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I’m like commodities placed in bazaar

Every one glances as customer in bazaar

In place of such thirsting it would be a bliss

To get a glass of wine as unexpected bliss

Beloved is somewhere else yet the heart,

I feel her presence around; and not apart

Love’s path is humble and straight though

But now curved like beloved’s hair though

Beware! Don’t follow bygone people blindly

Every step every hitch elevates you slightly

Passionate love is exposed now after so long

The heart’s joyous and flushed after so long

Majruh! They’re writing names of the lovers

I’m also waiting in a queue of the lovers


ham haiñ mata-e-kūcha-o-bāzār kī tarah
uThtī hai har nigāh ḳharīdār kī tarah

is kū-e-tishnagī meñ bahut hai ki ek jaam
haath aa gayā hai daulat-e-bedār kī tarah

vo to kahīñ hai aur magar dil ke ās-pās
phirtī hai koī shai nigah-e-yār kī tarah

sīdhī hai rāh-e-shauq pe yūñhī kahīñ kahīñ
ḳham ho ga.ī hai gesū-e-dildār kī tarah

be-tesha-e-nazar na chalo rāh-e-raftagāñ
har naqsh-e-pā buland hai dīvār kī tarah

ab jā ke kuchh khulā hunar-e-nāḳhūn-e-junūñ
zaḳhm-e-jigar hue lab-o-ruḳhsār kī tarah

‘majrūh’ likh rahe haiñ vo ahl-e-vafā kā naam
ham bhī khaḌe hue haiñ gunahgār kī tarah



Don’t ask of agony I went by waiting

Don’t ask of passion I went waiting

Don’t ask of glory of blossoming spring

Don’t ask of restive sore heart beating

Don’t ask of nightingale’s sad singing

Don’t ask of spring’s tetchy ending

Strangers been entertained lavishly

Don’t ask me of depressing feeling

Given anguish in return of my love

Don’t ask of her being so upsetting

Again I desired for wine drinking

Don’t ask of jolly spring fascinating

I’m much queried of bed’s firmness

Don’t ask of stylish body’s assuring

I’ve no awareness of union adoring

Don’t ask of union bliss and alluring


Whatever exists, is love!
Whatever’s around; is flow of love
It’s my and yours eternity of love
Its revelation!
It’s beauty’s fascination
It’s blissful stroke of love13164308_10153547375091932_4660008023453664620_n
Whatever exists, is love!
Whatever is; is all about love
Amjad Islam Amjad

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