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Whom have I envision, what’s the matter

My heartstrings tinkle, what’s the matter

God! My love’s nowhere to be found now

What lure is there for me in Thy world now

Something pinching and stirring my heart

What’s the remedy for this feeling in my heart?

Lovely angels granted to all virtuous beings

Nothing’s there in Heavens for a sinner being!

To breathe and be alive in time of her youth

How spirited to be alive in her time of youth

No medicine will work; it’s time to pray now

No ray of life! What’s left in thy lover now?

Remembrance of Luknow hangs on me Akhtar
What more to wish than to visit Luknow, Akhtar

kis ko dekhā hai ye huā kyā hai

dil dhaḌaktā hai mājrā kyā hai

ik mohabbat thī miT chukī yā rab

terī duniyā meñ ab dharā kyā hai

dil meñ letā hai chuTkiyāñ koī

haa.e is dard kī davā kyā hai

hūreñ nekoñ meñ baT chukī hoñgī

bāġh-e-rizvāñ meñ ab rakhā kyā hai

us ke ahd-e-shabāb meñ jiinā

jiine vaalo tumheñ huā kyā hai

ab davā kaisī hai duā kā vaqt

tere bīmār meñ rahā kyā hai

yaad aatā hai lucknow ‘aḳhtar’

ḳhuld ho aa.eñ to burā kyā hai




Nothing as such–nothing significant

What’s out there, beyond the skies?

This sphere is merely insignificant

Life spent in haste and willfulness

What to say of your nothingness

If we aren’t residents of this place

What’s home, what’s rootlessness

What do our eyes envision you as?

How do you in reality look like as?

I’m essence and glory of this world

If I’m gone; what’s there in the world

When delighted; he never was caring

If ever was doubtful will he be caring

A drop of my blood is more splendid

Ember and beer fail to be so splendid

Is all fine with you; how come so kind

Out of the blue and curtly why so kind?

An ardent seen in handful of dust being

It’s startling and unlikely to see the being

You are accountable for my soul’s grief

Your sighs can’t lessen my angst grief

 if to achieve goal is not so important

Why fear of loss or gain so important

What’s life and glamour of life Anjum?

What’s beyond and veiled away then


کچھ خاص نہیں……بس یونہی کچھ…

آسماں سے پرے جہاں کیا ہے!
دہر کی آنکھ میں نہاں کیا ہے!

رائیگانی ہے عمر بھر کی رفیق!
اور ترے ہجر کا بیاں کیا ہے!

ہم یہاں کے مکیں نہیں ہیں تو پھر!
لامکانی ہے کیا! مکاں کیا ہے!

پردہء چشم پہ_کیا تصویر!
دہر میں اور ترا نشاں کیا ہے!

ہیں جہاں ہم، ہے عالم_اسباب!
ہم نہیں ہیں جہاں، وہاں کیا ہے!

خوش گماں تھا تو مہرباں نہ ہوا!
ہو گیا گر وہ بد گماں، کیا ہے!

صرف اک بوند ہے لہو کی مرے!
آتش و آب_ارغواں کیا ہے!

خیر تو ہے؟ مزاج کیسے ہیں؟
آج یہ لطفِ ناگہاں کیا ہے؟

روح پیوست_پیکر_خاکی!
کس طرح ہے؟ یہ چیستاں کیا ہے؟

قرض ہے راکھ کا مری تم پہ!
دل سے اٹھتا ہوا دھواں کیا ہے!

حاصلِ شوق کچھ نہیں ہے اگر!
سود کیا ہے! تو پھر زیاں کیا ہے!

عالم_رنگ و بو ہے کیا انجم!
اور پس_پردہء جہاں کیا ہے!

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Pain of my mortal body has stayed all night 

Who has seen the growing agony of the night?

That one didn’t understand me, this one left me

This depressed me for no reason on and off

Urge to meet you fulfilled my desire though

Don’t know why I feel sad after meeting you

The reality of this world unwrapped facing me

When agony of my fantasy became obvious

Even if I win and he loses, I don’t feel happy

And if I lose I feel I am defeated.

Is there anyone not distressed every day?

Razia Subhan


Make thou illustrious in love’s world?

My innocent heart, make thou proud;

Thou heart itself insist on, to meet me,

Make thy heart so alluring to meet me;

Life keeps me away from you, otherwise

I’ll get rid of it, if thou are nearby   me;

Why feel shy to confess, you love me?

If ever meet me, compel you to confess;

Why live a dull life? O’ you! The beauty!

Come hither! Let me douse you in love;

If thou are here, I, being lost in love will,

Compel the stars to supplicate you;

 World is akin to a black hole, beloved,

Just a peg more, I’ll light up the world

Life is dubious otherwise, I promise,

Will light up with love, the world!


Each and every one is lonely in this world

No one care for anyone;

What’s love; what’s loyalty, what’s dreaming of love?

Those who were as one yesterday are not even in image;

All events of life are sham; my shadow is not mine either

Life’s akin a boat; but there’s no mariner;

Who helps the drowning heart in a whirlpool?

                                                             There’s no seashore

Is duniyaa me.n sab hai.n akele,

koii kisii kaa nahii.n,

kaisii mohabbat kasii vafaaye.n kaise pyaar ke sapane,

aaj Khayaalo.n me.n bhii nahii.n hai.n saath jo the kal apane,

jhuuThee hai.n sab jag ke mele,

saayaa bhii apanaa nahii.n,

kaaGhaz kii ek naa.Nv hai jiivan koii nahii.n hai maa.Njhii,

biich bhavar me.n kaun banaa hai Duubate man kaa saathii,

kahate hai.n maujo.n ke rele,

koii kinaaraa nahii.n,

Sehba Akhtar

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Keep me intoxicated in Thy love

Keep me away from any felony;

Me a sinner, but wish to be

Engulfed in celestial lighting;

To be known by Thy alliance

Lord,make  me  that famous;

To be open to Thou eternally,

Keep me veiled from the world

Time  may shackle me severely,

Do not make me that helpless;

Benevolence go down the drain

Lord,keep me away from such act!

Urdu composition by Razia Subhan


The world is evolving from imperfection to perfection. It needs all love and sympathy; great tenderness and watchfulness are required from each one of us.

Chosen you beloved when

The entire world cherished then

I was thine, you were mine

Whom not we confided hence

Death is fatality thus

Life too harassed us

Moon was seated by the side

Why then abolish all lights

Still on her eyes on her veneer,

Bestowed worlds upon her;

In spite of all this Ahmar

 In no way she loved me ever

Composed by Ahmar.H.Ahmar

Translated by Tanveer Rauf

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