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Sometimes I wish to ask master of fire worshiper

Where did the damsel get this alluring splendor?

 How she would know of what your heart feels

You never cast a look or confessed how you feel

As she decided to be ardent, life betrayed at last

 She came but by she settled I breathed my last

I was the Adam’s melody of heavenly gardens

Your allure fascinated me from heaven to terrain

It was in my destiny to be deprived of heavens

What I got was simply from thy divine threshold

Only the ones left the place before being ruined

Got saved from the wreckage of their morality

Its unlucky couldn’t thrive to get way to religion

Neither from the entryway nor from the reunion

It’s beyond my acumen to know the weird reason

People living on earth get guidance from heavens

The night of sorrow abolished my ignorance Salik

My heart became illuminated of eternal radiance


Abdul Majeed Salik


Posted on: May 17, 2016


After the lengthy drifting of the heavens
My soul stretches to relax the weary body
A dream breaks with a moan as I open eyes
I get up like a sobbing child, wiping my eyes
The wrinkles on the bed sheet enlighten
How swiftly lived long years of my life
In such short span of time
Gulped venom in passion of reunion
Wrapping the bedding of my uneasiness
Seeing my swollen eyes in the mirror
I dusting off my thoughts I move forward

سیر ِ سماوات کے بعد
تھکن اتارنے کے کئے
جسم میں انگڑائی لیتی ہے
آنکھوں میں اک خواب
چھناکے سے ٹوٹتا ہے
میں آنکھیں ملتا ہوا ایسے اٹھتا ہوں
جیسے کوئی روتا ہوا بچہ
بستر کے چہرے پر پڑی متجسس جھریاں بتاتی ہیں
کتنی لمبی زندگی
کس حالُ میں
کتنی جلدی جی چکا ہوں
وصل کے جام میں
حجر کا کتنا زہر پی چکا ہوں
اوہام کا بستر لپیٹتا ہوں
آئینہ سوجی ہوئی آنکھوں کو حیرت سے تکتا رہ جاتا ہے
میں کام پہ چلا جاتا ہوں


Seems as lived in  eyes’ lagoon

I blossomed like a lily in the lagoon

Can’t deem beautiful ambiance

Seems as wide awake in the dream

My snappy glances at her seem

Like am learning to see to deem

She’s the one who has ambiance

I’m a deprived soul in the heavens

 Meeting her is a peculiar meeting

Seems like embraced fragrance

Do love him the way I adore you

If ever find a one similar to me

I now accept as factual, that Sahar

As I’m detached from my own self


Holding thy hands I dance

Purely on one foot I dance

Before touching goddess of beauty

All for myself in my room I dance

Angels peek from heavens above

Absorbed in grief and woe I dance

Unaware of how worn out I may be

God knows simply how fine I dance

 I was also talked about in the party

It’s said that I also elegantly dance

Falak Iftekhar



Two years have gone by but not a single day passed I forgot that unbelievable experience of my life.

Sabiha Qaiser is my very dear and close friend. We served the same school for 10 years then I quit job but she continued. Our friendship bond elongates to 24 years now.  Sabiha is very serene, diligent and caring whereas I am happy go lucky carefree person.

We both happen to be widows so understand the ups and downs of life. I often spent weekends at her home. Her mother was a very kind lady and my friend too. I loved her twinkling eyes and sweet angelic smile always radiating her face.  She was an elderly lady but we enjoyed each other’s company. She would share her stories of youth.  She was not like other oldies who only complain of ailments and being ignored. She   was full of life. She had a sweet melodious voice so sometimes hummed old Indian songs. She was a very lively soul.

We chatted while Sabiha cooked and served us. I felt at home with them.

Sabiha’s parents were cousins. When to love opposite sex was considered sin, they fell in love. Fortunately they got married as well. Mr. Syed Muzaffar Ali and his wife Aquila Begum were born   in Gawalior India where the great singer TANSEN is laid to rest in peace. Hence love and harmony ran blood in them.

Sabiha’s father loved his wife like the love between the famous love stories we have read and heard, like Samson and Delilah, Romeo Juliet, Heer Ranjha, Leila Majnoo etc. This couple also exceptionally loved each other. They never parted in their life. They slept on the same bed till the end.

Sabiha’s mother got a severe heart attack on 3rd December 2003. When her husband went to hospital to see his wife he couldn’t bear to see his love in such bad condition in ICU on bed no.13. He came home and prayed. His prayers were answered.

Mother’s condition improved so was shifted to a room. Whereas he got very sick and was taken to the same hospital where his wife was. It’s strange that he got the same bed no 13 where his wife lay a day before.

He went in coma on 5th December and passed away on 13th December 2003. He was born in 1924 died at the age of 80+.  They lived 58 years together.

That’s true love.

Sabiha’s mother lived ten years after his demise. She being literate and poetry lover often sang a song; Lambi judai ——- (lengthy parting—missing you)

in memory of her loving husband.

She got ill and went in coma on 5th December 2012, the same date when her husband went in coma. She treaded to highway of heaven to meet her love on 21st Feb. 2013.

I have a very bad habit; I can’t see my dear ones in agony. I try to avoid as much as I can, so didn’t go see her when she was in hospital. She missed me, I know that!

But hearing that she’s in coma, I went to see her. Her daughters, daughters in law and grandsons along with Sabiha and the nurse were in the same room. Mother was in coma for days. Sabiha told her that Tanveer has come to see you. She was in blackout, didn’t move, and lay still. I went near her and wishing her said, “It’s me. I’m here” She turned her face slightly towards me, faintly smiled and back to the same pose of being in coma. It was surprising to see her response. Others present in the room called her but no movement no comeback. She just lay in bed motionless. It was astonishing for every one there in the room.

What was it! Was it power of love? The miracle or illusion—-

Sabiha gave me her mother’s white shawl and a small very old silver box as a token of love from her mother to me. It’s a treasure for life for me.

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