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when dust is the destiny

why then , tussle, clash and quarrel

take handful of dust, hold and hug

shake hands with the one you

disagreeing; wasted whole yesterday

spent thy night sleepless and weeping

This dust———-!

is the only love bond between us

This dust———-!

is the faith of our ardent love

It’s our ritual of long gone eras

This dust—–!

is our past

is our present and

will be the day to come

why so solemn my beloved?

when I’m no more

don’t shed tears on this dust

don’t let it beholden

swear upon this dust and

let love be a divine pride

عشق کو تم سرخرو کردو

[ایک نظم

خاک ہی جب ہے مقدر

بھلا پھر روٹھنا لڑنا جھگڑنا کیا

اُٹھاو ہاتھ سے مٹی اسے چُومو

ملاو ہاتھ تُم اس سے

کہ جس سے رُو ٹھ کے

دن کل کا بس بیکار کاٹا تھا

گذاری تھی یونہی آنکھوں میں

ساری رات رو رو کر

یہی مٹی

ہمارے درمیاں واحد محبت ہے

یہی مٹی

ہمارے عشق کی زندہ امانت ہے

سبھی دیرنیہ قصوں کی روایت ہے

یہی مٹی

یہی ماضی

یہی ہے آج

اور پھر آنے والا کل

تو پھر رُوٹھی ہو کیوں جاناں

نہ ہو نگے جب تو

مٹی پر کبھی آنسو بہانا مت

اسے مقروض مت رکھنا

اسی کی قسم کھا کے

عشق کو تُم سُر خُرو کر دو

انور زاہدی



If death is my fate and destiny

Then why flee from the set destiny

Why to get indulged in bustle of life

To overlook death and set destiny

Why to share the griefs and reliefs

With new or friends of times in relief

Why not relax at home in solitude

laugh crazily and wait for destiny




Image result for images of a girl sadly smiling

Why have you been constantly smiling?

What’s the despair that you are veiling?

Having wet eyes and a smile on your face

What’s fact that you’re showing on the face?

The tears you sustain now with such patience

Will turn into venom if bear so much patience

Time has healed your wounds with resilience

Why are you scratching those with touchiness?

Destiny is the game of unreliable phase of life

You’re being beaten by the passing time of life
tum itnā jo muskurā rahe ho

kyā ġham hai jis ko chhupā rahe ho

āñkhoñ meñ namī hañsī laboñ par

kyā haal hai kyā dikhā rahe ho

ban jā.eñge zahr piite piite

ye ashk jo piite jā rahe ho

jin zaḳhmoñ ko vaqt bhar chalā hai

tum kyuuñ unheñ chheḌe jā rahe ho

rekhāoñ kā khel hai muqaddar

rekhāoñ se maat khā rahe ho



If you are beautiful, give proof of thy beauty
I’m unfortunate, brighten up my destiny!
Don’t give me joy that’s a reason for gloom
Give me joy that’s a reason for surplus gloom
And anything that holds all of your beauty
Or a word of admiration having some insight
Provide all charm of era’s gloom to thy sight
Or put together cruelty in an agreeable mold
I have no concern of Pharaoh’s bowl
I’m handful of dust, give me love’s bowl
O’ gentle gale! You touched her face, so beautiful!
When will I meet her; give me news, so delightful!
Ayaz chants true speech in this present time
Thus turn out the impolite of literary meeting
tum khush jamaal ho , to saboot-e-jamaal do
main teerah bakht hooN miri qismat ujaal do

aisii khushi na do jo ho baais-e-malaal
jo wajh-e-ser’khushi ho mujhe woh malaal do

jis meN tumhaare husn ke sab khadd-o-khaal hoN
aisa koi sukhan, koi aisa khayaal do

aaNkhoN ko soNp do gham-e-dauraaN ki sab kashish
ye jabr ikhtiyaar ke saaNche meN Dhaal do

jaam-e-jahaaN’numa se mujhe kuch gharaz nahiN
maiN musht-e-khaak hooN, mujhe jaam-e-sifaal do

us roo-e-khush’jamaal se, mas ho ke aaii ho
aye dil’ruba hawa’o naveed-e-visaal do

sachcha sukhan sunaata hai is daur meN Ayaz
us be adab ko, bazm-e-sukhan se nikaal do

Ayaz Siddiqu


Say, what you will accept for my loyalty
Shed my blood? Will even sadden thee;
Let’s go one day far away from each other
Will certainly meet again if we’re true lovers
O’ God, why blight and woe my destiny
If it’s her fancy, no way, to blame Thee


Say, what bequest I should offer thee

Shed my blood? Will even sadden thee

Let’s go far away from each other

Will meet again if we’re true lovers

O’ God, why to blight my destiny

If it’s her wish, will I blame Thee?

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