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Allah's anger

If the cause of earthquake is corruption

As quoted by political and pious persons

Poor are deceptive, wealthy are even more

Why thence wealthy are not punished more


Neither heart is in control or the will

The eyes drowning in blood as

The beloved is not in my arms

I changed to dust in her disjointing

Pounding my heart, I wept copiously

Pieces of my heart shed in tears

Why ask me to control my heart

My heart is not with me friends

It is stuck in one’s hair lock

When heart’s heat inflamed

The tongue became so dry

That palate got scratchy

Her eye lashes stabbing heart

Shaved brows like naked swords

Both of the eyes are spellbinding

Watch your personal ornaments

I wear Iron collar and iron chains

Strength is in her arms

Eyelashes sped such an arrow

Piercing heart came out forth

Scorpion lacks such toxic sting

For thou my dearly loved

We wander in the scorching sun

Feet burn in blazing dust

Roamed from garden to garden

But failed to find anywhere

Beautiful and divine like you

I worship and adore loveliness

Who cares of religion or nation?

We are neither Muslim nor Hindu

You better keep silent Aasi

Listen quietly to, what she says

Debate will begin if talk starts





Saw my beloved hither and thither,

At times in vision at times hidden;

Awareness of unswerving faith,

Saw beloved’s face hither and thither;

Sometimes feasible, at times a need,

Sometimes mortal, at times immortal;

He wished HIM to be envisioned,

He made Himself envisioned;

He hears and He sees Himself,

There’s no one akin to Him;

Ardently cherishing in flowers,

Chanting in Robin, it’s Him;

May it be the candle or the moth?

Witnessed Him annihilate alight;

Claims Himself  to be The Truth,

Eventually, saw Him crucified;

He’s above of every, Thou and Me,

Yet He’s there in every, Thou and Me; 

Somewhere looks like  nonchalant,

Somewhere seem a  familiar  face;

Somewhere He’s empowered, king,

Somewhere seen, a beggar with a bowl;

Somewhere a devout and a divinity,

Somewhere lord of sot drunkards;

Sometimes in beloved’s apparel,

At times sene in amiable allure;

Sometimes like a lover as Niyaz,

Seen punch heart, burn His bosom

yaar ko humne ja-ba-ja dekha
kahin zahir kahin chhupa dekha
kahin mumkin hoa kahin wajib
kahin fani kahin baqa dekha
yaar ko humne ja-ba-ja dekha
kahin zahir kahin chupa dekha

kahien woh baadshaah-e-takht nasheen
kahin kaasa liye gadaa dekha
yaar ko humne ja-ba-ja dekha
kahin zahir kahin chupa dekha
kahin wo der libaas-e-mashokan
bar-sare naaz aur aada dekha
kahin zahir jahin chupa dekha
yaar ko humne ja-ba-ja dekha

kahin aashiq niyaz ki soorat
seena Girya-o-dil jala dekha
yaar ko humne ja-ba-ja dekha
kahin zahir kahin chupa dekha
yaar ko humne ja-ba-ja dekha





Mother is the one, who’s variant
Affectation have I sighted,
For a while she’s cool shade,
At times she’s akin to sunlight;
From her, learnt the art of living
Her modesty unfurled the ways;
Her honest pearls like words
Enthralled one and all;
Her heart in bosom pure as oyster
Gives pearls, when its blight;
I witness deep wounds she has
Yet she rows life’s boat serenely;
Though after her, life’s desolate
I’ll lighten my heart of her memories;
Time we spent in harmony, with you
O’ mother! Enlighten my liveliness
May Allah be pleased with you—

