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Our relation has spread all over in ambiance

He treated me chivalrously like I’m fragrance

How can I speak out that he has deserted me

It is but true! It’s disgraceful for pride and me

Whenever deserted and went away from me

What I regard as; he always came back to me

May you be over the moon and calm forever!

May you not undergo loneliness like me, ever!

When he put his hand on my searing forehead

I felt my soul in peace by his touch on forehead

Body aches even now in monsoon rain at night

The longing to stretch out self is more at night

kū-ba-kū phail ga.ī baat shanāsā.ī kī

us ne ḳhushbū kī tarah merī pazīrā.ī kī

kaise kah duuñ ki mujhe chhoḌ diyā hai us ne

baat to sach hai magar baat hai rusvā.ī kī

vo kahīñ bhī gayā lauTā to mire paas aayā

bas yahī baat hai achchhī mire harjā.ī kī

terā pahlū tire dil kī tarah ābād rahe

tujh pe guzre na qayāmat shab-e-tanhā.ī kī

us ne jaltī huī peshānī pe jab haath rakhā

ruuh tak aa ga.ī tāsīr masīhā.ī kī

ab bhī barsāt kī rātoñ meñ badan TūTtā hai

jaag uThtī haiñ ajab ḳhvāhisheñ añgḌā.ī kī


Holding thy hands I dance

Purely on one foot I dance

Before touching goddess of beauty

All for myself in my room I dance

Angels peek from heavens above

Absorbed in grief and woe I dance

Unaware of how worn out I may be

God knows simply how fine I dance

 I was also talked about in the party

It’s said that I also elegantly dance

Falak Iftekhar

Delusional Cover Photo

With sundown comes your remembrance
Gentle breeze enhances entire ambiance
My heart sinks and beats in thy remembrance
With sun’s setting, evening overcomes ambiance
When the daylight and the evening both embrace
The light wind is enchanted of flowers’ fragrance
The entire city is wrapped up in cavernous trance
My dreams my sleeping is all in your entrance
The windows’ light diffused away the radiance
My conversant was simply my aloneness
یاد آئی ہے تری شام ہوئی
باد لہرائی سر بام ہوئی
دل مرا ڈوبتا ہے رکتا ہے
دن ڈهلا اور ادهر شام ہوئی
وقت ملتے ہیں جب گلے دونوں
خوشبوئے گل صبا میں عام ہوئی
سوگیا شهر بہت دیر ہوئے
خواب میں نیند ترے نام ہوئی
روشنی کهڑکیوں میں ڈوب گئی
میری تنہائی ہمکلام ہوئی
انور زاہدی


Your love has made me restless,

Include me among those who love you

Tell me how long will I be in darkness?

Let me be alone by myself for a time

I was drawn in, into love affairs before

Now love has broken me completely

Tell me the promises you made and broke

When you belittle me for my own betrayal

How come enmity measured as a skill?

Enemies have given unlimited gifts to me

She betrayed me with such confidence

That I enjoyed being betrayed always

See the level of confidence I have in her

I am peaceful due to the trust I have in her

If you wish to be engrossed in universe

Let me first sever the ego within me

I sometimes need to be taken care of

Let me not be a victim of loneliness


On the misty   dewy smile

Have written lonesome night

 I have skillfulness in my hands

My heart is fond of insanity

Colors spreading out on snow

Like evening glimmer on veil

The sky wakes from slumber

Lonesome night grins anywhere

 In far and wide spreading valley

Is, but dreamy forlorn loneliness

And in this sleepy forest somewhere

Your remembrance has gently crept 

Shaista Farrukh Mufti’s poetry


Heart’s pounding made me recall

It was your remembrance I recall;

O’ friend! It was arduous stability,

Missed you surprisingly in calamity

Hardly had spent the daytime when,

Remembered thy night’s promise then;

Your forgotten owing assurance——

Would perish if remember hence;

Many persons get involved again

 Rang a bell of era of delight again;

Sitting under the flowers’ shade, Nasir

Wept copiously in her memories!


 Its  thou or thy shadow,

Loneliness has disguised;

Heart’s manor has padlock

of silence ,since long;

Deserted rooms shrill

 Evening winds thence trill

translation of Nasir Kazmi’s poetry




Loneliness is a powerful feeling of emptiness

Solitude is a powerful feeling of fullness

It was 29th March 1984 felt the most lonely in the world.
My husband, Major Rauf, passed away.
Four small children to be taken care of by me.
He was a major in Pakistan Army.
He had a brain injury while on duty while serving in the Army.
Years passed, and he lived with severe headaches.
The reason was not known and not diagnosed.
The CT SCAN report showed a blood clot the size of an egg on his left temple.
It was diagnosed l four days before his demise. The blood clot on his left temple grew gradually. He complained of a headache. After some time, he started getting seizures. The nature of the fits was like epilepsy. So he was treated for that. He remained ill for two years. Despite all treatment and medication, he passed away —–
When for burial, I was dumbfounded and helpless to the core of my heart. I felt like standing on water. Though the house was full of relatives, friends, and neighbors, it seemed like a haunted, empty place to me. Even the passersby felt sorry for him, as he was only 38 and I was 35.
We lived in a rented house. No money, no source of income. My brain refused to accept that he was no more.
So unable to bear the grief, I got a nervous breakdown.
It’s a long story of struggle. Now all my targets are achieved,
the mission got complete
My children grew up into beautiful human beings.
They are married now. I am a grandmother of 6 adorable grandchildren.
But, whenever I look back, I shudder with fear and amazement. It seems a dark period.
I confess that with every odd, my faith grew stronger.
It was only Allah who solved all my problems.
How I managed to raise my children and run my house
Believe me,
I don’t know———-
Now I am waiting to meet him in heaven————–

We missed you every moment
Whom you always remained close to
To them, even today, you are close to
People you loved dearly yesterday
You are still loved by them even today
You are father, brother, and son too
So are you a husband too
And pride for your motherland too


In want for who is whose, own people are alien
Shining faces elegant and dazzling, all are known

Loneliness mere loneliness, whom to explain
Eyes, lips and cheeks lay under soul arid reign

Ooh! Where to search beauty and truth
Where to stay and where to move;

Flowers blossom in garden court
Insane are in the deserted region

How can reliance suit us, we support own self
Desert, insane, perishing moths, in own self

At last getting tired folks, I have accepted
Loving one self is truth, rest is all fiction

Composed by Ibne Safi, his poetic name was Israr Narvii
Translated by Tanveer Rauf

Ibne safi’s poetic name Asrar Narvi

rāh-e-talab meñ kaun kisī apne bhī begāne haiñ

chāñd se mukhḌe rashk-e-ġhazālāñ sab jaane pahchāne haiñ

tanhā.ī sī tanhā.ī hai kaise kaheñ kaise samjhā.eñ

chashm o lab-o-ruḳhsār kī tah meñ rūhoñ ke vīrāne haiñ

uf ye talāsh-e-husn-o-haqīqat kis jā Thahreñ jaa.eñ kahāñ

sehn-e-chaman meñ phuul khile haiñ sahrā meñ dīvāne haiñ

ham ko sahāre kyā raas aa.eñ apnā sahārā haiñ ham aap

ḳhud hī sahrā ḳhud hī divāne sham-e-nafas parvāne haiñ

bil-āḳhir thak haar ke yaaro ham ne bhī taslīm kiyā

apnī zaat se ishq hai sachchā baaqī sab afsāne haiñ

In want for wh…

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