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Anger is the devil, and the devil has been created from the fire.

And fire is extinguished by water,therefore, when any of you feel angry,

you should perform your ablutions.

When anyone of you feel angry, you should sit down if you are standing.

And if your anger passes off with this,well and good.

If not, you should lie down

Hdith of Aby Dawud


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Hakim Zia Ur Rehman (ayurvedic doctor) suggests that if nose, navel (belly button) and anus are kept greasy 3 times a day, will act as guard against ailments like dizziness, headache, depression, boredom, stiff muscles, anger, irritation, watery eyes, sleeplessness, restlessness, backache, indigestion and epilepsy in children.

Ladies and men who wish to keep hold of their beauty and age should apply this and see the magical effects.

Why and how this small act work is magically is very simple.

Pollution, dirt and dryness are main causes of all such problems. We intake anti allergic tablets and pain killers to get rid of health hazards but fail to do so, they do give us relief but for very short period. And antibiotic medicines have other negative side effects too. So this simple and easy way can save us from so many problems and help us stay healthy and happy. There will be less domestic clashes tooJ

Healthy life leads to healthy society minimizing offense and confrontation and accidents.

Many people have applied and got benefitted.

Dr. Zia suggests applying Vaseline or petroleum jelly is better as it stays longer in nostrils rather than oil or lotion or cold cream.

There’s no harm trying I think.



Trees play a very important role in our lives. Old trees act as a meeting point for people of different towns and areas. The old tree has huge and broad trunk with uncountable branches which spread the shadow covering a wide space. They provide shade and shelter to travelers.

One day, two travelers started their journey in the early morning. They walked for several miles in hot sunny day. It was so hot that could walk any more and got very tired.

They were happy to see a big thousand years old Banyan tree with breezing wind. So they decided to rest under the shade of that tree. They slept for many hours. When they awoke they felt hungry as they had traveled a long distance without eating anything. They climbed the tree to eat any fruit on it but since it was not a fruit bearing tree so they got down feeling unhappy.

One of the travelers was very short temper. He started abusing the tree. He said, “Oh, you are just a useless tree. You have no fruit or nuts to feed us.” He then kicked the poor tree so harshly that he hurt his won foot.

The other traveler calmed him down and asked him be patient and control his anger.

The old tree was very unhappy with his cruel hurting words and bad behavior so it said, “You can’t be so thankless to me. I provided you shade and space with cool breeze to rest and sleep in hot summer day. Just think if I wasn’t here, you would have died under the burning sun. I saved your life. Instead of thanking me you are cursing me.”

The traveler felt sorry for his temper so he apologized and asked forgiveness.

Moral: everything God created has some benefits for the human beings. Before getting angry we should realize and be careful of our words and temper.

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