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There’s no seashore!

Posted on: November 8, 2014


Each and every one is lonely in this world

No one care for anyone;

What’s love; what’s loyalty, what’s dreaming of love?

Those who were as one yesterday are not even in image;

All events of life are sham; my shadow is not mine either

Life’s akin a boat; but there’s no mariner;

Who helps the drowning heart in a whirlpool?

                                                             There’s no seashore

Is duniyaa me.n sab hai.n akele,

koii kisii kaa nahii.n,

kaisii mohabbat kasii vafaaye.n kaise pyaar ke sapane,

aaj Khayaalo.n me.n bhii nahii.n hai.n saath jo the kal apane,

jhuuThee hai.n sab jag ke mele,

saayaa bhii apanaa nahii.n,

kaaGhaz kii ek naa.Nv hai jiivan koii nahii.n hai maa.Njhii,

biich bhavar me.n kaun banaa hai Duubate man kaa saathii,

kahate hai.n maujo.n ke rele,

koii kinaaraa nahii.n,

Sehba Akhtar

4 Responses to "There’s no seashore!"

I concur. There is no seashore. Blessings.


This is beautiful <3. Unfortunately you're correct about the changes in our lives and life style. It is sad that so many cannot or do not care for others, even as just a human being. Their words are usually just that, words said to pacify us, but not often true or meant from the heart! You've a beautiful Soul Tanveer! This is lovely & the picture is perfect!


“No one care for anyone;
What’s love; what’s loyalty, what’s dreaming of love?”
We need to go back to the simple things. Lead with kindness and love. Would be a better world. Thank you for sharing the powerful poetry. Left reader with things to ponder.

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