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Our relation has spread all over in ambiance

He treated me chivalrously like I’m fragrance

How can I speak out that he has deserted me

It is but true! It’s disgraceful for pride and me

Whenever deserted and went away from me

What I regard as; he always came back to me

May you be over the moon and calm forever!

May you not undergo loneliness like me, ever!

When he put his hand on my searing forehead

I felt my soul in peace by his touch on forehead

Body aches even now in monsoon rain at night

The longing to stretch out self is more at night

kū-ba-kū phail ga.ī baat shanāsā.ī kī

us ne ḳhushbū kī tarah merī pazīrā.ī kī

kaise kah duuñ ki mujhe chhoḌ diyā hai us ne

baat to sach hai magar baat hai rusvā.ī kī

vo kahīñ bhī gayā lauTā to mire paas aayā

bas yahī baat hai achchhī mire harjā.ī kī

terā pahlū tire dil kī tarah ābād rahe

tujh pe guzre na qayāmat shab-e-tanhā.ī kī

us ne jaltī huī peshānī pe jab haath rakhā

ruuh tak aa ga.ī tāsīr masīhā.ī kī

ab bhī barsāt kī rātoñ meñ badan TūTtā hai

jaag uThtī haiñ ajab ḳhvāhisheñ añgḌā.ī kī


Our relation is not printed on water,

That wave would wash away,

Neither is it written in air,

 That it is considered vague,

Neither is it written on sand,

To spread and blown by wind,

The relation between you and me,

Is stamped on Barren Island of our hearts,

Like a precious pearl in an oyster,

Pure, clear and hidden in Deep Ocean,

Free from slyness and sham,

Unified   in a chain of love and care, 

Like a dazzling moon and shining light,

Showing path like shiny stars in dark thicket,

The relation between you and me

 Is it the realism of our existence———?



Though I have no relation with you

Have not any vow or bond with you

No any promise or any connection

Having no hope and no expectation

 You aren’t held responsible of me

You aren’t even dependent on me

As you belong to some other land

And I’m inhabitant of other the land

Your views are different from others

My outlook vary entirely from others

You’re not mine, not in any way

Why then do I feel that———–?

Without you, my being is incomplete

تجھ سے میرا کوئی رشتہ تو نہیں

کوئی بندھن کوئی وعدہ تو نہیں

کوئی پیمان ،کوئی ربط نہیں

کوئی امید نہیں،آس نہیں

تیرا ذمہ نہیں میری ہستی

میرا مرہون نہں تیرا وجود

تو کسی اور نگرکا باسی

میں کسی اور جہاں کی مخلوق

تیرے افکار جدا ہیں سب سے

میرے اطوار الگ ہیں سب سے

تو میرا کوئی نہیں، کچھ بھی نہیں

پھر بھی جانے مجھے احساس ہے کیوں

کہ ترے بن میری تکمیل نہیں ۔۔۔۔

رضیہ سبحان


Though, I’ve no relation with you,

No bonding, no oath whatever

No undertaking, not any union,

No hope, nor any anticipation,

Thou are never by me, at any jiffy

My being is not thy responsibility,

Thy self is not dependable on me,

You are habit- ant of some other land

I’m from some other terrain’s   soul;

Your insight is different from others,

Mine ways, unlike from the entire

You are not mine, nothing at all

Even then, don’t know why assume

That without you, I’m imperfect


tujh se mera koi rishta to naheen,

koi bandhan koi wadaah to naheen,

koi paimaan koi rabt naheen ,

koi umeed naheen aas naheen,

to kisi dam bhi mere paas naheen,

tera zimma naheen meri hasti,

mera merhoon naheen tera wajood,

tu kisi aur nagar ka baasi,

main kisi aur jahan ki makhlooq,

tere afkaar juda hain sab se,

mere atwaar alag hain sab se,

tu mera koi naheen,kutch bhi naheen,

phir bhi jaane mujhe ehsaas hai kiyun,


Razia Subhan

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