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Patty the Milkmaid was going to market carrying her milk in a pail on her head.

As she went along, she began calculating what she would do with the money she would get for the milk. I’ll buy some fowls from Farmer Brown,” said she, “and they will lay eggs each morning, which I will sell to the parson’s wife..

With the money that I get from the sale of these eggs, I’ll buy myself a new dimity frock and a chip hat; and when I go to market, won’t all the young men come up and speak to me!

Polly Shaw will be so jealous; but I don’t care. I shall just look at her and toss my head like this.” As she spoke that, she tossed her head back and the pail fell off it, and all the milk was spilled all over!


one of the best way of testing honey if its pure or immure is that put  some drops of honey on the floor anywhere in the house. IF ants eat it then its not PURE HONEY. because if  ants loved honey then there would have been no honey in the world as ants can climb trees and there would never be any beehives or honey 🙂 I tried this test and found that honey was pure 🙂

I also tried honey with burning matchstick. that was true too.

Pure honey also crystallized if kept in a fridge for long.

Honey is very easy to digest and has countless benefits for good physical and mental health




I’m the scream  of the ambiance,a wail,

Whimpering in a dark gloomy night;

Every phase of Spring is in my grip

I’m the curator of my releif and grief

Ablaze  me in raining eon, considering,

I’m a dwelling  in a  lightning ——;

My lowness is a covert of  elevation,

I’m the pride on earth for the sky;

Aptness of human being is yet in the way,

Deficient state,  I’m discontented tale;

Broken inside, but outwardly I’m,

Surrounded by time without end


Fizah ki cheekh hoon mei, ik fughan hoon,

Undheri raat mei matum kunaan hoon,

Har ik daur e baharaan mere bus mei

Mei apne khaar o gul ki pasbaan hoon

Mujhe bersaat mei aaker jala de

Samjh le berq mei aashyaan hoon

Meri pusti ha raaz e bulandi

Zameen per bhi mei rushk e asmaan hoon

Abhi raahon mei ha takmeel e insaan

Adhoori baat, tishna dastaan hoon

Mere under ki deewarein giri hein

Bazahir mei hisaar e bekaraan hoon

Razia Subhan



To escape of his charisma is not doable

O’ heart! Everyone says it’s not doable;

Though there’s no picky intimacy with him

 He simply appears lone mine, in multitude;

Due to the melancholy of his unawareness,

To me, today garden looks like wilderness;

Since when he has strong-willed not to see me

Eyes look like bloating river flowing, to me—–;

No one is aware of forte of that connection

My feelings streaming in beloved’s mind;

 May it not be chained in love, as a result?

Even in stranger’s bosom, he looks mine

Us k seher se ub na nikalta dikhai de

Ai dil!  ye baat her koi kehta dikhai de

Yun tu nai ha koi taaluq bhi us se khaas

Dunya ki bheer mei wohi apna dikhai de

Be ganai khayal e  gham e dost k sabab

Gulshan bhi aaj mujh ko tu sehra dikhai de

Jub se kiya ha us se na milne ka faisla

Aankhon mei mojazan mujhe derya dikhai de

Us unjuman mei baat ha kiya jaane her koi

Mauj e khyal yaar mei behta dikhai de

Ho jayei na daam giriftar e ishq yun

Pehlu mei gher k bhi wo apna dikhai de

Urdu composition by Razia Subhan

He: “I want to touch you——!”

She: “Do you know it’s dishonest?”

He: “yeah, I know it is— I am married too—–yet—I just wanna touch you, feel you!”

She: “When——now?”

He: “yeah- now-this very moment——-now- please, I’ll die if you don’t let me!”

Considering his last wish, she stepped forward—- with a feeling of disgrace,  to fulfill his last wish——but——–he couldn’t touch her——–for—-he breathed his last breath!

He died——–!

With a heavy heart and feeling of guilt she went home—-but——–

Seeing her maid’s sandals outside her closed bedroom——-her guiltiness  lessened a bit——–


Many famous and distinguished personalities have commented on his outclass poetry, prose and paintings. Below are the names and their comments about Noor Muhammad Qureshi

Moti Lalwani (artist): “Carrara was the quarry for Michelangelo Water color wash is cararra for Noor. Noor means light and light means life. Life, that dwells in Noor’s art pieces. Art pieces which have been grown in the womb of time.

