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 Where do the heartaches go mother?

Where at all they go———-

When the hearts become dust

Get vanished in their own dust

When the seasons are wrapped

In the murky gloomy stillness

Where do the heartaches go?

Where at all they go———-

Heart aches disappear so is grief

However the life moves on

Days and nights pass on

We do not continue living

Where do the heartaches go mother?

Where at all they go———-

Youth converts to old and quietness

The eyes are converted into lifeless

Melody of lost songs faded away

Music, melody, and spirit fade away

Where do the heartaches go mother?

Where at all they go———

ایک بھولے گیت کی چند سطریں

درد کہاں جاتے ہیں مائی !
درد کہاں جاتے ہیں

جب دل مٹی ہو جاتے ہیں
اپنی دُھول میں کھو جاتے ہیں
قبروں کی کالی خاموشی
اوڑھ کے موسم سو جاتے ہیں

درد کہاں جاتے ہیں مائی !
درد کہاں جاتے ہیں

دل نہیں رہتا غم نہيں رہتے
رہنے والے کم نہيں رہتے
راتیں آتی ہیں جاتی ہیں
پر راتوں میں ہم نہيں رہتے

درد کہاں جاتے ہیں مائی !
درد کہاں جاتے ہیں

عمریں سُونے گھر جاتی ہیں
آنکھیں خآک سے بھر جاتی ہیں
بھولے گیتوں کی آوازیں
دھوپ میں پیاسی مر جاتی ہیں

درد کہاں جاتے ہیں مائی !
درد کہاں جاتے ہیں


A Poor Couple lived in a Small Village in India.

They had only 1 Son.

They gave him the Best Education.

Son Graduated as an Engineer in the nearby City

Eventually He got Married to a Rich Girl.

Initially, They Lived with His Parents in the Village.

Soon the Wife got Tired of Village Life Persuaded Her Husband to Move to the City Leaving His Old Parents in the Village.

As Time went, the Husband saw an Ad in the Newspaper about a
Job Vacancy in U.S

He was Successful Lived in U.S for 20 Years with His Wife.

Regularly, He used to send Money to His Parents

Eventually with Time, He Stopped Forgot about His Parents whether
they ever existed.

Every Day He Pray Immediately after each Prayer He used to see someone telling Him
in a Dream that his Prayer is not accepted.

One Day, He Related this Story to a ‘Pious Scholar’ who advised Him to go back to India to Visit His Parents.

The Man Flew to India Reached the Boundary of His Village.

Everything was changed over there.

He could not Find His House.

So He asked to the Head of the Village about the Whereabouts of His Parents.

The Head of the Village directed Him to a House said: “In this House, Lives an Old Blind Lady who lost Her Husband a Few Months Ago. She has a Son who migrated to
US 20 Years back Never came back again. What an Unfortunate Man.”

Son enters that Home
Finds His Mother on the Bed.

He Tip-Toed as He did not want to Wake her up

He hears His Mother Whispering or Mumbling Something.

He gets closer to Hear His Mother’s Voice.

This is what His Mother was saying: “God!
I am now Very Old Blind.
My Husband just died.
There is no One to Lower Me in My Grave when I Die. So please Send My Son to Fulfill
My Last Wish”.

This is the Ending of a Story where the Prayer of a Mother is accepted.

A Human Body can Bear only 45 Del (units) of Pain.

But at the Time of Giving Birth, A Mother feels up to 57 Del (units) of Pain.

This is similar to 20 Bones
getting fractured, all at the Same Time.

This is just to tell U the extent, to which a Mother Loves Her Child.

So, Love your Mom till the End of Ur Life.

The Lady with whom you fight almost every day, Suffered so much Pain
just to give U a Beautiful Life.

i liked this story so much so sharing with you all



A woman is a very unique, precious creation of Almighty. God made her delicate, fragile and beautiful like a flower. Even a slight heat wave of grief withers her blowing apart her like daisy, but, on the other hand she is patient and can endure the torturous labor pains to give birth to another human being. She is blend of love, brevity, endurance, hatred, judgment and sacrifice. She can do anything, everything. What she needs is respect and love. She is a mother.

Mother is most valued relation. Hence valued beings are to be taken especial care of. The holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad (p.b.u.h) respected women most. Precious things are covered and protected. That’s why women are preferred to pray separately and at home so no stranger sees their body movements or cast a bad eye on them. A woman only undresses herself before her husband only and that too in closed bedroom. Love making too is liked better in dark to avoid anyone else to see them. When a woman is so honored then why—————?

What can we women do? In life covering our body as much as possible but when the end comes like this A woman is naked in front of all Na Mehrams… (Strangers)
You know the dialysis without Fistula, for putting the IVP the patient’s lower body is exposed as it is usually done on the thigh……
If a lady has a heart related issue so in order to save life her upper body remains exposed, either for Angiography, Angioplasty or an open heart surgery? If she is goes towards a heart failure then for CPR, her chest is exposed……..
Think ladies wish that Female doctors should be there for the women so that their Hijab remains intact.
I am wonder about one thing, why do lady doctors leave the profession? Husbands are responsible……..or their domestic chores hold them back?

Girls should decide before taking up medical studies to be firm and dedicated to their profession to serve female patients in gynecology especially and if opt for specialization they should go for heart surgery  to respect self  and other women. Every field is open for women now but female doctors must take it seriously.

