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Don’t ignore thy humbled,

Posted on: September 12, 2016


 zehal-e-miskeeN makun tughafal duraay nainaN banaye battiyaN
kay taab-e-hijran nidaram aay jaan na lay ho kay lagaye chatiyaN

Don’t ignore thy humbled,

Don’t turn thy eyes away

Don’t enlighten with tales

Can’t afford to, being away

Why not hold me to thy bosom

shaban-e-hijraN daraz chooN zulf-e- roz-e-wasalt chooN umr-e-kotaah
sakhi ! piya ko ko mein na dekhon tu kesay katoN andheri ratiyaaN

Lengthy nights without you; Are

 As lengthy as maiden’s long hair

Days of being together are short

And they’re as short as one’s life

yaka yak az dill do chashm jado basad fraibam babrd-e-taskeen
kisay pari hay jo ja sunaway piyaray pe ko hamari battiyaaN

Two magical eyes in short span of time

Spellbound my heart with in no time

Who bothers now to explain to her!

My anguish, my heartaches to her

choooN shama-e-sozaaN , chooN zarah hairaN , hamesha giryaaN ba ishq aaaN ma
na neend naina, na ang chenaN , naa aaap awein , na bhejein pattiyaN

like dust particle, like alight candle,

I’ve been forever pleading in love

Sleepless sore eyes and restive me,

Neither she comes nor asks for me




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