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Chaah miti, chinta miti, manwa beparwaah

Jisko kuch nahi chahiye, woh Shahenshah

If desires perish so does fear and heart’s calm

One who is free of wants is as king of all realms

Kabeer mun nirmal bhaya jaisay ganga neer

Paachhe paachhe har phiray kahat Kabeer Kabeer

Kabir’s heart is pure and flowing like water

Following him in trance; calling, Kabir, Kabir

Maangan maran samaan hai, mut koi maangay bheek

Maangan say marna bhala yeh sat guru ki seekh

To beg is to perish, don’t disgrace thyself

It’s better to die than to dishonor oneself

Jeevat samjhe jeevat bujhay, jeevat hi karo aas,

Jeevat karam ki phaans na kaati, moye mukti ki aas.

Life’s a delight, live and be flourishing

Sustain life’s grief, be kind and striving

Be virtuous to be rewarded in hereafter

Otherwise hope not for heaven hereafter

Jaati na poocho saadhu ki, pooch lijiye gyaan

Mol karo talwar ki padi rehen do miyaan.

Never enquire belief of the religious master

Value upright character overlook behavior


Bada hua to kya hua jaisay paid khajoor,

Panthi ko chhaya nahin, phal laagen ati door.

To get big honors is not worth as tree of dates

As no shed for traveler and out of reach of dates

Kaal karay so aaj kar, aaj karay so ab,

Pal mein pralay hogayi, bahuri karogay kab

What’s to be done tomorrow, do it today or do now?

If time’s wasted; when will you get it done and how

Chalti chakki dekh kay diya Kabira roay

Doi paatan kay beech mein sabut bacha na koay

Kabir’s light wept, seeing grindstone crush

Between two stones nothing rests unbrushed

Bura jo dekahn mein chala, bura na milya koi,

Jo mun khoja aapna to mujh say bura na koi

When I wandered to find evil, found none

When examined myself, it was me, the one

Kabira Khada bazaar mein maange sub ki khair

Na kahu say dosti na kahu say bair.

Standing in a bazaar, Kabir wishes all well

It’s not enmity nor amity, just wishing well
Saayin itna deejiye jaa mein kutumb samaaye,

Main bhi bhookha na rahoon, saadhu na bhookha jaaye

O God! provide as much as I can feed my clan

So that neither I fast, nor others hungry remain


  1. Soil emits fragrance

            During this monsoon

          Thus the birds rejoice


  1. Rain pours down

                Every instant in heart

                It’s thou who enlivens


  1. Soggy wet are eyes

              See splish-splash around

              The weather moist damp


  1. River’s furious

        As heart softens

         Mountain mourns


  1. A lamp was lit for long

        Beyond the mountain

           The beloved didn’t come


  1. Wintry cold nights

              Needy searches around

               For comfort and warmth



To express myself was never a problem before

Thy festivity of today was never like this before

Who’ve taken away your patience and peace?

You’ve been never so restive dear heart before

The manner her mystical eyes spellbound me

I was never charmed or so stimulated before

 Whose splendor replicates brilliance on you?

 Full moon! You had no such brilliance before

How I suffered in the lane of love is far beyond

Reaching my destination wasn’t so grim before

Dancing in the prison seems to be new  comer

Chains’ clattering never heard like this before

Why beloved’s carefulness is so unmoved now

She was not that negligent about you before

Her way of looking at me was always hostile

The way she glares now! It was never before

What’s the reason get angry often with Zafar?

My adorable lady, it wasn’t thy nature, before


baat karnī mujhe mushkil kabhī aisī to na thī

jasī ab hai tirī mahfil kabhī aisī to na thī

le gayā chhīn ke kaun aaj tirā sabr o qarār

be-qarārī tujhe ai dil kabhī aisī to na thī

us kī āñkhoñ ne ḳhudā jaane kiyā kyā jaadū

ki tabī.at mirī maa.il kabhī aisī to na thī

aks-e-ruḳhsār ne kis ke hai tujhe chamkāyā

taab tujh meñ mah-e-kāmil kabhī aisī to na thī

ab kī jo rāh-e-mohabbat meñ uThā.ī taklīf

saḳht hotī hameñ manzil kabhī aisī to na thī

pā-e-kūbāñ koī zindāñ meñ nayā hai majnūñ

aatī āvāz-e-salāsil kabhī aisī to na thī

nigah-e-yār ko ab kyuuñ hai taġhāful ai dil

vo tire haal se ġhāfil kabhī aisī to na thī

chashm-e-qātil mirī dushman thī hamesha lekin

jaisī ab ho ga.ī qātil kabhī aisī to na thī

kyā sabab tū jo bigaḌtā hai ‘zafar’ se har baar

ḳhū tirī hūr-shamā.il kabhī aisī to na thī



I’m like commodities placed in bazaar

Every one glances as customer in bazaar

In place of such thirsting it would be a bliss

To get a glass of wine as unexpected bliss

Beloved is somewhere else yet the heart,

I feel her presence around; and not apart

Love’s path is humble and straight though

But now curved like beloved’s hair though

Beware! Don’t follow bygone people blindly

Every step every hitch elevates you slightly

Passionate love is exposed now after so long

The heart’s joyous and flushed after so long

Majruh! They’re writing names of the lovers

I’m also waiting in a queue of the lovers


ham haiñ mata-e-kūcha-o-bāzār kī tarah
uThtī hai har nigāh ḳharīdār kī tarah

is kū-e-tishnagī meñ bahut hai ki ek jaam
haath aa gayā hai daulat-e-bedār kī tarah

vo to kahīñ hai aur magar dil ke ās-pās
phirtī hai koī shai nigah-e-yār kī tarah

sīdhī hai rāh-e-shauq pe yūñhī kahīñ kahīñ
ḳham ho ga.ī hai gesū-e-dildār kī tarah

be-tesha-e-nazar na chalo rāh-e-raftagāñ
har naqsh-e-pā buland hai dīvār kī tarah

ab jā ke kuchh khulā hunar-e-nāḳhūn-e-junūñ
zaḳhm-e-jigar hue lab-o-ruḳhsār kī tarah

