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Love is God

Posted on: March 25, 2012

Before  creating Adam, Allah adorned the Earth with mountains, forests, fragrance, flora and fauna of all colors and shades, rainbow, rivers, oceans, clouds, ,rains, snow, cool breeze, pastures, meadows, fruits, vegetation,  birds, animals of all sizes,  plant life, grains and what not—- The sky to shimmer at night with stars and moon. The sea world was beautified with fishes of different colors and sizes along with sea undergrowth shrubbery which provide food too——just to please Adam! It was Allah’s love for His creation. God is love and love is God!

Eve was born from Adam to give company to him. But when Adam and Eve misguided by Satan were penalized and descended from heavens to Earth. All this was done out of love because Allah wanted to have more living beings so the couple gave birth to children on daily basis.  All hats off to mother Eve who bore labor pains everyday, just to bring new life to this earth.

Love knows no boundaries.  It has no color no shape no land no sex. It’s like a small lamp that illuminates the pitch darkness.

Love enhances blood circulation. It boosts energy. It brings twinkling in eyes. It brings life to the world when a baby is born. Bearing undaunted labor pains is nothing but love for a baby.

Love is universe and infinity. No one knows the deepness and intensity of it. Like galaxy, uncountable bright stars enlightening the world, so does love enlightens the heart. A tap on the shoulder pacifies the pain like;

I  shed a tear, unseen, unheard;

You saw it, you felt it,                                 

You held it,

And there was not a tear at all!

My mother was a symbol of love. She went through torturous labor pains to give birth to fourteen children one after the other. Out of fourteen 12 of her children died for one or the other reason. Every time she hoped that her next child will survive.

Wasn’t it love?

My mother was very kind hearted. She could not see any one in pain. She would take care of ailing birds, animals and human beings alike without any discrimination.

We had a pair   of dogs.  Their names were Shaky and Lobo.  Shaky was shot by a sniper. Wounded and profusely bleeding Shaky limping came to my mother for help. But my mother being old and a cancer patient was bed ridden. She couldn’t get up or do any thing herself. Unfortunately no one was home at time. Shaky died under my   mother’s bed. Lobo shed tears so did my mother with them. Shaky was buried in the backyard. Lobo couldn’t bear the loss of its mate. She got very ill and died too.

Once a sick robin fell down from the tree and broke its leg.  My mother fed her and took great care of her. That robin often came to pay her gratitude to my mother. It was mutual understanding between the two. When mother got ill and was bedridden that robin visited her everyday without fail. It sat on the window sill for some time and flew away.  The robin was never seen again when my mother passed away.

It was her silent love for my mother.

My mother was a symbol of love. May her soul rest in the best place in heaven and Allah be showering His blessings upon her.  Amen

To be lost in the ocean of chances

To neglect all for your soggy eyes;


Sometimes go and share with stars

About heart’s feelings or flowers,

Either squander day silently or

Be asleep in a meaningless way;


At times shed tears, at times veil them,

I evoke all, being lost on the way at dusk



15 Responses to "Love is God"

ok noww I just found where to comment. 😛
sowwieee but I really did read it! and its beautiful!!!! you are one amazing blogger 🙂


Another piece of Good thought by our beloved teacher,its really good to read.love expresses itself in any form by every living creature is beautifully explained by you mam.My favourite line is …”It enhances blood circulation”….keep writing…


Iam so happy to know that you read it. thank you my dear for liking it. khush raho. plz do drop a line after you read it as comments to entourage me


Beautifully written aunty. Mothers are indeed a symbol of love and God’s blessing 🙂


well done Mrs Rauf , each and every word is giving a true meaning of love , the sole purpose of the universe ,
God created this universe so that love can be manifested with all its strength and power , God created mothers so we can see a glimpse of His love who loves us 70 times more than her , a very well written piece of writing . love u


jazakAllah Shaista for having such big and generous heart to appreciate and encourage 🙂 love you too my dear


Nice article; where you shed light on the love of ALLAH & the unconditional Love of your mother for her children & the nature of ALLAH 🙂 Keep the good work continued


yes ammi jee love is essence of life. U have a very loving heart and u r symbol of love for us. lov u so much. May Allah give u long, healthy and happy life. Ameen


Its very heart touching..! u r doing a wonderful job..keep it up, from u, m so much inspired that m thinking to write blogs on my autobiographies..


thank u. you must write. as one of the writers n famous blogger says that, “written words never die” so do write


sure! will try atleast..


speechlessly amazing post. 🙂


very touchy very impressive…………..the language of love is universal and only mother”s love id unconditional…well written …stay blessed tanveer

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