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The way I see my misfortune like a foe

One wouldn’t hate intensely like his foe


What a misery neither I die nor live

What terrifying time I pass and live


Your loveliness is unmatchable beloved

I carry your photo all around  beloved


She inquires every one after slaying me

Who did this butchery, who killed me?


What a misery neither I die nor live

What terrifying time I pass and live


I recall how she brought dishonor to me

Then regret and doleful what she did to me





dagh dehelvi

dagh dehelvi



Lord never draws once agrees provisions for anyone

Countless be the sins; Lord sees but nurtures everyone

The Lord sent Adam to this enthralling garden

Adorned it life’s delights and Adam’s wisdom

The path’s creepy, I’m blind, how to stay steady

Many to push me, only you can hold me steady

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If her kind attention’s blessed on my grave

How elevated and prominent be my grave

Terrifying wilderness and ardent patriotism

It hurts observing of a destitute homeless

The distressed sighs heave since evening

Heart’s burning of sorrow and suffering

Go to realize the frightful scene of dying

The lamp of life is trembling before dying

Reaction in lonely prisoners’ heart moving

Prisoners’ liberty appears to be bordering  

White hair, shaky hands holding wine cup

Indicating in anguish, of spring’s coming

To see sensual body movements of beloved

One might give away his life for his beloved

Cup bearer let not drop the last glass of wine

Someone will be hurt if drops glass of wine

The haunting souls of drunkards will hover

If drizzly springtime clouds remain to hover

What a sight to see the styles of her dresses

The alluring sight of thin subtle dresses

Pardon and don’t ask me of my past action

Failed to resist or control my heart’s passion

Don’t wish to part away ‘Yas’ from this world

It’s so inviting; the mortal garden of world

Yagana changezi

saaya agar nasīb ho dīvār-e-yār kā

kyā martaba buland ho apne mazār kā

vo dasht-e-haulnāk vo hubb-e-vatan kā josh

phir phir ke dekhnā vo kisī be-dayār kā

lau de rahī hai shaam se aaj āh-e-ātishīñ

shola bhaḌak rahā hai dil-e-dāġhdār kā

tasvīr-e-naza.a dekhnā chāho to dekh lo

rah rah ke jhilmilānā charāġh-e-mazār kā

par taulne lage phir asīrān-e-bad-nasīb

shāyad qarīb aa gayā mausam bahār kā

mū-e-safed kāñpte haath aur jām-e-mai

dikhlā rahe haiñ rañg ḳhizāñ meñ bahār kā

añgḌā.iyoñ ke saath kahīñ dam nikal na jaa.e

āsāñ nahīñ hai ranj uThānā ḳhumār kā

saaya agar nasīb ho dīvār-e-yār

kyā martaba buland ho apne mazār

vo dasht-e-haulnāk vo hubb-e-vatan josh

phir phir ke dekhnā vo kisī be-dayār

lau de rahī hai shaam se aaj āh-e-ātishīñ

shola bhaḌak rahā hai dil-e-dāġhdār

tasvīr-e-naza.a dekhnā chāho to dekh lo

rah rah ke jhilmilānā charāġh-e-mazār

par taulne lage phir asīrān-e-bad-nasīb

shāyad qarīb aa gayā mausam bahār

mū-e-safed kāñpte haath aur jām-e-mai

dikhlā rahe haiñ rañg ḳhizāñ meñ bahār

añgḌā.iyoñ ke saath kahīñ dam nikal na jaa.e

āsāñ nahīñ hai ranj uThānā ḳhumār

saaqī girā na dījiyo ye jām-e-āḳhirī

dil TuuT jā.egā kisī ummīd-vār

mastoñ rūheñ bhaTkeñgī achchhā nahīñ hai ab

ghir-ghir ke aanā qabroñ par abr-e-bahār

dekho to apne vahshiyoñ jāma-zebīyāñ

allāh re husn pairahan-e-tār-tār

jurm-e-guzishta afv kun o mājrā mapurs

maarā huā huuñ is dil-e-be-iḳhtiyār

duniyā se ‘yās’ jaane ko chāhtā nahīn

allāh re husn gulshan-e-nā-pā.edār

Yagana Changezi








Poet: Baba Bulleh Shah
Translated by : Tanveer Rauf

One has to transform into sane

One has to play as a crazy sane

One has to wrap up one’s mortal

That gives pleasure to the Master

In this realm Murshid as Bulleh Shah

Is bound to chant and also dance
Deewana hona painda aye
Mastana hona painda aye,
Jis roop vich raazi yaar howe,
Oh bhesh watauna painda aye,
Ethe bulleh warge murshid nu bhi,
Nachna te gauna painda aye