Calm—–cool—— peace—— silence—- solitude and joy simple landscapes—- or even water color washes.”

Sumeha Malik: “An ambitious artist and one who has made a niche for himself despite artists coming up every other day. We hope that there will be more such thought provoking series from Noor.”

Vali Haider Zakir (artist): “The destructive earthquake of 2005   affected everyone severely. Noor expressed his feelings through his art and receptive poetry.”

Professor Muhammad Raees Alvi (Registrar, Karachi University): “Noor Muhammad has depicted the melancholy of violent earthquake of 2005 in his art and poetry with brush and pen that every eye shed tears. May he live long to portray the life.”

Nahid Raza, artist and Principal, Central Institute of Arts and Crafts, Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi:” Nor Muhammad Qureshi is based in Sind. He is teaching Art in Baluchistan. He works in multi-dimensions like poetry, Afsana, and Painting. Landscape and Calligraphy are basic subjects in his work. I wish he should paint these victims of earthquake as he wrote in his poetry.”

Fatima Surriyya Bajya, (writer): “one day in burning month of June when I came back from my  office I saw a man standing under a tree   near my home.  He was Noor Muhammad Qureshi. He handed a thin book and some cuttings of newspapers. We came inside my home. He wanted my review and comments on his thin book. But when I read it, I felt its colossal weight. It is heavier than tons of mountains and immeasurable for the human feeling of grief and misery.  Each and every page of the booklet is worth ready. It is full of emotions, knowledge and awareness.”

Nusrat Nasarullah: Mr. Noor Muhammad, 42 , teaches Art in Sui Model School, Dera Bugti Baluchistan. He paints, writes Urdu poetry, and acts in radio, stage and television plays. Noor Muhammad is tall, mild mannered and hardworking, so far held four solo exhibitions, including on the tsunami theme.

Dr. Ilyas Ishqui has same praise worthy feelings for Noor.

Qasim Jalali (GM, Pakistan Television, Karachi centre) “Noor Muhammad has given life to his dreams and observation in life through his poetry and paintings.”

Saif-ur-Rehman (Vice President, Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi) “Noor Muhammad has very delicately expressed the pains of affected in with his brush and pen. His book is a historical, pictorial evidence of the earthquake of 2005”

Tajdar Aadil, (poet, author, and producer Pakistan television) “I am waiting to see how many hearts throb and step forward to lend helping hand to the ailing, now and always when needed.”

Wasi Haider, (artist, critic) “Noor Muhammad is a very sensitive man having a kind warm heart that feels the other’s pain just like his own. He is been successful in transferring his emotions though his art and literature.”

Ziauddin. A. Junejo “ the awesome power of the forces of nature which was unleashed against human civilization in which human beings were powerless has been depicted by the artist in paintings with great insight and accuracy.

Mr. Noor’s use of symbols is very significant. I am reminded of the Surrealist Masters such as Dali Gigantic tears painted by the Artist tragedy conveyed by these paintings.”

Professor Ali Ahmed Fatimi, (Allahabad University, India) “Noor Muhammad is a humane human. His restless soul and friendly nature motivated him to use his brush and pen to show to the world the agony of life.”

Syed Anwar Haider, (Sr. Member of Revenue Sind) “Noor Muhammad used very simple language to express his feelings in poetry and prose. Noor is a great human being who is treading on the highway of life with his aching heart for his fellow beings in pain.”

Naqash Kazmi (Poet) Noor Muhammad is multifaceted man. He has exposed and shook the hearts of us all to feel the bleeding humanity through his paintings and   writings.”

Yawer Mehdi retd (Station Director Radio Pakistan Hon. Secretary of Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi) Noor Muhammad has not only added treasure to Urdu literature he has fulfilled the needs of human sentiments.”

Professor Hassan Abid (Scholar) “basically Noor Muhammad is an artist but he has excelled his abilities equally in other forms of expression like poetry and prose besides paintings. I am sure his book will gain laurels.”

Iqbal Haider (Chairman Josh Academy Gallery, Canada) “In my opinion a true artist is one who feels the pangs of others just like his own. His simple easy languages leave a stirring impact on a reader. I am witness of his genuineness for I know him for more than a quarter of a century. I wish him long healthy life.”

His message is,

Love is the whole thing,
We are only pieces,
Love is the sea of no end,
We are a drop of it.

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