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When the river put on the attire of silence

The thirsty covered their body with dryness

Was it course matted cloth or attire of paper

Whatever it was, we wore what we got ever

When starving got agonizing; sold my attire

To veil nakedness, I put on darkness as attire

In intolerable heat I detached myself from self

In cold became painful, I wore me around self

Bodies need no shrouds if die in earthquakes

Each body’s wrapped in debris in earthquakes

Bedil, while life’s attire was lively and vibrant

I wore my attire wrong side up and upturned

dariyā ne kal jo chup kā libāda pahan liyā

pyāsoñ ne apne jism pe sahrā pahan liyā

vo TaaT kī qabā thī ki kāġhaz kā pairahan

jaisā bhī mil gayā hameñ vaisā pahan liyā

fāqoñ se tañg aa.e to poshāk bech dī

uryāñ hue to shab kā añdherā pahan liyā

garmī lagī to ḳhud se alag ho ke so ga.e

sardī lagī to ḳhud ko dobāra pahan liyā

bhauñchāl meñ kafan kī zarūrat nahīñ paḌī

har laash ne makān kā malba pahan liyā

‘be-dil’ libās-e-zīst baḌā dīda-zeb thā

aur ham ne is libās ko ulTā pahan liyā


























































































Khusrao! Love’s stream flows in strange way

The one who dives into it finds the right way

Khusrau darya prem ka, ulti wa ki dhaar
Jo utra so doob gaya, jo dooba so paar



Troubles on lanes, feel unhappy at home

Fed up from stillness to hustle and bustle

How long will eyes ignore the forty winks?

See again that happened from dawn to dusk

Light and shade are alike, they come and go

Sitting home thinking if it’s home or corridor

In by gone past life; step by step bit by bit

Is it you or thy shadow or is it me, myself

We fight dreams in wind of shore Faroughe

 River after my name flows desert to desert


It’s been ages; river  flowing in search of you

It still flows madly universally to look for you

Long-gone memories are now like precious pearls

Is it my heart or a bottomless stagnant river?

Neither a wave dancing nor any rhythmic whirl

Why river’s so tranquil from one end to other?

 How soothing and colorful those oars were

Passionately swirling waves engulfed the boat

When day’s stress befalls in evening’s arms

Flowing river goes downwards in deep thought

Mehmood Sham


To escape of his charisma is not doable

O’ heart! Everyone says it’s not doable;

Though there’s no picky intimacy with him

 He simply appears lone mine, in multitude;

Due to the melancholy of his unawareness,

To me, today garden looks like wilderness;

Since when he has strong-willed not to see me

Eyes look like bloating river flowing, to me—–;

No one is aware of forte of that connection

My feelings streaming in beloved’s mind;

 May it not be chained in love, as a result?

Even in stranger’s bosom, he looks mine

Us k seher se ub na nikalta dikhai de

Ai dil!  ye baat her koi kehta dikhai de

Yun tu nai ha koi taaluq bhi us se khaas

Dunya ki bheer mei wohi apna dikhai de

Be ganai khayal e  gham e dost k sabab

Gulshan bhi aaj mujh ko tu sehra dikhai de

Jub se kiya ha us se na milne ka faisla

Aankhon mei mojazan mujhe derya dikhai de

Us unjuman mei baat ha kiya jaane her koi

Mauj e khyal yaar mei behta dikhai de

Ho jayei na daam giriftar e ishq yun

Pehlu mei gher k bhi wo apna dikhai de

Urdu composition by Razia Subhan

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