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Being spellbound by desires and wishes

Fiddled with toys to achieve my wishes

I’m known to every niche of this place

Came countless of times to this place

Why am not inspired to go to any temple

Been misled by any one or a temple?

Ask my restive heart, O jubilant festivity!

Am not here of my will; brought to festivity

It’s still long time for Dooms Day to ensue

It’s vain waking me now for result to ensue?

Wishes worried me in countless of ways

If I’ve secluded in my own relaxing ways

Never was I gripped ever by alcohol

Efforts tried to make me kindle to alcohol

I’ve no taste in worldly leisure, Shad

 where I was!  But now been brought  here 


tamannāoñ meñ uljhāyā gayā huuñ

khilaune de ke bahlāyā gayā huuñ

huuñ is kūche ke har zarre se āgāh

idhar se muddatoñ aayā gayā huuñ

nahīñ uThte qadam kyuuñ jānib-e-dair

kisī masjid meñ bahkāyā gayā huuñ

dil-e-muztar se pūchh ai raunaq-e-bazm

maiñ ḳhud aayā nahīñ laayā gayā huuñ

saverā hai bahut ai shor-e-mahshar

abhī bekār uThvāyā gayā huuñ

satāyā aa ke pahroñ aarzū ne

jo dam bhar aap meñ paayā gayā huuñ

na thā maiñ mo’taqid e.ajāz-e-mai kā

baḌī mushkil se manvāyā gayā huuñ

kujā maiñ aur kujā ai ‘shād’ duniyā

kahāñ se kis jagah laayā gayā huun


To express me was never a problem before

Thy festivity of today was never like this before

Who’s taken away your patience and peace?

You’ve been never so restive dear heart before

The manner her mystical eyes spellbound me

I was never charmed or so stimulated before

 Whose splendor replicates brilliance on you?

 Full moon! You had no such brilliance before

How I suffered in the lane of love is far beyond

Reaching my destination wasn’t so grim before

Dancing in the prison seems to be a newcomer

Chains’ clattering never heard like this before

Why beloved’s carefulness is so unmoved now

She was not that negligent about you before

Her way of looking at me was always hostile

The way she glares now! It was never before

What’s the reason get angry often with Zafar?

My adorable lady, it wasn’t thy nature, before


baat karnī mujhe mushkil kabhī aisī to na thī

jasī ab hai tirī mahfil kabhī aisī to na thī

le gayā chhīn ke kaun aaj tirā sabr o qarār

be-qarārī tujhe ai dil kabhī aisī to na thī

us kī āñkhoñ ne ḳhudā jaane kiyā kyā jaadū

ki tabī.at mirī maa.il kabhī aisī to na thī

aks-e-ruḳhsār ne kis ke hai tujhe chamkāyā

taab tujh meñ mah-e-kāmil kabhī aisī to na thī

ab kī jo rāh-e-mohabbat meñ uThā.ī taklīf

saḳht hotī hameñ manzil kabhī aisī to na thī

pā-e-kūbāñ koī zindāñ meñ nayā hai majnūñ

aatī āvāz-e-salāsil kabhī aisī to na thī

nigah-e-yār ko ab kyuuñ hai taġhāful ai dil

vo tire haal se ġhāfil kabhī aisī to na thī

chashm-e-qātil mirī dushman thī hamesha lekin

jaisī ab ho ga.ī qātil kabhī aisī to na thī

kyā sabab tū jo bigaḌtā hai ‘zafar’ se har baar

ḳhū tirī hūr-shamā.il kabhī aisī to na thī

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