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We are living on an island, having
Unfathomable Ocean on three sides,
And a dense forest on its fourth side,
None came back who went to seek its base!
The trees found here are bare with no leaves,
The fruit that grows on them is as big as heads,
All the birds on this island are voiceless,
Miseries like wriggling dreams keep us alive
For the forthcoming days and trial
Seeing a sailing boat from far-off,
We scream in excitement with waving hands
And quietly lay down with the setting sun
The stars sing unheard songs to our women
They vanish like one more world with the rising sun
It’s all like a dream for us, a hidden unknown!
Contented we were with little food!
And bodies adorned with leaves!
Who discovered the reason for our bareness?
No one would ever know,
If our children never asked
Every night, we make a boat in a dream
That sails smoothly on the water far away
And die away as a dream with the rising sun



The birds may not have squealed for no reason
Someone from city may have come for treason

Tree cutters would be aware of consequences
Bodies will burn in the sun if no shade resilience

Blooming spring’s founder didn’t even assume
Who let thorns to pierce into blood in volume?

A cheery chirpy bird sitting on the electric wire
Considers jungle to be of someone else’s pier

Flying from the jungle the terrified thirsty birds
Appeared every mirage as an ocean to the birds

Urdu Poetry: Kaifi Azmi
Translator: Tanveer Rauf

شور یوں ہی نہ پرندوں نے مچایا ہو گا
کوئی جنگل کی طرف شہر سے آیا ہو گا

پیڑ کے کاٹنے والوں کو یہ معلوم نہ تھا
جسم جل جائیں گے جب سر پہ نہ سایہ ہو گا

بانی ِ جشن ِ بہاراں نے یہ سوچا بھی نہیں
کس نے کانٹوں کو لہو اپنا پلایا ہو گا

بجلی کے تار پہ بیٹھا ہوا ہنستا پنچھی
سوچتا ہے کہ وہ جنگل تو پیارا ہو گا

اپنے جنگل سے جو گھبرا کے اڑے تھے پیاسے
ہر سراب ان کو سمندر نظر آیا ہو گا


shor yūñhī na parindoñ ne machāyā hogā
koī jañgal kī taraf shahr se aayā hogā

peḌ ke kāTne vāloñ ko ye mālūm to thā
jism jal jā.eñge jab sar pe na saaya hogā

bānī-e-jashn-e-bahārāñ ne ye sochā bhī nahīñ
kis ne kāñToñ ko lahū apnā pilāyā hogā

bijlī ke taar pe baiThā huā hañstā panchhī
sochtā hai ki vo jañgal to parāyā hogā

apne jañgal se jo ghabrā ke uḌe the pyāse
har sarāb un ko samundar nazar aayā hogā

Tanveer Rauf


Although there are large waves, strong currents, and tides in these seas, they do not mix or transgress this barrier.
The Holy Quran mentioned that there is a barrier between two seas that meet and that they do not transgress. God has said:
He has set free the two seas meeting together. There is a barrier between them. They do not transgress. (Quran, 55:19-20)
But when the Quran speaks about the divider between fresh and salt water, it mentions the existence of “a forbidding partition” with the barrier. God has said in the Quran:
He is the one who has set free the two kinds of water, one sweet and palatable, and the other salty and bitter. And He has made between them a barrier and a forbidding partition. (Quran, 25:53)
One may ask, why did the Quran mention the partition when speaking about the divider between fresh and salt water, but did not mention it when speaking about the divider between the two seas?
Modern science has discovered that in estuaries, where fresh (sweet) and salt water meet, the situation is somewhat different from what is found in places where two seas meet. It has been discovered that what distinguishes fresh water from salt water in estuaries is a “pycnocline zone with a marked density discontinuity separating the two layers.” This partition (zone of separation) has a different salinity from the fresh water and from the salt water

A barrier between two seas
Modern Science has discovered that in the places where two different seas meet, there is a barrier between them. This barrier divides the two seas so that each sea has its own temperature, salinity, and density. For example, Mediterranean Sea water is warm, saline, and less dense, compared to Atlantic Ocean water. When Mediterranean Sea water enters the Atlantic over the Gibraltar sill, it moves several hundred kilometers into the Atlantic at a depth of about 1000 meters with its own warm, saline, and less dense characteristics. The Mediterranean water stabilizes at this depth.


