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Whom have I envision, what’s the matter

Posted on: May 21, 2017


Whom have I envision, what’s the matter

My heartstrings tinkle, what’s the matter

God! My love’s nowhere to be found now

What lure is there for me in Thy world now

Something pinching and stirring my heart

What’s the remedy for this feeling in my heart?

Lovely angels granted to all virtuous beings

Nothing’s there in Heavens for a sinner being!

To breathe and be alive in time of her youth

How spirited to be alive in her time of youth

No medicine will work; it’s time to pray now

No ray of life! What’s left in thy lover now?

Remembrance of Luknow hangs on me Akhtar
What more to wish than to visit Luknow, Akhtar

kis ko dekhā hai ye huā kyā hai

dil dhaḌaktā hai mājrā kyā hai

ik mohabbat thī miT chukī yā rab

terī duniyā meñ ab dharā kyā hai

dil meñ letā hai chuTkiyāñ koī

haa.e is dard kī davā kyā hai

hūreñ nekoñ meñ baT chukī hoñgī

bāġh-e-rizvāñ meñ ab rakhā kyā hai

us ke ahd-e-shabāb meñ jiinā

jiine vaalo tumheñ huā kyā hai

ab davā kaisī hai duā kā vaqt

tere bīmār meñ rahā kyā hai

yaad aatā hai lucknow ‘aḳhtar’

ḳhuld ho aa.eñ to burā kyā hai

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