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1- āfāq se ustād-e-yagāna uThā

mazmūñ ke javāhar kā ḳhazāna uTThā

insāf kā nauha hai ye bālā-e-zamīñ

sartāj-e-fasīhān-e-zamāna uThā


A unique noble mentor passed away

A treasure of wisdom passed away

It’s indeed melancholy for this world

A genuine precious guru passed away

2- is bazm ko jannat se jo ḳhush paate haiñ

rizvāñ liye gul-dasta-e-nūr aate haiñ

kyā sahn hai gulshan-e-azā-e-shabbīr

paanī yahāñ ḳhizr aa ke chhiḌak jaate haiñ


More bliss is herein this party than paradise

Bouquets brought here by janitor of paradise

What a serene murky courtyard of Shabbir

To tranquil; water’s sprinkled here by Khizr

3- parvāne ko dhun sham.a ko lau terī hai

aalam meñ har ek ko tag-o-dau terī hai

misbāh o nujūm āftāb o mahtāb

jis nuur ko dekhtā huuñ zau terī hai


Radiance of candle and moth’s devotion

Is everyone’s passion for your motivation

The lustrous bodies, the sun and the moon

Everything that I see has radiance of you


4- is dar pe har ek shādmāñ rahtā hai

ḳhandāñ gul-e-umīd yahāñ rahtā hai

har fasl meñ dast-e-iftiḳhar-ud-daula

naisāñ kī tarah guhar-fishāñ rahtā hai


Each one feels delighted on this threshold

Blessed and elated live on this threshold

Every harvest is lucrative and productive

Every season is bejeweled and productive


The melodious songs I created in thy love

Placed them for public in bazaar in thy love

Today they’ll be auctioned openly in store

The lyrics you had once cast a look of allure

Everything be weighed today in silver scale

My acumen, poetry, stance be mused in scale

The loving poetry I had composed in your love

Poverty bound thy love, to be a product; not love

Hunger has tainted your love in exchange of need

To pacify hunger and to collect my things of need

In this mortal theatre of war of labor and wealth

I can’t keep with me my poetry and insight wealth

Your glamour may be of an affluent man’s legacy

Your sketches I made are not anymore is my legacy


 Sahir Ludhianvi 

mai.n ne jo giit tere pyaar kii Khaatir likkhe 
aaj un giito.n ko baazaar me.n le aayaa huu.N

aaj dukaan pe niilaam uThegaa un kaa 
tuune jin giito.n pe rakkhii thii muhabbat kii asaas 

aaj un giito.n ko baazaar me.n le aayaa huu.N 
mai.n ne jo giit tere pyaar kii Khaatir likkhe

aaj chaa.Ndii kii taraazuu me.n tulegii har chiiz 
mere afakaar merii shaayarii meraa ehasaas

dekh is arsaagah-e-mehanat-o-sarmaayaa me.n 
mere naGme.n bhii mere paas nahii.n rah sakate 

tere jalve kisii zaradaar kii miiraas sahii 
tere Khaake bhii mere paas nahii.n rah sakate




Hold thy bow and arrow and shoot at me

I’ll fall in your arms; will bond you and me

May cravings of union be of few moments

* ** ** *******

Where the love’s arrow are shed by my deity

All healers forget their wisdom and capability

* ************

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In praise of Allah

Pour rain to make arid garden fresh O! Lord

Before hope dies-boom garden by fruit Lord

Bless us with sweet product as Thy mercy is

Whoever eats is enriched, all misery leaves

Make this land forever glow, no evil darkens

Bless in lots, so every hungry soul’s flourishes

Ignite and light my heart with Thy love O! Lord

So the light of Thy love swells all over O! Lord

Bless me a little with Thy wisdom, O! Kind Lord

Enlighten my heart to be obliged to You Lord

Abolish illiteracy and light the path of wisdom

Bless me with wisdom of words as I’m ignorant

Bless me with a heart having wealth of wisdom

Every word I say is worthy like gems and jewels

Make my words charming as fragrance of musk

My words of Thy love affect hearts like of musk

Bless my words be sweet and polite to attract

 Bless too words I write on paper get fragrant

Commend my new book like a bride of allure

Virtuous look at it may award it of Thy allure

If any evil eye is cast on it, trying to find fault

Is right to get penalty from Thou to find fault

Made a mirror after great effort, a stone hit it

Very few people hold value and worth of love

No one is interested to hear words of wisdom

Even if hears, can’t get deep insight of wisdom



  • Allah Almighty says, “Neither the earth nor the Skies are vast enough to accommodate me, but I have created that ability in Believer’s heart!”
  • Man was neither created a tree, that he remains standing, nor was he created a stationary rock that he lay motionless. Rather, man was created as the, ‘Best of Creation’  hence he should engage himself in the remembrance of Allah
  • The sky is illuminated with twinkling stars and the earth is beautified with the presence of devout and virtuous people
  • The sandal tree gifts its delightful fragrance to the very axe that chops it down
  • Just as unlit lamp does not give out any light, similarly knowledge without practice does not benefit any one

Quotes by Hazrat Maulana Zulfiqar Ahmed Naqshbandi

abu hanifah

Once few women came to Hazrat Abu Hanifa and asked him. “Why is it that a Muslim man is allowed to keep four wives at the same time but a woman can’t?”

