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My beloved, don’t ask me for love we shared before

I assumed that life’s brilliant as long as you’re there

Thy gloom is there; why bother gloom of the world

Your beauty is sustenance of splendor of the world

There’s no reality of anything than your divine eyes

Should you be with me, fate would turn to elation

It occurs not, it was plainly my assumption

Countless of sufferings there besides love

Endless of delights there than lover’s reunion

Countless dark magic effects extended to eras

Draped in silk and velvet and brocade and satin

Vanity and timidity for sale hither and thither

Soaked in the dust and wet in blood hearts

Bodies suffering from of diseases and infection

The mucus flowing of ulcers and sore infection

My eyes detain that sight too; what can I do

Thy loveliness is charismatic; but what to do

My beloved, don’t ask me for the love shared before

I assumed that life’s brilliant as long as you’re there


Mujh se pehli si muhabbat mere mehboob na maang
Maine samjhaa tha ke tu hai to darakhshaan hai hayaat
Tera gham hai to gham-e-dehar ka jhagdaa kyaa hai
Teri surat se hai aalam mein bahaaron ko sabaat
Teri aankhon ke siwaa duniyaa mein rakhkhaa kya hai
Tu jo mil jaaye to taqdir nigoon ho jaaye
Yoon na thaa maine faqat chaahaa thaa yoon ho jaaye
Aur bhi dukh hai zamaane mein muhabbat ke siwaa
Raahatein aur bhi hain vasl ki raahat ke siwaa
Anginat sadiyon ki taareeq bahemaanaa tilism
Resham-o-atlas-o-kamkhwaab mein bunvaaye hue
Ja-ba-ja bikte hue koochaa-o-baazaar mein jism
Khaak mein lithade hue, khoon mein nehlaaye hue
Jism nikle hue amraaz ke tannooron se
Peep behti hui galte hue naasooron se
Laut jaati hai udhar ko bhi nazar, kya keeje?
Ab bhi dilkash hai tera husn, magar kya keeje?
Aur bhi dukh hai zamaane mein muhabbat ke siwaa
Raahatein aur bhi hain vasl ki raahat ke siwaa
Mujh se pehli si muhabbat mere mehboob na maang


My very strong belief is that children and flowers is true reflection of almighty Allah. Both need our special care, attention and love to grow and glow to their finest.

I wrote a blog on my grand children. When they read it they felt delighted and jubilant. One of my dear students of Hamdard Public School asked me to write something about them too.

Every one who knows me know very well that I forget names but not faces. So I remember few names but remember all my dear children of Hamdard.

Namrah was one of those students whose name is fresh in my mind like always. She was in class one in 1995. She did her matric and intermediate from Hamdard.

It was her first day in Hamdard. She came quite early to school that day. I saw her sitting on the stairs eating her lunch. When asked why eating so early instead of eating during break time. Her answer was innocent like herself. She said; “teacher bhook tu abhi lagi ha” (I am feeling hungry, at the moment)

She was not only a brilliant student but actively participated in all co curricular activities throughout from primary to intermediate level winning many prizes.

She is such a devoted devotee of Hamdard that where she learnt and played for so many years as a student, is now serving Hamdard as teacher. That’s true example of respect n love for an institution like Hamdard.

Namrah my dear it’s your parents’ virtuous guidance and upbringing that you follow and remain connected with your mother institution. My heart felt regards for your parents. I am so proud of you and wish you to follow the footsteps of shaheed Hakim Said as he quoted, lamha lamha soch ker—qadam qadam tol ker—- every step we take forward we leave behind a footprint— the footprint may light up or darken the path so be very careful as you have chosen the profession of prophets and preachers.

I give this sincere friendly advice to all my children and to myself too.

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