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Why are the lips so silent?

Skies will be shaken one day

By Earth’s inhabitants one day

What does the flute croon?

It’s spring now! Craves for beloved;

The flute thus croons

What’s the carnival about?

It’s far and wide all over crowd,

Everyone but, alone in the crowd

Where have all the stars hidden?

Tears stream like embers smitten





Spring’s in the air; step out enjoy the lovely thrill,

The fragrance, flowers and the glittery breeze

Mosam e gul hay zara gher se nikal ker dekho

Baagh roshan hawaon mei deye jultay hein

Anwar Zahidi



Adhere as fragrant breath when meet

Engulf me like my aura if reside with me

If hold my heart; stay as thy own abode

Be there like my reflection in my vision

Be the first bloom of spring to blossom

Live like fresh and youthful flora forever

Stop as if never took a step ahead ever

If you walk, take to the air as gentle gale

If you laugh; laugh like an innocent child

If awake; brighten the darkness as a ray

Drink venom like sweet sherbet, Anwer

Make life eternity when you pass away


Spring breeze came to ask me

Who did chain up your feet?

You met once and never met again,

Thy remembrance, revisit over again;

See, the effect of my beloved’s thought,

Solitude now appears to be festivity;

A teardrop is akin to, my being flowing,

Deeper than the ocean is my serenity

It’s the dark spot where the wind came

Number of times, to light the lamp;

Neither had you said anything to me nor I,

Then what did the silence say repeatedly?

Of losing loveliness and liveliness of spring,

The ruthlessness of autumn overshadowed

Dye  me in thy color, my love!


Thou are my man, oh beloved of Almighty;

Dye me in thy color!

My scarf, and the beloved’s turban,

Both need to be dyed in the spring’s color;

Whatever be the price for dyeing, ask for it,

Thou can have my blossoming youth in mortgage;

Dye me in thy color!

I have come and fallen at thy door step,

For thou to, safeguard my pride, my dignity,

Thou are my man, Oh beloved of Almighty,

Dye me in thy color!

Thinking of thee—Love!


What is love——-?

To be lost in the ocean of chances

To neglect all for your soggy eyes; 

Sometimes go and share with stars

About heart’s feelings or flowers,

Either squander day silently or

Be asleep in a meaningless way; 

At times shed tears, at times veil them,

I evoke all, being lost on the way at dusk 

What is love—–?

Poison, energizer, shadow, may be

                                                Shadow, which often shadowed me;

Compels me to speak his language

Forget self, and choose crazy way; 

What is love—-?

                                                Be faithful to words, sip death’s poison,

      Pat thy heart’s string with pure simplicity 

What is love—-?

 Maybe to locate him on the tracks,

                                               Worship again, whom cast off before;  

Just feel often, that we have left

 Far behind, the destiny of madness; 

Broken the bond amid flora and fauna,

Through clouds Love will shower again

Linking green shoot erupts in heart again; 

Will feel free of your promising assurance,

Love will again return to your soggy eyes!


 Translated Shaista Mufti’s work












This spring is lost in some gloom

The colors, foliage and flowers  

What are these pinpointing to?

Singing glum on air’s rhythm 

The dreamy moments that lost

Drained; slept inside the eyes 

 Fragrance of those dreamy moments

 I’ve seen their dew on every flower 

Few moments of spirit’s harmony

Incredible few cherished moments 

Smiling joyfully in my imagination

I am sure the season of Spring

Was never so beautiful ever


Composed by Shaista Mufti

Translated by Tanveer Rauf














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