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Will light up with love—-

Posted on: November 11, 2014


Make thou illustrious in love’s world?

My innocent heart, make thou proud;

Thou heart itself insist on, to meet me,

Make thy heart so alluring to meet me;

Life keeps me away from you, otherwise

I’ll get rid of it, if thou are nearby   me;

Why feel shy to confess, you love me?

If ever meet me, compel you to confess;

Why live a dull life? O’ you! The beauty!

Come hither! Let me douse you in love;

If thou are here, I, being lost in love will,

Compel the stars to supplicate you;

 World is akin to a black hole, beloved,

Just a peg more, I’ll light up the world

Life is dubious otherwise, I promise,

Will light up with love, the world!

5 Responses to "Will light up with love—-"

TR you look good 😀

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Thank you AB for encouragement 🙂 cheers

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This is a wonderful poem!

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thank you. I’m humbled


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