The poet

Hey you! Listen

I’m a poet

My words are not beads of rosary

That is dropped carelessly

Aimlessly and dreamily

My words are like the mirrors

That reveals image from every angle

So there’s no chance to craft excuse

The words I write are sweet are sour

They are kind, soft and even critical

If wish to spread harmony with words

Don’t use wrongly or make fun of words

Otherwise history will crush those  cruelly

Generations been diminished ruthlessly

Of ones who played with words carelessly  

Time perceives its reflection in my words

Thou can benefit if use words correctly

Past, present and future breathe inside me

I am also one of you

But———I’m a poet





Me shair hun

Mere likhe huey alfaaz

Kisi Mulla ki tasbeeh ke

Bedhyani mein girte huey daane nh

Keh akarat chale jain

Mere likhe huey alfaaz

Aaina khana hain

Jo aik soorat hazaar zaviyo’n se

Tum pe aashkaar karte hain

Ta keh tumhare paas

Uzr pesh karne ki koi gunjaish na rahe

Mere likhe huey alfaaz

Raseele bhi hain aor kaseele bhi

Komal bhi hain aor karakht bhi


Sukhan ki dunya mein falah chahte ho

To alfaaz se mazaq mat karna

Warna tareekh ke hatte charh jao ge

Aor jo is roop mein tareekh ke hatte charh jaey

Us ki naslai’n

Khijalat ka bojh dhote dhote mar jati hain

Ya swaang bhar leti hain

Waqt apna aks mere alfaaz mein dekhta hai

Aor apne aap se waqif rehta hai

Tum bhi apni beenai se istifadah kar sakte ho

Raftga’n, mojoodga’n aor aaindga’n

Mujh mein saans lete hain

Me tumhi mein se hun


Me shair hun

Poet: Shabbir Nazish














As lovely moments coming, troubles will perish
As we both reunite the detachment will perish;
The chain of constant flowing tears also will break
Our heartiness from this weird bond also will break;
But entire sagas are only for comforting own heart,
In nights of grief die, little by little of aching heart,
Smiling, moaning, weeping, curbing and singing;
Dream of peace is calming and will remain as such
On static arena, the lover will narrate the love story
Slowly the entire life will stream down through eyes;
pyaare lamhe aaye.Nge aur majabuurii miT jaayegii
pyaare lamhe aaye.Nge aur majabuurii miT jaayegii
ham dono.n mil jaaye.nge aur sab duurii miT jaayegii
har dam bahane vaalii aa.Nkho.n kii maalaa bhii TuuTegii
teri merii hastii is bairii ba.ndhan se chhuTegii
lekin ye sab baate.n hai.n apane jii ke bahalaane kii
dukh kii raat me.n dhiire dhiire dil kaa dard miTaane kii
rote rote ha.Nsate ha.Nsate rukate rukate gaane kii
sukh kaa sapanaa suukhaa hai aur suukhaa hii rah jaayegaa
suunii sej pe prem kahaanii premii yuu.N kah jaayegaa
hote hote saaraa jiivan aa.Nkho.n se bah jaayegaa




Which land have you been departed to?
I’m lost and alone in this crowded world
The Death angel has deserted me also
The wish for seeing is not fulfilled also
The heart’s heartless and unconcerned
Nothing interests or charms heart at all
One soul having boundless desolation
May not breathe his last of suffocation
Let me look at you with dipping eyes
As am sinking into the land of eternity
Which land have you been departed to?
I’m lost and alone in this crowded world


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