Urdu composition by Razia Subhan

When Our Messengers came to Abraham with the good news, they said: “We are indeed going to destroy the people of this township: for truly they are (addicted to) crime and have also belied their Messenger Lut.”
He said: “But there is Lut there.” They said: “Well do we know who is there: we will certainly save him and his following, except his wife: she is of those who lag behind!” (Surah Ankabut—31-32)
Translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali
Hazrat Lut alaihessalam
Dear Children,
We will now tell you the story of another Prophet, Hazrat Lut alaihessalam. Hazrat Lut was nephew of Hazrat Ibrahim alaihessalam.  He was a god fearing pious man. Almighty Allah nominating him as prophet asked him to go to Sodom and Amora to guide people to right path.  Obeying the ordersHazrat Lut went to Sodom first.
Condition of people of Sodom
Dear Children, the people of Sodom were disbelievers and indulged in many wrongdoings and immoral habits like looting, killing, robbing travelers and much more shameful and disgraceful acts.
Hazrat Lut alaihessalam asked them to fear Allah, and obey Him. He said; “I am a trustworthy Messenger to you. So fear Allah, keep your duty to Him, and obey. Leave all of your bad behavior and indecency and crimes.  I ask of you no reward for it. My reward is only from Allah.” 
The people were so arrogant that they refused to listen to him. They threatened to drive him out of the city if he kept on preaching.
Hazrat Ibrahim alaihessalam’s hospitality
Dear Children,
When Hazrat Lut alaihessalam was preaching the people of Sodom to believe in oneness of Allah and worship him only, Hazrat Ibrahim alaihessalam was alive. He lived with his wife Bibi Sara, in Alkhalil, the city of Palestine. 
Where as Bibi Hajira lived with her son Hazrat Isma’il alaihessalam in Makkah.  
Hazrat Ibrahim alaihessalam blessed with many qualities. One of them was his hospitality. He could not sleep unless he served and fed any guest. If ever no guest visited him, he used to search for one to serve and please Allah.
Angel Guests,
It happened once that no guests came for about a fortnight. Hazrat Ibrahim alaihessalamcould not find one either. Therefore, he was very concerned.
One day there was a knock on his door. Hazrat Ibrahim alaihessalam was excited to see three men. He brought them in and after making them comfortable; he started to make feast for them.  He placed before them a lavish meal of roasted calf. They did not eat. Hazrat Ibrahim was upset so the guests told him that they were angels not human beings. Angels do not eat or drink.
They had come to give good news to his wife, Sara that she will give birth to a baby boy. The boy’s name will be, Ishaq. 
 Sarah could hardly believe the news. As a “barren old woman” the news seemed to her too good to be true.
Allah is Supreme!
The angels said: “Dost thou wonder at Allah’s decree? The grace of Allah and His blessings on you, O ye people of the house!   He is indeed, worthy of all praise full of all glory!” (HUD 11: 69-73)
Hazrat Ibrahim said, “I believe that Allah is supreme and nothing is impossible for Him, but as I know you have been sent by Allah, to destroy Sodomities because they are criminal and indulged in all sorts of evil acts. Would you kill my nephew Lut too? He is a pious man and a prophet too.” The angels assured Hazrat Ibrahim that Hazrat Lut alaihessalam and his other followers and family members will not harm except for his wife. She is not a good woman and neither a loyal wife.
Vacate this place
The angels told Lut alaihessalam to leave that place before dawn.
Sodom’s destruction was next day. 
Before dawn
, Lut alaihessalam’s family escaped. The Angels warned them “Don’t turn back”, not even for noises of any kind. Lut alaihessalam’s evil wife lagged behind.
By morning, Angels had lifted and smashed the cities upside down, the Sodomities screamed in fear as fire burnt up their evil towns.
ALLAH sent a rain of fiery brimstones, falling in scorching layers, each stone marked a Sodomite for death, all caught unawares. Hazrat Lut alaihessalam’s wife was a disbeliever, she didn’t listen and turned around, saying, “Oh my people!” and then a brimstone hit her covering her into the ground.
 Location of Sodom
Sodom and its cities were punished, seen with no real worth, now lying under the salty Dead Sea (lifeless lake, so full of salt that people can float in it between Jordan and Israel), the lowest place on earth.
 Mentioned in holy Quran in Surah HUD AYAT ANY 80-82

Bibi Marīam radiallahu’anhu

Mary ( Marīam in Arabic), the mother of  Jesus (Essa alaihessalam), is considered one of the most righteous women in the Islamic tradition. She is also the only woman mentioned by name in the Quran. According to the Quran, Essa alaihessalam was born miraculously by the will of Allah without a father. His mother is regarded as an honorable and virtuous woman and is said to have been a virgin. The Quran states clearly that Isa alaihessalam was the result of a virgin birth, but that neither Marīam radiallahu’anhu nor her son was divine. In the Quran, no other woman is given more attention than Marīam radiallahu’anhuand the Quran states that Marīam radiallahu’anhu was chosen above all women:

Behold! The angels said: “O Marīam ! Allah hath chosen thee and purified thee- chosen thee above the women of all nations.”

