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Roving in the land of desires got me nothing

I gave nothing to anyone so I got nothing

Tw’s sheer fake that bloomed in darkness

Beyond my being, the light gave nothing

Isn’t it bounteous, am given a wish, for life?

How can I say that life gave me nothing?

All sovereigns and beggars turned to dust

Self-importance or timidity repaid nothing

It’s known that agony of parting is ecstatic

Your Amity left no scars no pain, nothing


dead body of CHILD

Seen a strange image of agony and gloom

When corpse of a child lay on the shore

It was like fragrant flower blossomed suddenly

On silky sand early in morning like miracle

The waves softly and gently caressed him

The clouds were saddened and grieved

Light twitchy winds hovered restively

What the waves have written on water

Is, that what kind of civilization is this

Where human is killed by human race

It’s not read or felt by anyone, by none

The child has slept, like a weary butterfly

That sleeps on a flower after fluttering


Clouds pour rain only on lagoons

Fields but yearn for a single drop

Dust is peacefulness after agony

He tightens and entraps His way

Rise and fall is in line with His will

Fortune maker stays, up in the sky

Be cautious and better stay away

Now every human being bristles

I’m ultimate appraiser of jewels, so

The heart is not discounted, beloved

We scatter like sand particles Naina

My sighs in puts Thal into flames

Abr Bhi Jheel Par Barasta Hai

Kheit Ik Boond Ko Tarasta Hai

Dard Seh Kar Bhi Milti Hai Taskeen

Wo Shikanja Kuch Aise Kasta Hai

Uski Marzi Pe Hai Urooj O Zawaal

Bakht Saaz Aasman Pe Basta Hai

Ehtiyatann Zara Sa Dor Raho

Ab Tau Har Eik Shakhs Dasta Hai

Mein Bhi Joher Shanaas Hon Jaanan

Dil Ka Sauda Bhi Koi Sasta Hai

Reit Ban Kar Bikhartey Hain Naina

Meri Aahon Se Thal Jhulasta Hai

Farzana Khan Naina

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Pain of my mortal body has stayed all night 

Who has seen the growing agony of the night?

That one didn’t understand me, this one left me

This depressed me for no reason on and off

Urge to meet you fulfilled my desire though

Don’t know why I feel sad after meeting you

The reality of this world unwrapped facing me

When agony of my fantasy became obvious

Even if I win and he loses, I don’t feel happy

And if I lose I feel I am defeated.

Is there anyone not distressed every day?

Razia Subhan

Like a view from a passing van’s pane

He met me, but like a running mass!

I’m a drifter like the wind on roadways

He waits too, but silent like a pine tree

Don’t see the buzz of the bazaar with my eyes

Township will look bleak like a house

The same sense of agony as of   in prison

Come home daily as coming to office

Term returned to print grief on leaves

Sunlight is piercing eyes like a dagger;

Composed by Ahmed Shamim

                                                                   Translated by Tanveer Rauf

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