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A teenage student sacrificed his life tackling a suicide bomber in an attempt to save the lives of over 2000 schoolmates in Hangu.

Aitizaz Hasandownload reached school late on Monday morning and was not allowed to attend the morning assembly as punishment. He was standing outside the gate with two other schoolmates when a man aged 20-25 years approached the Government High School Ibrahimzai in Hangu and said he was there to take admission. It was during this conversation that one of the students spotted a detonator and Aitizaz’s schoolmates ran inside. But Aitizaz stood his ground and got hold of the bomber who then detonated his vest.

This is Pakistan. This is the level of bravery. This is the level of strength. The enemy thinks they can diminish our faith and our resolve to work for a greater Pakistan? Let me tell you, we will fight. Till our very last breath, we will fight for our country, for our freedom, for our rights.

Rest In Peace Aitizaz. You are a beacon of hope. You are the face of bravery. You will not be forgotten. May Allah give you the highest honor and place in heaven.

Hangu’ s  shaheed Aitzaz Hasan is Pakistan’ s pride.

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