—Quran, Surah 3 (Al- Imaran), verse 42

The 19th chapter of the Quran is named after her and is, to some extent, about her life. Of Quran’s 114 Surah she is among only eight people who have a chapter named after them.

Muslim literature narrates that Amram and his wife were old and childless.  One day, the sight of a bird in a tree feeding her young aroused Hanna’s desire for a child. She prayed to Allah to fulfill her desire and vowed, if her prayer was accepted, that her child would be dedicated to the service of Allah. She prayed for her child to remain protected from Satan  and Muslim tradition records a HADITH, which states that the only  born without the “touch of Satan,” were Marīam radiallahu’anhu and Essa  alaihesalam .

Bibi Marīam  radiallahu’anhu is believed to have been buried at the Tomb of the virgin Marīam radiallahu’anhu  in the Kidorn Valley, at the foot of the Mount of Olives, in Jerusalem. 



The Third Kalimah(Tumjeed) The third kalimah has a unique and very interesting story behind it.

It all started before Allah Ta’alah created Adam A.S. The Angels were trying to move the Arsh (Throne) of Allah Ta’alah but it was too heavy and wouldn’t budge.So they asked Almighty Allah for help.

Allah told them to recite “Subhanallah.” The Angels did as they were told and found that it gave them power and strength and they were able to move the Arsh. They liked this so much that they began constantly hymning “Subhanallah.”- (Glory be to Allah).

Then Allah created Adam A.S. When Allah blew life into Adam, the first thing he did was sneeze and say “Alhamdulillah” (All praise be to Allah)The angels liked this act so much that they added praise this to their and glorification of Allah. Thus the kalimah became “Subhanallah Walhamdulillah”

Hundreds of years passed and the Prophet Nooh A.S. was now on earth. For nine hundred years he proclaimed the oneness of Allah with the words “La illaha illalah.” (There is none worthy of worship. The Angels loved this act so much that they added this to the kalimah. Thus,the kalimah now became “Subhanallah Walhamdulillah Wa La illaha illalah.”

The Angels kept repeating this kalimah day and night. Many centuries passed and the Prophet Ebrahim A.S. (Abraham) was asked by Almighty Allah to sacrifice his beloved son Ismaeel A.S. He was about to slaughter his son and He needed something to give him the courage he needed to do this difficult deed. So he recited “Allahu Akbar.” (Allah is Great)

The Angels loved this act so much that they added “Allahu Akbar” to the kalimah. Thus the kalimah became “Subhanallah Walhamdulillah Wa La illaha illalah Allahu Akbar.”

More centuries passed. It was the night of Meraj, when our Beloved Prophet Muhammed S.A.W. ascended to the Heavens with Gibraeel A.S. There Gibraeel A.S. told Nabee S.A.W. the story and Nabee S.A.W. added the final part of the Kalmiah “Wala Howla Wa La Quwata Illah Billah Hil Aleyeel Azeem.”

Thus the kalimah now became Subhanallah Walhamdulillah Wa La illaha illalah Allahu Akbar Wala Howla Wa La Quwata Illah Billah Hil Aleyeel Azeem” (There is no Power and Might except from Allah, The Most High, The Great). And up to this day, this kalimah (or declaration of faith) buzzes around the Arsh of Almighy Allah.

There is a Hadith that says “3rd kalima” is such a great medicine that it cures every disease and the most minor disease it cures is “Sorrow” (Gham).

Last but not the least ALLAH says “spread the knowledge whatever u have. Its duty of each and every Muslim”

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