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Heart’s pounding made me recall

It was your remembrance I recall;

O’ friend! It was arduous stability,

Missed you surprisingly in calamity

Hardly had spent the daytime when,

Remembered thy night’s promise then;

Your forgotten owing assurance——

Would perish if remember hence;

Many persons get involved again

 Rang a bell of era of delight again;

Sitting under the flowers’ shade, Nasir

Wept copiously in her memories!


It’s been a week I am in Dubai. Dubai, the desert, transformed into an oasis, a haven of peace and harmony!

People from all walks of life feel pleasure to visit Dubai though it’s very scorching and steamy.

I happened to go to the City Center with my children. It’s a huge multistory shopping mall with food court and play land etc.

After doing some shopping we went to the food court to pacify the hunger and rest for a while as there were no benches to sit. I there should be some for the senior citizens to take a breath of relief after roaming so much. Well, that’s not my subject today.

In the food court I observed people from different cultures, languages, religion, color, status eat and enjoy under the same roof. Without any fear, complex, hatred or prejudice then why can’t they live peacefully under the blue sky?

Is it because of security, system or strict implementation of law?

The Creator of the universe has also system of rewards and punishments. History has proved it.

I sincerely wish that hearts get closer and hatred perish —–amen!




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