Everyone has his own perception. I don’t mean to offend anyone this is my personal  opinion.


A  man thus addressed the Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h):

‘O’ Messenger of God, who rightfully deserves the best treatment from me?’

‘Your mother,’ The Prophet said.

“Then who?’

‘your mother’ replied the Prophet

The man asked again.

‘Your mother’ replied the Prophet

‘Then who?’

‘Your mother’  said the Prophet

“The man asked once more,

‘Then who?’

‘Your father,’ said the Prophet.

Hadith of Al-Bukhari and Muslim on the authority of Abu Hurayrah


Islam does not oppose family planning at all, rather directs to devise a strategy and planning in this field too like all other fields. God has made a code of conduct for the smooth running of this world. Thus all the works, accordingly get accomplished in two ways.

The first way is beyond the capacity of human beings as in the matters of rains, storms, floods, earthquakes, changing of seasons, and the natural calamities etc.

The second way has the partial involvement of the human being’s will and action. In all of the matters which a human being considers to be in his capacity, God has directed him to undertake them with knowledge, rational thinking, intellect, wisdom and proper strategy.

Childbirth is one of the selective matters where God lets the free will of the human beings exercise. Though a child is born as per the order of God, yet the parents and other human beings are the source for that. It is just as a farmer cultivates his land and grows the crop. The Quran affirms it at so many occasions that the cultivation of land and growing of crop by man is certainly done at the will of God. The farmer is no doubt the source. Thus the same intellect employed by man for the cultivation of his land should be applied while cultivating his generation too. Both these matters have been yoked together in Al-Waqia’ah:

“Behold the semen you emit: did you create it, or did we? (….) Consider the seeds you grow. Is it you that give them growth or we?” (Al-Waqi’ah 56: 63-64)

“(O Prophet) Give good news to my servants, who listen to my words and follow the best interpretation of it

During the time of the Holy Prophet some of his companions used to adopt certain preventive measures for birth control. The Holy Prophet knew it and allowed to continue with that. Thus it can be concluded that all methods for birth control are valid in Islam.

In all such matters where man has free will whatever the decision he makes and whatever the line of action he opts becomes the decision of God, if it is not against the larger interest of the whole of the humankind.

Thus man has to plan for that, otherwise he would not get it enough. Hence one must plan the size of one’s family, the time for the birth of a child and the proper care of every child. This is what we call family planning.

He must take proper care of the health of this wife. He must plan for a new child when his wife is able to give birth to a child in all respects. He has to look after her during her pregnancy. He must give proper respite between the births of two children. He can only be called a wise and a responsible husband if he Thus man continues proceeding on the highway of knowledge, rational thinking and science through this way. God has declared this principle in clear terms in the Quran that He never let any man’s Action go waste

images (1)16076326-smiling-mother-feeding-her-daughter-piece-of-carrot

My uncle was on a flight from Paris to New York in 1997. When he took his seat in the aircraft a French lady with her three or four year old daughter came and sat on the seat next to his. As there are only three seats, the mother sat on one, the daughter next to my uncle’s.

After a while an airhostess served food. The French lady taking the tray from the air hostess began feeding her daughter and at the same time partaking from it herself.  She put a morsel in her daughter’s mouth and after she had eaten it, the lady said, ‘Say thank you,’ she then put another spoonful of rice and made her say, ‘thank you’ again. According to my uncle the lady made her daughter say the word ‘Thank you’ thirty six 36 times during the course of the meal.

He observed this with amazement that this habit of showing gratitude would surely become part of her daughter’s character and she will be thankful to everyone for the rest of her life.

Moral; we should teach our children these good habits from childhood to be grateful for anything they are blessed with


A Mother’s love !

your arms were always open when I needed a hug

your heart always understood when i needed a friend 

your gentle eyes were stern when gave me lesson

your love gave me strength to face the world

and the confidence to fly freely!

but now the enemy has parted us behind the wall

but the power of your love mother

 I get your love shaking hands under the wall



LOVE you mother




Mother is the one, who’s variant
Affectation have I sighted,
For a while she’s cool shade,
At times she’s akin to sunlight;
From her, learnt the art of living
Her modesty unfurled the ways;
Her honest pearls like words
Enthralled one and all;
Her heart in bosom pure as oyster
Gives pearls, when its blight;
I witness deep wounds she has
Yet she rows life’s boat serenely;
Though after her, life’s desolate
I’ll lighten my heart of her memories;
Time we spent in harmony, with you
O’ mother! Enlighten my liveliness
May Allah be pleased with you—

Urdu composition by Razia Subhan



Sacrificed your TODAY, for our Tomorrow, WE salute YOU
Image Image
Tribute to Pakistan Army brave soldiers!

We are the folk lore of chilled breeze

We are martyrs, we are the heroes,

We departed, breathed our last;

We enfolded us with sheet of snow;

We are sons, dad and brothers too,

We’re colonel, captain and major too!

We’re Havaldar, Naik, and sepoy too!

We are the apple our of father’s eye,

We’re the adorable of our mother too,

We are far away and are helpless too!

We’re short of breath and wounded too,

When we’ll be raised up from snow,

We’ll come back soon!

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