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The Sufis don’t perish,

Posted on: March 14, 2017



The Sufis don’t perish, they hide behind the unseen veil

They silently leave the earthly world and hide behind the veil


-Lord may forgive the sinners like me out of compassion

If rulers tried their mien! Must fear of His aggression

— Don’t be afraid of far away from the thorns of roses

You can’t fill thy bag unless bear prick and pain of roses

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5 Responses to "The Sufis don’t perish,"

Assalamu alaikum, could you explain the context and meaning. Unable to grab the essence

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walekumassalam brother.
The Sufis don’t perish, they hide behind the unseen veil
They silently leave earthly world and hide behind the veil. it has hidden meaning. sufis aur walis you can say or the ones who worship Allah to the extent that they become dear and near to Allah. they do die physical death but spiritually they are not dead. i dont know if you have interest in sufism and spiritualism or not. read about walis and it will become more easy and simple to understand


Jazakallah khair dearest sister. I was trying to read about it. Is there evidence in Quran or hadith about walis and sufis? Could you please help me find evidence where Prophet (salallahu alayhi wasallam) mentioned something in this nature about Ibrahim (as) or Isa (as) or Musa (as) that they are hidden behind veil and are not dead. Or where he made dua via them .. Who could be better worshippers of Allah than the Ambiya?

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Dear Sister, I posted about tasawwuf please read it


do you know Urdu? in poetry there’s always two ways of explaining a couplet. haqiqi (real) aur majazi ( veiled) perish behind the veil doesn’t mean that they are alive. It means they die but the good deeds of them remain behind.


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