Imam Abu Hanifa whose name is Nauman and his father’s name was Sabit. Abu Hanifa is known to be a very pious spiritual scholarly preacher. His teachings are followed by millions of Muslims around the world. He has the honor and privilege of seeing many sahabas (friends of Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) like, Hazrat Anus bin Malik, Hazrat Jabir bin Abdullah bin Abi Aufi , Hazrat Imam Jaffer Sadiq, Fazeel bin Ayaz.  May Allah be pleased with them, amen

His few and famous learned students are, Abraham bin Adham, Daud Tai Bashar Hani etc.

Abu Hanifa could not give the answer to the women right away so asked for some time to answer. He was disturbed and confused when he went home. His daughter Hanifa was a wise and learned lady. She seeing her father tense asked him the reason. Her father shared with her. Hanifa asked her father that, “If you assure me to add my name with yours I’ll answer this question.” Father agreed. Hanifa Bibi asked him to send those women to her.

Next day the women came to her. Hanifa Bibi asked each one of them to bring some milk.

When they all brought milk, each one was asked to put milk in an empty bowl. All four women put their milk in the empty bowl. Hanifa Bibi then asked each one of them to take out their own milk she put from the bowl. They women said. “Bibi how can I take out my milk when it’s all mixed?” Bibi Hanifa then replied. “That’s the reason a woman is not allowed to have more than one husband at the same time. Because how will you identify whose child you carry in your stomach” the women were satisfied with the answer

Nauman bin Sabit then added his daughter’s name with his own as Abu Hanifa (father of Hanifa) now very few people know his real name as he is known Abu Hanifa throughout the world.


O, the only One! Tried to worship You,

But all worldly gods to introspect me;

Esteem, wisdom, insight is Thy blessing,

Gratitude for appointing us Thy aide;

Those who engrossed in worldly fantasies,

Some sped arrows, some did conspiracies;

If you didn’t accept as Him as true One God

How many scores of gods you’ve to beg then;

The ones who couldn’t abide by love’s vow,

They fancy abiding by the love at this time;

It was not evident that time will change,

The critics then, all highly praised me—!

Enemies veiled talents from me, Humdum,

My friends uncovered their slipups to me–!

Allauddin  Humdum Khanzada


 Tedium  will  days pass the same way?

We’ll pass away if remain breathing;

How lovely thou are, how hearty I’m,

What a heartbreak, we’ll depart this life 

You’ve merged all my wisdom and wits

Into a mold of, be in love with;

I had promised to give up relationship

  Thou once more  held me in thy arms;

Shyness, terror, shilly-shallying ,concern,

Thou, thy, you, sir, if, what’s all this——-?

Why don’t  you call me by my name—–?

Be-Dili Kiya Yunhi Din Guzar Jayeinge

Sirf Zinda Rahe Hum To Marr Jayeinge

Kitney Dilkash Ho Tum, Kitna Dil-Joo Hoon Main

Kiya Sitam Hai k Hum Log Marr Jayenge

Meri Aqal-0-Hosh Ki Sab Haalatein

Tum Ne Sanchay Me Ja-noo K Daal Dein

Ker Liya Tha Maine Ehd-e-Tark-e-Ishq

Tum ne Phir Banhein Galay Me Daal Dein

Sharam, Dehshat, Jhijhak, Pareshanii

Naaz Se Kaam Q Nahin Leiti

Aap, Woh, Ji, Magar,Ye Sab Kya Hai

Tum Mera Naam Q Nahin Leiti

(Hazrat Jaun Elia)



The Quran is a complete code of life and sent for all ages and for all human beings. It is so composed that in spite of changes in knowledge, outlook and approach through various times and ages, it outshines all learning and knowledge in all ages. It provides meanings and ideas that can satisfy the needs of everyone and every time.

Thus the Quran is for all; the learned as well as the ordinary common reader. To make it more clearly, we can compare Quran to an ocean.  The less learned like children, collect pebbles and sea shells from ocean. The Scholars and thinkers or pear divers, bring out from it the highest philosophy, wisdom and rules of perfect living.

The Quran teaches us that Islam does not deal with the personal life of a believer, but also covers the rules of social behavior. It is a complete code of life.

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