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Shed tears either on conditions or oneself


sad love girls miss u wallpapers (1)

Shed tears either on conditions or oneself

As I recall, I get upset and pity on myself

I thought I had over and done with her so,

What’s the reason I get so much upset so?

Why do we live and who do we breathe for

Such topics often kept me more sadden for

Who grieves over for someone dear friend

Everyone weeps for own grievance friend


kabhī ḳhud pe kabhī hālāt pe ronā aayā

baat niklī to har ik baat pe ronā aayā

ham to samjhe the ki ham bhuul ga.e haiñ un ko

kyā huā aaj ye kis baat pe ronā aayā

kis liye jiite haiñ ham kis ke liye jiite haiñ

bārhā aise savālāt pe ronā aayā

kaun rotā hai kisī aur kī ḳhātir ai dost

sab ko apnī hī kisī baat pe ronā aayā

Poet; Sahir Ludhyanvi
Translator: Tanveer Rauf

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