The mighty ocean will never deceive

The ocean will never turn into sugary;

Its elongated history is justly splendid

The blue ocean is straight and honest;

You can never calculate its deepness

If you only soaked your ankles merely;

It was experienced by vulnerable Noah

And experienced by the tyrant Pharaoh;

The ocean was unrest and wept oodles

When it saw the sand on it shorelines;

Seeing the full moon, the ocean leapt

Danced and ascended of joyousness;

The ocean takes our land as an island

It’s surrounding on all sides our land;

So committed to the land; the ocean

Has never crossed further than limits




The Quran is a complete code of life and sent for all ages and for all human beings. It is so composed that in spite of changes in knowledge, outlook and approach through various times and ages, it outshines all learning and knowledge in all ages. It provides meanings and ideas that can satisfy the needs of everyone and every time.

Thus the Quran is for all; the learned as well as the ordinary common reader. To make it more clearly, we can compare Quran to an ocean.  The less learned like children, collect pebbles and sea shells from ocean. The Scholars and thinkers or pear divers, bring out from it the highest philosophy, wisdom and rules of perfect living.

The Quran teaches us that Islam does not deal with the personal life of a believer, but also covers the rules of social behavior. It is a complete code of life.


Your posture is not your shadow

Not a soul, not any one is like you;

Anything  passed, deficient thy love

That was not, a fragment of my life;

How many storms are yet in  ocean

Even the shoreline is uninformed of;

My existence  is like a vague  image

No one has so far wondered about ;

If I have any whine, its this simply

That, neither You have valued me;

Every breath of mine is axis of you

I dare not, declare to worship you!



ترا پیکر ترا سایا نہیں ہے
کوئی بھی تو ترے جیسا نہیں ہے

جو گزرا ہے تری چا ہت سے ہٹ ر

وہ میری زیست کا لمحہ نہیں ہے

سمند ر میں ابھی ہیں کتنے طو فاں
یہ ساحل کو بھی اند ا زہ نہیں ہے

ہے ا ک مبہم تصو ر میری ہستی
کسی نے اب تلک سوچا نہیں ہے

گلہ ہے گر تو بس اتنا ہے تجھ سے
کہ تو نے بھی مجھے سمجھا نہیں ہے

میری ہر سانس ہے تجھ سے عبارت
عبا دت کا مجھے دعویٰ نہیں ہے ….. Razia Subhan



The heart is foolish———!

Been watching for long

Blue moon of the blue sky;

Been watching for long

Shilly-shally striving storm

Of love-in waves’ bosom;

Waves return hitting the shore

Like prisoners hit against the

Dark deaf, dumb, blind walls; 

Find no way to quit from dumb

Walls of the prison; lively life

 Invites them to it, from outside;

The heart is restive, longs for you,

Heart is foolish

Been watching for long;

Thinking, it’s beyond reach,

Me and the ocean, you the moon!   

Composed by Ahmed Shamim

Translated by Tanveer Rauf   


Heart is foolish

Watching since dusk,

Blue sky’s blue moon

Watching since dusk

 On bosom of waves

 Mounting, declining,

Storm of affection is

Hitting the seashore;

Waves return like captives

Smash against prison’s drab

Deaf walls, finding no way;

Outside the gloomy walls

Captivating beautiful life invites

 Towards itself; heart is fascinated;

Heart is foolish,

Watching since dusk


Me ocean, and you moon!

Composed by Ahmed Shamim

Translated by Tanveer Rauf

Seen you often by ocean’s brink

Seems an idea crept into thy eyes,

  So hearing saga of splashing waves

Something sure–so smile thy lips;

Seen you often by ocean’s brink

Your foot steps tread on all alone

Forgetting me, forgetting you also

                      Hark back to your foot prints a lot!

Composed by Shaista Mufti

Translated by Tanveer Rauf

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