dear i’m waiting for your comment on my poetry translation please

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Let me know how you do, Tanveer. ❤

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I reply to comments that’s easy. but all those who just like it post then i dont know how to say thank you to them

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👌A good title for a beautiful poem. 👍Tanveer!

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khush rahein Shiva ji hamesha aap, ameen


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