‘majrūh’ likh rahe haiñ vo ahl-e-vafā kā naam
ham bhī khaḌe hue haiñ gunahgār kī tarah



As love’s marvel unveiled, passion and love perished

You lived nor did I exist, only unawareness subsisted

King of ecstasy in trance, gave me an attire of nudity

Wasn’t fretful of sewing or cloaking of love’s dignity

The invisible breeze burnt all the evident’ fascinations

Yet a twig of gloom known heart, remained fascination

Whom to complain the oblivious glance of beloved

Yen for hundred liquor cups endured in heart beloved

Was a weird instant when I learnt lessons of love?

Book of intellects remained in niche, ruled love!

Influence of thy wondrous love was so influential

Mirror got misty and beloved no more influential

The fire of love turned Siraj the ignorant; into ashes

No fear, no regrets, no danger, just ruins of flashes
ḳhabar-e-tahayyur-e-ishq sun na junūñ rahā na parī rahī
na to tū rahā na to maiñ rahā jo rahī so be-ḳhabarī rahī

shah-e-be-ḳhudī ne atā kiyā mujhe ab libās-e-barahnagī
na ḳhirad kī baḳhiya-garī rahī na junūñ kī parda-darī rahī

kabhī samt-e-ġhaib siiñ kyā havā ki chaman zuhūr kā jal gayā
magar ek shāḳh-e-nihāl-e-ġham jise dil kaho so harī rahī

nazar-e-taġhāful-e-yār kā gila kis zabāñ siiñ bayāñ karūñ
ki sharāb-e-sad-qadah aarzū ḳhum-e-dil meñ thī so bharī rahī

vo ajab ghaḌī thī maiñ jis ghaḌī liyā dars nusḳha-e-ishq kā
ki kitāb aql kī taaq par juuñ dharī thī tyuuñ hī dharī rahī

tire josh-e-hairat-e-husn kā asar is qadar siiñ yahāñ huā
ki na ā.īne meñ rahī jilā na parī kuuñ jalvagarī rahī

kiyā ḳhaak ātish-e-ishq ne dil-e-be-navā-e-‘sirāj’ kuuñ
na ḳhatar rahā na hazar rahā magar ek be-ḳhatarī rahī


If you say I reveal my heart’s desire today

To do up and adorn your hair again today

You loved and worshipped me like an deity

Now my love puts you on podium of deity

If anyone tries, will fail to find me and you

You hide me somewhere and I do veil you

Engulfed in my arms you’ll feel relaxed

Your love lets me forget woe and be relaxed

مرے دل میں آج کیا ھے، تو کہے تو میں بتا دوں

تری زلف پھر سنواروں، تری مانگ پھر سجا دوں

مجھے دیوتا بنا کر، تری چاھتوں نے پوجا

مرا پیار کہہ رھا ھے، میں تجھے خدا بنادوں

کوئی ڈھونڈنے بھی آئے، تو ھمیں نہ ڈھونڈھ پائے

مجھے تو کہیں چھپا دے، تجھے میں کہیں چھپا دوں

مرے بازوؤں میں آ کر، ترا درد چین پائے

ترے گیسوؤں میں چھپ کر، میں جہاں کے غم بھلا دوں





Living without my beloved is intolerable

Waiting and fervor to see her is irresistible

 Parting of you makes me weep copiously

My heavy heart’s in infinite grief profusely

Depression’s at its peak, I’ shattered in grief

O! God, I beg You! To let meet love fondly

 Do ever take a round here also sometime

To see how I’m feeling low without you

Nights spent sighing and days missing you

Punnu Khan decided to leave for Kaich

I appeal him not to go but he’s inflexible

Being so helpless, can’t decide what to do

I’m ready to be his slave and free my aide

Can’t’ breathe without thinking of him

Either I’ll go and meet him or will die

Wounds of broken heart can’t be seen

Either will search for him far and wide

Better to die; Farid I’ve failed to find

سوہنے یار باجھوں میڈی نہیں سردی
تانگھ آوے ودھدی سک آوے چڑھد

کیتا ہجر تیڈے میکوں زارو رارے
دل پارے پارے سر دھارو دھارے
مونجھ وادھو وادھے ڈکھ تارو تارے
رب میلے ماہی بیٹھی دھانہہ کر دی

سوہنا یار ماہی کڈیں پاوے پھیرا
شالا پا کے پھیرا پچھے حال میرا
دل درداں ماری ڈکھاں لایا دیرا
راتیں آہیں بھردی ڈینہاں سولاں سڑدی

پنوں خان میرے کیتی کیچ تیاری
میں منتاں کر دی تروڑی ویندا یاری
کئی نہیں چلدی کیا کیجئے کاری
سٹ باندی بردی تھیساں باندی بر دی

رو رو فریدا فریاد کر ساں
غم باجھ اس دے بیا ساہ نہ بھرساں

تھیسم میلا یا رُلدی مرساں
کہیں لا ڈکھائی دل چوٹ اندر دی

Khawaja Ghulam Farid

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