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If fragrance———-!

Posted on: March 13, 2012

If fragrance, may just not pat body and pass by

Unless it penetrates profoundly into my being;

Flower itself split its opening partially

Colors’ thieving may not accuse butterfly;

Its ready to accompany fearing, may not lose,

Fear to lose me, this girl may not die of grief;

Wipe down her eye lashes with my veil,

Today’s dust may not track tomorrow’s ride;

By whom should I send today’s supplication?

Messenger, wind, and star nobody go to her home


Khushbuu hai vo to chhuu ke badan ko guzar na jaaye

Khushbuu hai vo to chhuu ke badan ko guzar na jaaye
jab tak mere vajuud ke andar utar na jaaye
Khud phuul ne bhii ho.nTh kiye apane niim-vaa
chorii tamaam rang kii titalii ke sar na jaaye
[niim-vaa = half open; tamaam = whole/entire]
is Khauf se vo saath nibhaane ke haq me.n hai
khokar mujhe ye la.Dakii kahii.n dukh se mar na jaaye
palko.n ko us kii apane dupaTTe se po.Nch duu.N
kal ke safar me.n aaj kii gard-e-safar na jaai
mai.n kis ke haath bhejuu.N use aaj kii duaa
qaasid havaa sitaaraa ko_ii us ke ghar na jaaye

Parveen Shakir


10 Responses to "If fragrance———-!"

Kia bat hay janab 🙂 Zabardast!!


thank you poetryofamadman for your kind comments:) please keep visiting my blogs.


Awsome. aur parween shakir ki to kia baat hay. 🙂


waqai kiya hassen thein wo . khaak mei b kiya kiya soortien pinhan ho gaien


lovely piece of poetry by parveen , beautifully translated by Mrs Rauf , .you have given it a rebirth . well done


bohat khoob, well translated.


…and she awaits the message, hoping if not the wind and star, maybe her sight…her sight bounces off the moon and reaches her love…


Eric dear very generous of you read my blog and encourage me. God bless you n your family amen


Eric dear you have made it more beautiful with your words:) thank you


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