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When I felt really, truly lonely?

Posted on: November 6, 2012

It was 29th March 1984, the day, when I felt most lonely in the world.

My husband Major Rauf, passed away leaving me with four small children.

H e was a major in Pakistan Army. He got brain injury which was not diagnosed till four days before his demise. The blood clot on his left temple grew gradually. He complained of headache. After some time he started getting fits. The nature of the fits was like epilepsy so he was treated for that.  He remained ill for two years.  In spite of all treatment and medication he passed away —–

When his body was taken away for burial, I was dumbfounded and helpless to the core of my heart. I felt standing on water. Though the house was full of relatives, friends and neighbors but it seemed absolutely haunted empty place to me. Even the passersby felt sorry for him, as he was only 38 and I was 35.

We lived in a rented house.  No money, no source of income. My brain refused to accept that he was no more. So unable to bear the grief got nervous breakdown.

It’s a long story of struggle. Now all my targets achieved, mission completed. My children grew up into beautiful humane human beings. They are married now. I am a grandmother of 6 adorable grandchildren.

But, whenever I look back I shudder with fear and amazement. It seems a dark period.

I confess that with every unpleasant incident or problem, my faith in almighty grew stronger as, it was, only Him, who solved all my problems. How I managed to raise my children and run my house believe you me I don’t know———-

Now I am waiting to meet him in the heaven————–


We missed you every moment
Whom you always remained close to
To them even today, you are close to

People you loved dearly yesterday
You are still loved by them even today
You are father, brother, and son too

So are you a husband too
And a pride for your motherland too

20 Responses to "When I felt really, truly lonely?"

Well written Ma’am, feeling proud to be related to a brave woman a like you


You sure are a brave woman Ma’am. I can not even imagine how it would have felt to be so alone and with so much responsibilities on your shoulders at such a young age.
Reading your story has given me strength too. May Allah (SWT) make me a strong woman like you and I achieve everything for myself and for my son.


Sana beta, Allah has given great power and strength to a mother. She can do anything to save her children from heat and cold, you must have seen in films and adds that even birds and animals have the same motherly devotion and strength:) proud to be a mother 🙂


Heart touching real story … Your love for Majoir Rauf can be felt in every word u wrote to compose this story.


absolutely Zainab beta , he was, he is and he will be dear to me until i reach him there in heaven inshaa Aallah


i am impressed madam. May Allah grant place in heaven to Mr. Rauf and shower all His blessings upon him, you and your family. stay blessed.


A GREAT narration of life by a very BRAVE lady.


Thank you Jamil sashib


I know you as my senior at St Pat’s Khi since 1958. You are a great woman and I salute you.


Really touching. The memories of another day always haunt and hurt. Nicely penned account.


Really touching. The memories of good days always haunt and hurt. Nicely penned account.


Dearest Tanveer,

I don’t think I’ve read this account of your husband dying at age 38 and you left to raise young children. I couldn’t imagine raising children alone.

What is remarkable is the age of 38 your husband having a brain injury that was undiagnosed. Mine was also at 38. As difficult as it probably still is for you, he knew you had the strength to carry on in whatever manner you needed…and you did!

Loosing the love of your life, and your children’s father is incomprehensible. It’s when our faith is challenged we grow stronger. I feel so blessed after reading your story.

Take care and stay safe,


Simply great..What a more than wonderful story of struggle that speaks a lot on the skills applied in depicting the hard days and the zeal that worked to achieve the pious mission. May Almighty Allah bless the soul of Major Rauf with eternal peace…


thank you and jazakAllah


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