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Those who you are close to and cherished

Are the ones fortunate and privileged!

When someone falls in love with anyone

It’s like fatality following that someone

Meeting me? And that too; to meet you!

Is beyond realism; to have met you

Those who bear torture with not a sigh

Are weird men with a heart and no sigh?

In love relations, nothing at all is achieved

Merely distress and only sorrows achieved

Who knows the worth and value of Nuh

Nowhere is found a literary being like him



aap jin ke qarīb hote haiñ

vo baḌe ḳhush-nasīb hote haiñ

jab tabī.at kisī par aatī hai

maut ke din qarīb hote haiñ

mujh se milnā phir aap kā milnā

aap kis ko nasīb hote haiñ

zulm sah kar jo uf nahīñ karte

un ke dil bhī ajiib hote haiñ

ishq meñ aur kuchh nahīñ miltā

saikḌoñ ġham nasīb hote haiñ

‘nūh’ kī qadr koī kyā jaane

kahīñ aise adiib hote haiñ

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Every day passes before me as if

I am nothing, just nobody

At times sings, at times he bemoans

Grumbling or banging his head at times

Yelling as if the whole world is deaf

Often I think about him

He is insane even though

He has a world of his own!

In his world, his life, his utopia,

Joys and sorrows are his,

Grief and relief are his own

His loneliness is his harmony;

This lunatic is better than me,

I have been prudent and sensible

I’m all alone amid friends!

وہ پاگل،

روز میرے سامنے سے یوں گزرتا ہے

کہ جیسے میں نہیں کچھ بھی

کبھی ہنستا، کبھی روتا

کبھی وہ سر جھٹکتا،بڑ بڑ اتا

جیسے زمانہ سارا بہرہ ہو ۔۔

میں اکثر سوچتی ہوں دیکھکر اسکو

کہ یہ پاگل تو ہے


الگ اک اسکی دنیا ہے

جہاں پر “کل” ہے یہ اپنا/

ہے اسکی سوچ اپنی، آگہی اپنی

خوشی بھی اسکی اپنی/

غم بھی اپنا،بندگی اپنی

ہمیشہ تنہا رہ کر بھی

ہے خلوت انجمن اسکی

یہ پاگل مجھ سے بہتر ہے

کہ میں ذی ہوش ہو کر بھی

بھری محفل میں تنہا ہوں ۔۔

رضیہ سبحان


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